Forgotten Hero Collection: 4 New Cards Revealed

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Forgotten Hero Collection: 4 New Cards Revealed

By: Ashmore 1 year ago

The Forgotten Hero Collection

This new set will be available Thursday, February 1 for $9.99 or 1,500 Gold. It includes three unique legendaries, three epics and six rares. You’ll receive 3 copies of each non-unique card when purchasing this pack.

Here’s a link to the original article.

New Cards Revealed
On Bethesda’s Website:




On Twitter, by Ign:
The Tweet


(sorry about the screenshot, I can’t get better for now)

And here’s the list of all the cards revealed so far.


They are pushing the singleton deck concept – two cards so far, maybe more to come.
How many would it take to compensate for the lack of deck focus? Five good singleton-only cards? Ten?

Drakwind 1 year ago
Ulfric’s Uprising and Cradlecrush Giant look like they’ll be super useful in a lot of decks. Especially Ulfric’s Uprising. It can be used like Dark Rebirth for it’s re-using summon effects but on steroids.

I can’t even think of how many decks want to run Ulfric’s Uprising. I don’t think it is OP by any means — or even good in most decks — but that is now a card that you have to play around against all kinds of annoying summon cards.

Well in magical wonderland Tullius Conscription gets played after you get your journey and then have a bunch of discounted stuff on the board. In any other case i think this card will not see play but i could be wrong.

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Rellik 1 year ago
Y’re rigth
It may be the scout deck with ungolim so y can summon assassin, or the sorcecer with laaneth to draw jorney/conscription, but if y dont have both it will be a trash ,filling yr hand
I dont say bout aggro matchups

UPD i didnt read ‘one of each’
useless card

Hansie 1 year ago
I wonder if we are going to see more Strength (red) control decks when Cradlecrush Giant comes out, specifically control Battlemage?

Anyway, can’t wait for tomorrow when the new set will be available!

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Rellik 1 year ago
May be another version of control warrior with doomcrags

Candlecrush Giant seems like pushing strength decks towards control, but in a rage way. bigsmile-6239798

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