Legends:Tribunal Mastery

Master the Exalt mechanic
Episode:Caius’ Training
Opponent Name:Caius Cosades
Opponent Class:Endurance Endurance
Starting Health:1
Starting Magicka:15
Reward:Houses of Morrowind pack
Seems the gods have taken a shine to you. Show me what they can do.


The game opens with the following text:

“Win this turn.”

You start with 1 health, 2 Clockwork City Pilgrim in the Field Lane, and 4 Mournhold Pilgrim, 2 in each lane. In your hand, you have Almalexia, Temple Patriarch, Light of the Three, and 2 Ghostgate Defender.

Caius starts with 17 health, 2 Indoril Archmage in the Field Lane, and Lurking Mummy in the Shadow Lane.


  1. Play Ghostgate Defender in the Shadow Lane, and do not Exalt it.
  2. Play Temple Patriarch in the Shadow Lane. Target an Indoril Archmage with Ghostgate Defender’s attack.
  3. Play Almalexia in the Shadow Lane, sacrificing Ghostgate Defender.
  4. Attack Lurking Mummy with Mournhold Pilgrim.
  5. Attack the weakened Indoril Archmage with Clockwork City Pilgrim.
  6. Attack the remaining Indoril Archmage with Mournhold Pilgrim.
  7. Attack with all remaining creatures.

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