Legends:Journey’s End

Journey’s End
Episode:Heart of the City
Story Characters:Kellen, Nagh
Previous Quest:Chamber of Lorkhan
Next Quest:Next

Heart of the City: Journey’s End[edit]

Journey’s end is the final cutscene in Return to Clockwork City, which plays immediately after Chamber of Lorkhan, if you decided to use the Heart.


Kellen: Mecinar was defeated. But the hero paid a heavy price. The energy of the heart proved too much to hold within their physical form.”
Kellen: “The hero’s body disintegrated.”
Kellen: “But the Clockwork City lived on, powered by the heart, and Galyn believed that the hero’s consciousness lived on there, a whisper in the still-churning machinery.”
Nagh: “So… you are saying you’re lost and we’re going to die?”
Kellen: “I’m saying sometimes our greatest deeds come when we least expect them.”
Nagh: “Nagh thinks you are lost and we’re going to die.”
Kellen: “(Sigh)”

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