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By: Ashmore
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Posted: 4 months ago, edited 1 month ago


1. Act 1
The first act cards rewards helps you build your very first deck: The WillpowerBand of Survivors Crusader deck.
This is also used as a tutorial and will make you reach level 5 by the time you finish it, so I will also display the level rewards up to level 5 here.

Chapter 1: The fighting Pits
Game rewards:

Level 2 Reward:

Chapter 2: The Escape
Game rewards:

Chapter 3: Dark Omens
Game rewards:

Level 3 Reward:

Chapter 4: Bandit Ambush
Game rewards:

  1. Steel Scimitar if you choose to spare the last bandit.
  2. Execute if you choose to execute the last bandit.

Chapter 5: Fugitives
Game rewards:

Level 4 Reward:

Chapter 6: The Hungry Pack
Game rewards:

  1. Snow Wolf if you choose to adopt the pup.
  2. Cast Out if you choose to abandon the pup.

Chapter 7: Hopes Dashed
Game rewards:

Band of Survivors Deck 

Level 5 Reward:

Chapter 8: Swims-at-night
Game rewards:

Black Marsh Smugglers Deck 

2. Act 2
I won’t display player level rewards here as you can level up with the new modes you’ve unlocked: Practice and Versus Battle.

Chapter 9: Broadsides

Chapter 10: Unwelcome Intrusion

  1. Green-Touched Spriggan if you choose to Follow.
  2. Hackwing Feather if you choose to Loot.

Chapter 11: The Rescue

The Dunmer Avengers Deck 

Chapter 12: Tangled Web

  1. Shimmerene Peddler if you choose to Help.
  2. 50 Gold if you choose to Rob.

Chapter 13: The Brawl

Chapter 14: A Fractured Legion

The Imperial Might Deck 

3. Act 3
Chapter 15: Ladies and Gentlemen!
  • 50 Soul Gems

Chapter 16: The Restless Dead

  1. Haunting Spirit if you choose to Take.
  2. Plea to Kynareth if you choose to Destroy.


  1. Tyr if you choose Tyr.
  2. Orb of Vaermina if you choose The Orb.

Chapter 17: Reive’s Wrath

Chapter 18: A Knife in the Dark

Chapter 19: The Siege of the Imperial City

Chapter 20: The Showdown

The Warriors of Hammerfell Deck 

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Nomad 4 months ago
This comment is for testing purposes.

I don’t remember getting Haafingar Marauder … change/bug? I’m puzzled.

1 Reply
Ashmore 4 months ago
Ok apparently, this changed for Open Beta (Haafinger Marauder was an Epic in closed Beta). So yes, it’s a change, I’m going to update this as soon as I get the correct info.

Calvo 4 months ago
The Imperial Might Deck dropdown contains the the Dunmer Avengers Deck again.

I started with the Open Beta and also didn’t get the Haafingar Marauder, they obviously removed it from the campaign.

1 Reply
Ashmore 4 months ago
Thanks, dropdown is fixed =)

Calvo 4 months ago
Thanks for providing and taking care of the articles.

Ohnoto 2 months ago
I just finished Chapter 18 and got 100 Soul Gems. The current list shows 50.

1 Reply
Ashmore 2 months ago
Thanks, I’ve edited the list.

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