Giants are colossal humanoids, believed to be related to Nords. A complete list of Giant cards found in Legends can be found in the Legends-Cards-Creature-Giant category.


NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Belligerent GiantBelligerent GiantCreature (Giant)Strength Strength7743Epic EpicBreakthrough

Summon: Unsummon a creature in this lane, or destroy an enemy support.

Cradlecrush GiantCradlecrush GiantCreature (Giant)Strength Strength6642Rare RareSummon: Deal 2 damage to all other creatures in this lane.
Frost GiantFrost GiantCreature (Giant)Endurance Endurance810104Legendary LegendaryRegenerate
When a creature heals, you gain that much health.
Mountain TyrantMountain TyrantCreature (Giant)Endurance Endurance6662Rare RareGuard
Nervous GiantNervous GiantCreature (Giant)Strength Strength4652Rare RareIf Nervous Giant takes exactly 1 damage, destroy him.
Stampede SentinelStampede SentinelCreature (Giant)Strength Strength6773Epic EpicBreakthrough
You can’t be damaged by actions or supports.
Stoutheart GiantStoutheart GiantCreature (Giant)Strength Strength5641Common Common
Vigilant GiantVigilant GiantCreature (Giant)Strength Strength8884Legendary LegendaryBreakthrough, Guard
Summon: Draw a card.

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