Deck List

deck-list-1220 Deck
3 Rapid Shot
2 Dragontail Savior
3 Mage Slayer
2 Orc Clan Captain
3 Wind Keep Spellsword
3 Crushing Blow
3 Haunting Spirit
3 Stone Throw
3 Withered Hand Cultist
3 Young Mammoth
3 Earthbone Spinner
3 Lumbering Ogrim
3 Black Worm Necromancer
3 Blood Dragon
3 Shadowfen Priest
2 Burn and Pillage
3 Triumphant Jarl
2 Savage Ogre

Mid-Range Withered Warrior

3 [card]Rapid Shot[/card]
2 [card]Dragontail Savior[/card]
3 [card]Mage Slayer[/card]
2 [card]Orc Clan Captain[/card]
3 [card]Wind Keep Spellsword[/card]
3 [card]Crushing Blow[/card]
3 [card]Haunting Spirit[/card]
3 [card]Stone Throw[/card]
3 [card]Withered Hand Cultist[/card]
3 [card]Young Mammoth[/card]
3 [card]Earthbone Spinner[/card]
3 [card]Lumbering Ogrim[/card]
3 [card]Black Worm Necromancer[/card]
3 [card]Blood Dragon[/card]
3 [card]Shadowfen Priest[/card]
2 [card]Burn and Pillage[/card]
3 [card]Triumphant Jarl[/card]
2 [card]Savage Ogre[/card]
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Warrior deck
50 cards
1 Rapid Shot 3

Rapid Shot

2 Dragontail Savior 2

Dragontail Savior

2 Mage Slayer 3

Mage Slayer

2 Orc Clan Captain 2

Orc Clan Captain

2 Wind Keep Spellsword 3

Wind Keep Spellsword

3 Crushing Blow 3

Crushing Blow

3 Haunting Spirit 3

Haunting Spirit

3 Stone Throw 3

Stone Throw

3 Withered Hand Cultist 3

Withered Hand Cultist

3 Young Mammoth 3

Young Mammoth

4 Earthbone Spinner 3

Earthbone Spinner

4 Lumbering Ogrim 3

Lumbering Ogrim

5 Black Worm Necromancer 3

Black Worm Necromancer

5 Blood Dragon 3

Blood Dragon

5 Shadowfen Priest 3

Shadowfen Priest

6 Burn and Pillage 2

Burn and Pillage

6 Triumphant Jarl 3

Triumphant Jarl

7 Savage Ogre 2

Savage Ogre


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By: BeefyAvocado
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Posted: 1 week ago, edited 2 days ago
Crafting Cost: 12600crystal
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Hi all,

I’ve been experimenting with Warrior a bunch since the end of last season as it seems to be the most underrated class at the moment.

My goal at first was to build a great counter to Control Mage for the Ascension to Wrothgar tournament. The deck I created had no Actions, a bunch of extremely tough minions resilient to Ice Storms, and a ton of silence to get past large guards. During testing before the tournament I was winning close to 90% of my matches against various control decks (Mage, Spellsword, Monk), hovering around 50% against Mid-Range, and was slightly unfavored against Aggro.

Finally the day of the tournament came and of course I was queued up against a Control Mage in my first match. I was pumped. As I had lethal ready on Turn 10 my opponent plays a Nahkariin Dragon Priest into a top decked Odahvingg to completely clear my board. Devastated!

Taking the deck to ladder at the beginning of the season did not prove fruitful. I was completely stuck at Rank 5 for days. I observed the shift to a more aggressive meta that’s evolved since Hist Groves release and iterated until I hit this list. With the current iteration I feel that the only bad matchups are against Control…the irony! Fortunately the ladder is full of various Battle Mages, Assassins and Archers so I’m quickly climbing to Legend. Currently sitting at the middle of Rank 2, but have only had a few hours of play so far this season. I’ll write up a more detailed guide If I hit legend + get enough interest from the community.

If you end up trying the deck and are facing a ton of Control, I’d recommend trying out the older version which you can find here:

10/13/16 – Made some changes as i work my way up the ladder and see different decks. Currently sitting a few wins below legend.

10/14/16 – Some more changes to add some needed reach against the plethora of Archers and Spellswords I’m seeing at Rank 1 and up.

10/16/16 – Made some edits based on recommendations from a post I made to Reddit. Stone throw is working out nicely combined with some of the large creatures in the deck…took out the Raiders and some other stuff that wasn’t really working.

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