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###Orc Warrior###
3 Rapid Shot (Set1 #1757)
3 Steel Scimitar (Set1 #1597)
3 Dragontail Savior (Set1 #1097)
3 Fharun Defender (Set1 #1453)
3 Graystone Ravager (Set1 #1202)
3 Orc Clan Captain (Set1 #1131)
3 Orc Clan Shaman (Set1 #1104)
1 Wrothgar Kingpin (Set1 #1137)
2 Yew Shield (Set1 #1553)
3 Battlerage Orc (Set1 #1225)
2 Chieftain’s Banner (Set1 #1555)
1 Crushing Blow (Set1 #1461)
3 Morkul Gatekeeper (Set1 #1105)
2 Stone Throw (Set1 #1788)
3 Stoneshard Orc (Set999 #1685)
3 Wrothgar Artisan (Set1 #1148)
3 Bangkorai Butcher (Set1 #1096)
1 Heavy Battleaxe (Set1 #1171)
3 Stonetooth Scrapper (Set1 #1121)
1 Vicious Dreugh (Set1 #1359)
2 Fortress Watchman (Set1 #1138)
1 Militant Chieftain (Set1 #1209)
1 Sower of Revenge (Set999 #1807)
1 Unstoppable Rage (Set2 #2346)
1 Wrothgar Forge (Set1 #1164)
1 Vigilant Giant (Set1 #1746)

Orc Warrior

3 [card]Rapid Shot[/card]
3 [card]Steel Scimitar[/card]
3 [card]Dragontail Savior[/card]
3 [card]Fharun Defender[/card]
3 [card]Graystone Ravager[/card]
3 [card]Orc Clan Captain[/card]
3 [card]Orc Clan Shaman[/card]
1 [card]Wrothgar Kingpin[/card]
2 [card]Yew Shield[/card]
3 [card]Battlerage Orc[/card]
2 [card]Chieftain’s Banner[/card]
1 [card]Crushing Blow[/card]
3 [card]Morkul Gatekeeper[/card]
2 [card]Stone Throw[/card]
3 [card]Stoneshard Orc[/card]
3 [card]Wrothgar Artisan[/card]
3 [card]Bangkorai Butcher[/card]
1 [card]Heavy Battleaxe[/card]
3 [card]Stonetooth Scrapper[/card]
1 [card]Vicious Dreugh[/card]
2 [card]Fortress Watchman[/card]
1 [card]Militant Chieftain[/card]
1 [card]Sower of Revenge[/card]
1 [card]Unstoppable Rage[/card]
1 [card]Wrothgar Forge[/card]
1 [card]Vigilant Giant[/card]
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Warrior deck
56 cards
1 Rapid Shot 3

Rapid Shot

1 Steel Scimitar 3

Steel Scimitar

2 Dragontail Savior 3

Dragontail Savior

2 Fharun Defender 3

Fharun Defender

2 Graystone Ravager 3

Graystone Ravager

2 Orc Clan Captain 3

Orc Clan Captain

2 Orc Clan Shaman 3

Orc Clan Shaman

2 Wrothgar Kingpin 1

Wrothgar Kingpin

2 Yew Shield 2

Yew Shield

3 Battlerage Orc 3

Battlerage Orc

3 Chieftain’s Banner 2

Chieftain's Banner

3 Crushing Blow 1

Crushing Blow

3 Morkul Gatekeeper 3

Morkul Gatekeeper

3 Stone Throw 2

Stone Throw

3 Stoneshard Orc 3

Stoneshard Orc

3 Wrothgar Artisan 3

Wrothgar Artisan

4 Bangkorai Butcher 3

Bangkorai Butcher

4 Heavy Battleaxe 1

Heavy Battleaxe

4 Stonetooth Scrapper 3

Stonetooth Scrapper

4 Vicious Dreugh 1

Vicious Dreugh

5 Fortress Watchman 2

Fortress Watchman

5 Militant Chieftain 1

Militant Chieftain

5 Sower of Revenge 1

Sower of Revenge

7 Unstoppable Rage 1

Unstoppable Rage

7 Wrothgar Forge 1

Wrothgar Forge

8 Vigilant Giant 1

Vigilant Giant


Last Gasp1
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By: Drafus
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Posted: 1 month ago
Outdated (DarkBrotherhood patch)
Crafting Cost: 6400crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.


Feel free to give advice.

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PauloDiogo 1 month ago
I think your deck wants do do too much with cards like forge, rage or orc sinergy.
Imo you cut kingpin, yew shields and banners add 3 mighty allys and 2 crushing blows now why this changes kingpin to bad of a card yew shields the same cards like ally can win you games right away with the pressure they put on the board blow gives you flexability.
Cut dreugh for 1 shadowfine, battleaxe for the 4 magica 3/3 breaktrough wepon sorry cant remember the name cut forge and the vigilant giant and add 2 beligerent giants why this changes shadowfine is better then dreugh same goes for the weapon and the breaktrough weapon works with rage and beligerent giants are just too good to not play in red decks.
i supose you on a budget but if you can make this changes i think you can mak.e it better overall

1 Reply
PauloDiogo 1 month ago
sorry 1 more change that i forgot if you can change stone trow for feel the might or 2 spinners reason why those cards are way better overall but if you on a budget try adding jarls instead

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