#1.5 Meta Snapshot (aug 15) – Team Prophecy

1-5-meta-snapshot-aug-15-team-prophecy article
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By: Faid
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Posted: 3 months ago, edited 3 months ago


1. Intro
Welcome all, My name’s Faid and This is Team Prophecy’s second weekly Meta Snapshot, for the week of August 15th, 2016. Also, surprise! Due to the recent drastic changes of the meta we have decided to push out an extra snapshot for this month! Snapshot #1.5!

We will be sorting the top decks into tiers. First, tier 1 being the best decks in the game because of their pure power. Followed by, Tier 2 decks which may not perform well overall, but are the best choice to counter Tier 1 decks. Trailed by Tier 3, decks that are still contenders to reach High Legend, but do not perform well in the meta set by Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks. Finally, Tier 4, the decks that have not been refined or are just not currently powerful enough to compete with the others. The actually ordering within the tiers mean nothing,

Shoutout to all members of Team Prophecy: SkullCollector, Justin Larson, Tvp9, Delude, Maya, StiffWizard and Tiny Grimes for helping with creating the tier list.

2. Tier 1
AgilityEndurance $cout Ramp Justinlarson
It just wouldn’t be a card game without some form of strong resource acceleration. The deck opens like a midrange deck with a flexible gameplay style. This allows the player to be aggressive in the control matchup while becoming the control deck against aggressive decks like Goblin or Token. This deck can beat out many of the popular decks with a high win rate, one of the most favored matchups being Spellsword Token.

This week, Scout has seen a massive jump in popularity and win rate. The King of Scout, Team Prophecy’s Justin Larson recently piloted his list to Rank #1 Legend again. The deck performs very well against Spellsword Token and Archer which makes it an amazing choice for a consistent climb. The deck’s high cost is the reason for few experienced players with the deck, but Justin has proven the deck’s success as well as multiple other members of Team Prophecy sporting huge win rates.

WillpowerEndurance Spellsword Token Tvp9 / Faid / SkullCollector / Tinygrimes(Budget)
While this deck does take the loss against Scout, this swarmy spawner token deck is the best choice to take down Archer on a budget. The deck’s goal is the abuse the power of swarm creatures to out value and out tempo decks. Once you craft the mandatory three Divine Fervor, this deck in all forms can take a win from most decks.

Like Scout, we have seen a rise in Token win rate as well. The flexibility of this deck is huge allowing it to be build in many ways. The first way I am going over is the Token Tempo variation which brought me to Top 8 of The Tamieral Summer Games. This type of list relies on early game board control to allow massive tempo plays with Divine Fervor to take victories. Another style is a more control oriented list that uses a lot of removal, but also has the Divine Fervor to make control the board easy.

3. Tier 2
Agility Archer Tempo Tvp9 / Erlexx
I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took and arrow in the knee. The Archer is a deck that operates with powerful early game, a plethora of 1 damage pings and huge tempo plays with Soulrest Marshal.

Since the last snapshot, there has been a massive shift around the Archer deck. This change is almost the sole reason I have justified producing another Snapshot. Firstly, the common Archer deck is no longer Tvp9’s. The most effective way to beat an Archer was to simply go face, preventing them from outright winning the game with Soulrest Marshal. However, an Archer list has arrived that is much more early game oriented to prevent slow starts, this early game package and collection of prophecy cards makes going face against Archer much more difficult. This is why an aggro deck is no longer a viable option to counter Archer.

The second huge change is the win rate we have playing against Archer. It is going up, way up. We believe this is because Archer is a deck a lot of new players pick up. The cheap cost and promise of high win rates makes this deck very appealing to new players pushing for legend. Now line that up with the open beta announcement and you have a ladder full of Archer that might not be the best at Archery. Of course, we also believe that Archer is weaker because more people know how to beat it and have experience countering it.

However, this is still one of the best decks in the game for any player. I took it to top 10 Legend this week as well as Top 8 of The Tamieral Summer Games using Erlexx’s List.

Archer moving to Tier 2 completely shakes up the meta.

Willpower Mage Tempo Maya
The Tempo Mage comes in two forms. One being action based, a deck that revolves so heavily around actions that nearly every card has some type of synergy with actions. Then, the other being more creature based and well grounded. Both are strong and do follow the same game plan, play value creatures and win with tempo. They can steal almost any game away with huge tempo swinging plays.

This week Action Tempo Mage is placed among the top. The change is due to a much more tempo oriented top of the ladder. As well as many players’ success with the deck. I would not recommend this deck to any new player because it is a very complicated deck below the surface and can be very unforgiving when the game plans are misjudged. I reached rank #4 Legend with my list while Team Prophecy’s resident Action Mage Expert, Maya, has been very successful with his.

Willpower Mage Control Blackfall
This deck is very similar to Grinder Mage in Hearthstone it runs many cards that fit specific roles, Hard removal, AoE and healing. These cards win games in certain matchups and a gives control mages tools to beat almost all of the decks on ladder consistently.

Now we all see Control Mage in its rightful place among the top. This deck is just very solid. It has many favored matchups you can expect to win as you queue up and has allowed many top tier players to reach top 10 with ease and consistency. Making this the best option for an outright control deck for the week.

4. Tier 3
Endurance Sorcerer Wards Midrange SkullCollector /
Wards are often the most valuable keyword a creature can have, they make a creature hard to remove and very efficient for trading. Stuff these ward creatures together and you can easy create a control killer. However, with a plethora of 1hp creatures you often find yourself heavily out-tempo’d by Archer with no shackle, healing and few guard creatures to make a comeback.

Meaning, Wards remains in a similar spot, the deck just can not survive with Archer existing. However, suffering in some matchups does not mean a deck is bad. Tvp9 has had great success with Wards recently due to the inclusion of 3 Supreme Atromancer and the removal of Breton Summoner, showing that any deck can profit from correct tech decisions.

Agility Goblin Aggro Decimus
From TES:Oblivion to now, they don’t get much prettier. Goblins work like most tribes, but many of them are just powerful cards which see a lot of play outside the tribal. Murkwater Savage, Witch, and Shaman all see play in a variety of places meaning getting the whole family together would be an obvious powerhouse. This tribe’s value-packed early game means the deck can take control early against aggressive decks and spiral out of control against slower decks.

Goblins has now become the strongest aggro deck in the game. Which is still not very strong. Aggro is in a bad spot at the moment because just about every deck runs some sort of Tempo reliant early game. This makes any aggro deck suffer, but Goblins is proving to be the best choice for a fast ladder climb because it has the speed of an aggro deck with the value-oriented midgame of any midrange deck.

WillpowerEndurance Spellsword Control Maya
Another greedy control list that tries to out value every deck on the ladder. Spellsword control tries to stabilize and win with creatures so large the opponent can not answer. The deck struggles to draw cards, meaning the main draw source is from runes leaving a tough choice to when to start protecting the life total. It takes intuition and understanding to determine this precise point and it can make the deck very powerful.

Spellsword remains low on the tier list because either Scout or Mage Control can do the job this deck does more effectively. Making the deck redundant while better options exist. However, Spellsword is only bad in comparison. The deck is very powerful and does it’s job well, just not as well as other decks.

Willpower Crusader Token Erlexx
This deck functions much like Spellsword Token, however, uses Nord Firebrands and Divine Fervor to create powerful tempo swings.

This is the first new deck to arise and earn a spot on the tier list this week. The deck is still relatively new and is already in Tier 3. With more refinement and play time this deck could reach much higher. This projection is based on the success of Spellsword Token and the very few Endurance cards that are actually core.

5. Tier 4
Battlemage Aggro Dovahkiyn
If you are a Hearthstone player, you will enjoy this one. One of the only successful pure aggro decks your job is to break runes, Burn and Pillage and finish off your opponent with charging creatures with you remaining item cards if necessary. The matchups are pretty simple, anything that heals, guards or drains is going to be rough, these includes Endurance decks that run Willpower or Agility. However, this deck sometimes just does not care about your health gain and can trample down any deck with good openers, yes Archer too, pair that with the fast games and you have a great ladder deck to grind with, but also a powerhouse that can win even the most unfavorable matchups.

WHAT? From Tier 2 to Tier 4? What happened? The meta happened. With almost all of the top decks having a good aggro match up it makes playing battlemage very unreasonable. The main problem for battlemage is the new Archer meta. Archer being much harder to SMOrc down aggro has fallen down to Tier 4.

Willpower Crusader Aggro I Fight Dragons
This is a deck that can easily beat down a control deck, it is not as fast Battlemage, but can dish out incredible amounts of damage using Nord Firebrands in combination with support cards. This gives the deck reach, allowing it to beat slow greedy decks in the late game by setting up devastating damage dealing combos.

Suffering from the same problem as Battlemage, Crusader Aggro is just not a deck you should be playing if you want to win consistently.

WillpowerAgility Monk Boomslife
Another new deck for the tier list. Monk has many forms and is still in early experimentation. The pilfer decks can win with huge combos and the control list possess many tools to win games.
The biggest innovation in the field of Monk is Boomslife’s deck he plays on Twitch. Hopefully, with more refinement the deck can see more competitivity in its future.

Endurance Warrior Midrange Faid(Adaption from Earthp0w3r)
After the nerf to Orcs, there has not been much for the Warrior class. But now, many players are starting to see the potential for a tempo game plan with Warrior. With a strong early game and many huge tempo swings against control decks, Midrange Warrior could see itself become a strong deck, but is currently this deck is very new.

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Taho 3 months ago
For the Tier 1 Spellsword Token decks, you have TinyGrimes deck listed as budget, but it actually costs more dust than the SkullCollector deck. Just an FYI :) Love the meta report. Keep em coming.

1 Reply
Faid 3 months ago
Yeah, I consider them to be different variations, Skullcollector runs a more ‘all-in’ token list with pit lions and Tiny grimes runs more removal.

I am glad you like it! :)

Argonian avatar is love!

Taho 2 months ago
Any plans for a new meta snapshot? As someone with the cards to play only 1 or 2 decent decks, I love to see what else is out there on the report. Thanks in advance for your time and effort!

Bitterkoekje 2 months ago
Very nice Snapshot Faid. Thanks!
I’m not sure though this is still the correct ranking of the decks at the moment. I feel Scout is no longer the dominant deck. I would put Control Mage on the #1 spot. It seems quite a bit more consistent than scout. Scout relies heavily on ramp cards and even when you draw them, the deck struggles in the current meta. Also the token decks running Divine Fervor seem stronger. Scout must draw Shadowfen Priest. If you don’t, you’re dead. Also, with the recent nerf of Archer, the other decks become sligthly stronger whereas scout does not really profit from this. What do you think?
Looking forward to your next Snapshot!

1 Reply
Agreed, however Scout has served just fine from ranks 5-1, in my case at least. Rank 1-legend is a different story though. An update to the meta snapshot would be nice to see.

Are we going to see an updated snapshot? I feel like everything changed since this most recent post.

Pumpkin 1 month ago
It’s October, and I’m a new player, I’d love an update if you could get round to it

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