A Soul Trapping Guide by Eon (13/3/17)

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By: Eon
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Posted: 3 years ago, edited 2 years ago


1. An Introduction
I’ll be using tiers to separate the cards, with the following nuance to said tiers:

Tier 0: It would be criminal to ever consider soul trapping this card.

Tier 1: Absolutely solid card, a definite keep.

Tier 2: Not bad cards, they measure up to the tier ones and zeroes in power level, but just currently don’t have a place in a deck or see limited play. Soul trap at your own risk.

Tier 3: Possibly playable in some alternate reality, however, you can soul trap them fairly confidently. Fringe playable.

Tier 4: What is this card even doing in your collection?

Note that this soul trapping guide is meant to aid a competitive player’s collection building, and has no bearing if you want to make meme decks or experiment with archetypes that are still unexplored. I might add my justification for specific cards’ tiers at some point, but its time-consuming and would delay the list’s publishing too much for my liking.

Note that I’m lean on the harsher side of evaluating cards, as I feel that getting rid of bad cards (even the ones that maybe, someday will see play) would be the most beneficial to a new player who wants to build an established deck sooner rather than later.

As always, Ctrl + F is your best friend!

2. Strength
Tier 0:

Earthbone Spinner

Blood Dragon

Tier 1:

Mage Slayer
Markarth Bannerman
Belligerent Giant
Lumbering Ogrim
Withered Hand Cultist

Relentess Raider
Reive, Blademaster

Tier 2:

Fearless Northlander

Vigilant Giant

Tier 3:

Child of Hircine
Alik’r Survivalist
Whirling Duelist
Grahtwood Ambusher
Wrothgar Forge
Gladiator Arena
Stampede Sentinel
Burn & Pillage

Dremora Markynaz
Wood Orc Headhunter

Tier 4:

Blighted Alit
Dread Clannfear

3. Intelligence
Tier 0:

Daggerfall Mage
Supreme Atromancer

Tier 1:

Ice Storm

Tier 2

Breton Conjurer
Shimmerene Peddler
Master of Arms

Mentor’s Ring

Tier 3:

Keeper of Whispers
Heirloom Greatsword
Winter’s Grasp
Mages Guild Retreat
Balmora Spymaster
Dark Rift
Desperate Conjuring

Divayth Fyr
Indoril Archmage

Tier 4:

Moment of Clarity
Wisdom of Ancients
Dragonstar Rider
Studium Headmaster
Summerset Orrery
Ice Wraith
Brilliant Experiment
Battlereeve of Dust

Staff of Sparks
Nahkriin, Dragon Priest

4. Willpower
Tier 0:

Tier 1:


Dawn’s Wrath
Miraak, Dragonborn

Tier 2

Cloudrest Illusionist
Loyal Housecarl
Ravenous Hunger
Pillaging Tribune
Divine Fervor

Haafingar Marauder

Tier 3:

Immolating Blast
Helgen Squad Leader
Artaeum Savant
Dawnstar Healer
Spiteful Dremora
Pit Lion
Dagi-raht Mystic

Descendant of Alkosh

Tier 4:

Tower Alchemist
Alpha Wolf
Hero of Anvil
Imperial Might
Elsweyr Lookout

Auroran Sentry
Renowned Legate

5. Agility
Tier 0:


Tier 1:

Mournhold Traitor
House Kinsman
Moonlight Werebat

Ungolim the Listener

Tier 2

Murkwater Shaman
Giant Snake
Pahmar-raht Renegade
Smuggler’s Haul
Snowy Sabre Cat

Quin’ rawl Burglar
Thieves’ Den
Tazkad the Packmaster

Tier 3:

Leafwater Blessing
Murkwater Skirmisher
Torval Crook
Elder Centaur
Green-touched Spriggan
Wild Beastcaller
Spider Lair

Necrom Mastermind

Tier 4:

Hidden Trail
Arenthia Swindler
Tenmar Swiftclaw
Camoran Scout Leader

Spider Daedra
Nest of Vipers

6. Endurance
Tier 0:

Preserver of the Root
Shadowfen Priest


Tier 1:

Night’s Shadow
Hist Grove

Lucien Lachance
Blood Magic Lord
Bone Colossus

Tier 2

Illac Sorcerer
Disciple of Namira

Tier 3:

Flesh Atronach

Doomcrag Vampire
Black Marsh Warden

Tier 4:

Siege Catapult
Wrothgar Kingpin
Blackrose Herbalist
Hackwing Feather
Angry Grahl
Grim Champion
Imprisoned Deathlord
Stampeding Mammoth
Night Predator
Necromancer’s Amulet

Night Talon Lord
Iron Atronach

7. Dual Attribute
Tier 0:

Rift Thane
Thorn Histmage

High King Emeric

Tier 1:

Edict of Azura
Master of Thieves
Sentinel Battlemace

Allena Benoch
Queen Barenziah
General Tulius
Red Bramman

Tier 2

Sadras Agent
Militant Chieftain

Gortwog gro-Nagorm

Tier 3:

Shornhelm Champion
Falinesti Reaver
Skywatch Vindicator


Tier 4:

8. Neutral
Tier 0:


Tier 1:

Tier 2

Stronghold Eradicator
Mechanical Ally

Mundus Stone

Tier 3:

Orb of Vaermania

Tier 4:

Stronghold Incubator
Dwarven Armanents
Halls of the Dwemer
Dwarven Centurion

Tier ?:

Heroic Rebirth

9. Changelog

Gladiator Arena from tier 1 to 3
Added Stampede Sentinel to tier 3
Burn & Pillage from tier 2 to 3
Reive, Blademaster from tier 4 to 1

Dark Rift from tier 1 to 3
Desperate Conjuring from tier 2 to 4

Descendant of Alkosh from tier 2 to 3
Dagi-raht Mystic from tier 4 to 3

Ungolim the Listener from tier 0 to 1

Heroic Rebirth added, but of still indeterminable power. Initial guess would be between tier 2 and 3.


Burn & Pillage from tier 0 to 2
Withered Hand Cultist from tier 0 to 1
Gladiators’ Arena from tier 2 to 1
Wrothgar Forge from tier 2 to 3
Grahtwood Ambusher from tier 4 to 3
Whirling Duelist from tier 2 to 3
Wood Orc Headhunter from tier 4 to 3

Ice Storm from tier 0 to 1
Shimmerene Peddler from tier 1 to 2
Dark Rift from tier 2 to 1
Balmora Spymaster from tier 2 to 3
Nakriin, Dragon Priest from tier 3 to 4

Mantikora from tier 0 to 1
Dawnbreaker from tier 0 to 1
Pillaging Tribune from tier 1 to 2
Descendant of Alkosh from tier 1 to 2
Pit Lion from tier 2 to 3
Divine Fervor from tier 3 to 2

Tazkad the Packmaster from tier 0 to 2
Moonlight Werebat from tier 2 to 1
Snowy Sabre Cat from tier 3 to 2

Bone Colossus from tier 0 to tier 1
Black Marsh Warden from tier 2 to tier 3
Doomcrag Vampire’s name spelled correctly

Sentinel Battlemace from tier 2 to 1
Red Bramman from tier 0 to 1
High King Emeric promoted to Higher King Emeric
Skywatch Vindicator from tier 2 to 3
Militant Chieftain from tier 4 to 2

Added November and December monthly cards, Battlereeve of Dust and Elsweyr Lookout, both in tier 4.

Master of Arms from tier 3 to 2
Mentor’s Ring from tier 3 to 2


Lumbering Ogrim from Tier 2 to 1

Nakhkriin, Dragon Priest from Tier 1 to 3
Brilliant Experiment from Tier 1 to 4

Divine Fervor from Tier 1 to 3

Moonlight Werebat from Tier 0 to 2
House Kinsman from Tier 0 to 1


Fearless Northlander from Tier 1 to 2
Alik’r Survivalist from Tier 2 to 3
Whirling Duelist from Tier 3 to 2

Desperate Conjuring from Tier 1 to 2
Ice Wraith from Tier 3 to 4

Dawnbreaker from Tier 1 to 0
Renowned Legate from Tier 3 to 4
Ravenous Hunger from Tier 3 to 2
Immolating Blast from Tier 4 to 3

Smuggler’s Haul from Tier 3 to 2

Iron Atronach from Tier 3 to 4

Rift Thane from Tier 1 to 0
Falinesti Reaver from Tier 2 to 3
Tyr from Tier 2 to 3

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I noticed that the adoring fan is not included in the list.

Would it be possible for us to get an updated list, especially now that the Skyrim exp. is out? I know it wouldn’t be hugely impacted since your last update as of 3 months ago but I’m sure there would be things added/changed. This is very relevant to my interests as I still don’t even have a single top tier deck yet at this point (I’m fairly new and lose a lot because I’m not great at crafting my own decks) and I need to soul trap a lot of cards to further myself at all and I don’t want to pick the wrong cards and screw a future deck.
And this is probably asking a lot, but could you include maybe like the worst of the Rare quality cards that should get soul trapped as well?

Doc. 2 years ago
Iron Atronach? Rank 4 ?

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