Thieves Guild Shadowfoot

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Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3

Name Thieves Guild Shadowfoot
Rarity Rare rare-7946204
Type Creature
Attributes willpower-7556167
Race Khajiit
Magicka Cost 3
Expansion set Heroes of Skyrim
Soul Summon 100 crystal-1277715
Soul Trap 20 crystal-1277715
Text Summon: Steal the top card of the opponent’s deck and replace it with a Counterfeit Trinket.
BBCode [card]Thieves Guild Shadowfoot[/card]
Played in 1083/12705 of Eligible decks (9 %)
Thieves Guild Shadowfoot creates the following:


Constructed Rating: 26 Votes 3.6/5
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Arena Rating: 22 Votes 3.4/5

Latest appearances in Decks: (Last 2 weeks)

intelligence-4924707 willpower-7556167 endurance-2737493 Greedy Controll
By: Cris Jitaru


Why is this rated so lowly? It provides a free card from the opponent’s deck, 1 damage, and possibly a free rune break with the guarantee that you will not trigger a prophecy.

2 Replies
This. The rune break is really nasty. But it’s kind of a smart way to win. Not straightforward.

To whomever downvoted my comment: it was around 2 stars at the time I posted this. Its rating has since been significantly raised.

this card pisses me off, get your own stuff….

yeah another card you play only if you like old ass for breakfast

Sav0s_Aren 1 year ago
I have an opinion that might be unpopular but I have to say it out. F**k this s**t. And basically everything that steals cards.
My dream is :
1. No stealing. Neither from hand, deck or field. Not even stealing a copy. If you want that card, craft it.

2. Leave the cards that are not on the field or pile in peace. No Jim Stacey, no Deathpriest.

3. No such conditions as “if this or that you win the game or you cannot lose the game”

What is especially disgusting about this card that you don’t even know what was stolen from you. At least show it.

1 Reply
Capitan Metal 5 months ago
I just read this post now. You are absolutely right. This game rewards the lucky ones, not those who try to develop an honest strategy. I am ashamed to use cards like this, Miraak, Mannimarco, the necrophile Miraak, and all the shit with random effects that filled this game, but unfortunately I suffer, the ridiculous thing is that their delayed strategy is all there, throwing actions, stealing cards and pray that the next random effect is good.

Vloblo 1 year ago
This card is the biggest bs in this game. Completely anti-fun, anti-skill, full RNG mehanic in the game.

One should not able to RNG cripple your opponents deck without any skill involved. Some decks are built around 1-2 unique legendaries.

Talilover 8 months ago
I honestly don’t think I’d mind this card if it at least showed the card that it stole, if you’re playing a deck that relies on certain cards it’s just nerve racking when a opponent plays this

1 Reply
Nagardien 7 months ago
Yup, showing the stolen card would make this card less frustating

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