Legends:Ulfric’s Uprising (puzzle)

Start an uprising
Episode:Naryu’s Challenges
Opponent Name:Naryu Virian
Opponent Class:Agility Agility
Starting Health:1
Starting Magicka:27
Reward:Houses of Morrowind Pack
When I train a new assassin, all I can ever ask is that they rise up to their true potential.


The game opens with the following text:

“Win this turn.”

You start with 1 health and 4 Enraged Mudcrab in the Field Lane. In your hand, you have Hlaalu Oathman, Ayrenn, Doppelganger, Ulfric’s Uprising, and Shadowgreen Elder.

Naryu starts with 73 health.


  1. Play Shadowgreen Elder, Ayrenn, and Hlaalu Oathman in the Shadow Lane.
  2. Play Doppelganger in the Shadow Lane, selecting Hlaalu Oathman to copy.
  3. Play Ulfric’s Uprising repeatedly, until each Enraged Mudcrab has 20 power.
  4. Attack with all creatures.

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