April 2017 Monthly Reward: Chaurus Breeding Pit

april-2017-monthly-reward-chaurus-breeding-pit News
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April 2017 Monthly Reward: Chaurus Breeding Pit

By: Ashmore 1 month ago

Chaurus Breeding Pit is April’s monthly reward.
As always, you will have to reach rank 9 (Mage) in Versus Battle by the end of this month to get one copy, rank 5 (Warrior) to earn a second copy and rank 1 (Thief) to get the full set.

Chaurus Breeding Pit
Summon a Chaurus Reaper in each lane.

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Hmm. Might work well with Eclipse Baroness in control monk decks.

Yay more reapers <3

White Bear 84 1 month ago
Control monk combo with chanter of akatosh + Chaurus pit -> Mantikora. Mind you if you played CoA on turn 9, would already have at least 1/2 additional creatures on board so chances of removal on it is probably high.. ..but when it works, 2/3 extra creatures on turns 9/10.. :)

I have some very important thoughts on this card: https://youtu.be/VtaD040BTI0

Also going to suggest TGR draw breeding pit, turn 7 akatosh -> turn 8 chaurus + either auroran or Eclipse Baroness. If it works out then with Eclipse Baroness you can save 8 (summon from chanter) + 2 (EB summon) + 2 (EB last gasp) magicka. That is a pretty good value play. Could lead to turn 9 miraak, turn 10 odahviing, but while also having more creatures in play..

mrphlegm 1 month ago
hype. This card gives me none.

tur faroth 1 month ago
Too slow, but another option.

at least I am happy for charus reapers having some fun together, but I would expect to see li’l cute reaper hatchlings :)

Nice, I’m going to get two copies of this. I’m currently rank 5. Doubt I’ll make Thief in a couple days though.

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