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Double cards are cards that are connected to each other as long as they are in your deck or during mulligan. If you draw them or if they leave your deck due to any other effect, they will split into their two component cards. After the split, they are considered two different cards and any effect targeting one of them will not affect the other (using a Soul Tear on a Baliwog will only return Baliwog to your hand and not Spawn Mother). The following rules are used for double cards:[1]

  • Drawing a double card only counts as a single card drawn, for effects like Arcanaeum Librarian and Abandoned Imperfect.
  • When you have 9 cards in your hand and draw a double, it will split and leave you with 11 cards in hand.
  • Double cards can’t be created by random generation effects (for example, Wabbajack can’t transform a creature into a double card or a component of a double card).
  • Buffs to double cards are applied to the double, and when it splits the buff is applied to both components. For example, drawing a double card with Eclipse Baroness will reduce the cost of both component cards by 2, and Ancestor’s Battleaxe will result in both Baliwog and Spawn Mother getting +4/+4.
  • Double cards pre-split have the combined types, attributes, names, costs, power, and health of the two component cards. Any effects which look for cards in deck with specific properties will see the combined properties of the composite cards. Things get weird when dealing with combined card types, and differ based on the type of effect:

List of Double Cards[edit]

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Baliwog Tidecrawlers/Smoked Baliwog LegBaliwog Tidecrawlers/Smoked Baliwog LegCreature and Action (Grummite)Endurance Endurance4261Common CommonBaliwog Tidecrawlers and Smoked Baliwog Leg
Cadwell the Soul Shriven/Cadwell the BetrayerCadwell the Soul Shriven/Cadwell the BetrayerCreature (Imperial)Neutral Neutral5364Legendary LegendaryCadwell the Soul Shriven and Cadwell the Betrayer
Cloak/DaggerCloak/DaggerItemStrength Strength21Common CommonCloak and Dagger
Felldew/Elytra NobleFelldew/Elytra NobleCreature and Action (Elytra)Agility Agility8461Common CommonFelldew and Elytra Noble
Manic Grummite/Demented GrummiteManic Grummite/Demented GrummiteCreature (Grummite)Neutral Neutral6551Common CommonManic Grummite and Demented Grummite
Manic Jack/Manic MutationManic Jack/Manic MutationCreature and Action (Breton)Intelligence Intelligence4331Common CommonManic Jack and Manic Mutation
Spawn Mother/BaliwogSpawn Mother/BaliwogCreature (Grummite)Willpower Willpower6321Common CommonSpawn Mother and Baliwog
Tavyar the Knight/Rayvat the MageTavyar the Knight/Rayvat the MageCreature (High Elf)IntelligenceEnduranceEndurance Sorcerer9574Legendary LegendaryTavyar the Knight and Rayvat the Mage


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