Legends:Episode 2 Intro

Accept a new contract.
Episode:The Corsair Conspiracy
Story Characters:Balir R’enar
Previous Quest:Welcome to the Brotherhood
Next Quest:City Gates or Wayrest Sewers or Princess Barynia
Balir R'enar

The Episode 2 Intro is displayed upon entering the episode 2 map for the first time. The agent is told of an important contract:

Balir R’enar: “Brother, we have a most difficult contract. You are to assassinate the King of Wayrest himself; it seems some powerful nobles in the city want him dead. The castle gates are barred against the corsair assault, but perhaps you can find another way in.”

City Gates, Wayrest Sewers, and Princess Barynia are the three starting options of the second episode.

Prev: Welcome to the BrotherhoodUp: The Fall of the Dark BrotherhoodNext: City Gates or Wayrest Sewers or Princess Barynia

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