Heroes of Skyrim Cards revealed Part.10

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Heroes of Skyrim Cards revealed Part.10

By: Ashmore 2 years ago


Lydia was revealed by Bradford Lee on his latest video:


Firebreath / Embassy Disguise / Prized Chicken

These cards were revealed by TESLChampion Series on Twitch.




Archer’s Gambit
Archer’s Gambit was revealed by Snaxximan on Twitch.

Sorry about the quality of Archer’s Gambit, I’m waiting for a better source.

A Night to Remember
A Night to Remember was revealed by Furo on Twitter.



Really wish fire breath did 3-5-10 instead

Taize 2 years ago
Loving the text on A Night to Remember bigsmile-6081597

So many interesting cards, can’t wait for Thursday!

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Hermorah 2 years ago
ikr, but isnt it just a way weaker version of shadow shift?

Hermorah wrote:
ikr, but isnt it just a way weaker version of shadow shift?

That’s the price of being a neutral. Knife to the Throat is also overpriced, but it gives non-Strength non-Endurance deck an access to silence.

Me too man. I wanna test out Ancano

Does A Night to Remember re-trigger summon effects? Could be insanely powerful if it does.

Hansie 2 years ago
Am I the only one who thinks that the shouts are a little inconsistent in power levels across attributes? For example, unsummoning an entire lane of creatures, or filling a board with 3/3s feel like a much bigger tempo swing than doing 10 damage to a single creature.

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I feel the same.

Bethish 2 years ago
Lydia is a beautiful one!
And all cards are totally interesting. I wonder how would they work with others.

I am going to have fun playing around with Lydia.

Okay, it was just confirmed on Reddit that A Night to Remember RESUMMONS the creature in the other lane, triggering its summon effect. That being said, I think this card is absolutely insane for value. It’s such a fantastic control card if used in decks with a lot of summon effects. If necessary, you can use it on summon effects like ramp effects, Thieves Guild Recruit, shackles, etc.

Decks with any of the following can get great value in the late game: Blood Magic Lord, Ayrenn, Mantikora, Miraak, Odahviing, Supreme Atromancer, Belligerent Giant, Eclipse Baroness, Cloudrest Illusionist, Giant Snake, Leaflurker, Merric, Ancano, Red Bramman, and Alduin.

What do you guys think? I’m looking forward to trying it. Not sure how big of a deal shackling your own creature is yet. Might be too big of a downside.

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JJM_Amaral 2 years ago
Depending of the situation resummon and shackle your creature can be a backfire. It’s a powerfull card, but if used on the wromg moment it can be a disaster.

That chicken with a combo can be very good. You summon the chicken, then summons a card to give damage to it, and your cards on the field buff the villagers with health and Power, it looks fun.

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