The Best CS:GO Case to Open: Operation Vanguard Skins

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The CS:GO Steam marketplace is a powerhouse when it comes to maintaining customer loyalty and enticing new audiences. The variety of cases makes the deal more tempting, including skins offered by the Vanguard release. Such packages have definitely influenced the way this game evolves. Opening these cases is probably the fastest and smoothest method to obtain the finest skins and goods in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive franchise.

Taking into account how many cases have been already established and how many are just waiting for their future release, there is nothing surprising that customers have doubts, trying to define which case is the best. Naturally, before making the final decision, it is necessary to get acquainted with the leading cases and check their content.

What is the Operation Vanguard case?

In simple terms, Vanguard case csgo  is used to define a special release of skins and objects by the team of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developers. The value depends on the market and the trading webs’ conditions. For instance, there may be a transaction fee in the amount of fifteen percent (as on the official Steam site), so the cost is a really fluctuating parameter.

What is the Vanguard case content?

The kit includes fourteen skins to be proud of. Similar to other alternative releases, this one was also designed by the CS:GO community masters. The establishment of a new package took place during the service update back in 2014. Though it may seem this kit isn’t valid anymore, that is not a characteristic feature of the gameplay. Age doesn’t determine the package’s value and price.

Here are some of the most distinguishing finishes of goods present in the virtual box:

  • MX1014 (tranquility);
  • AK47 (Wasteland Rebel);
  • P2000 (Fire Elemental);
  • Karambit options like Safari Meh and Fade;
  • Bayonets like Urban Masked, Slaughter, Scorched, etc.;
  • Gut knives such as Forest DDPat, Night, and others.

What are rare cases in CS:GO?

The rare the case, the higher the price tag and demand for it. Apart from the Operation Vanguard Weapon Case itself, the list includes such packages, as Operation Hydra, Chroma 2, Shadow, Revolver, and several others. Items there are exclusive and can be accessed only by opening corresponding cases.

It should be mentioned that there is a connection between the item’s rarity and chances to get it. The probability lowers when the goods’ value increases. Enthusiasts can check the probability of receiving this or that type of item on the official domain. Here are a few samples:

  • Special items can be found in 0.25% of cases. There is a minor difference between StatTrak and normal variant probability, so please don’t forget to take it into account when deciding how many packages to purchase and open.
  • While mil-spec goods can be achieved in 79% of cases according to the normal variant, the same figure for restricted items is five times lowlier.

What are other worthy cases to consider?

Of course, your choice palette isn’t limited to one single package. Along with Vanguard weapons, you will receive multiple benefits from opening kits related to the Glove Case, the Prisma Case, the Operation Broken Fang Case, and more. Depending on the box and plot peculiarities, the presence of items and approaches to their design differs. So customers are more recommended to give a try to numerous cases to check their luck and collect a treasure collection of prizes. Even if you aren’t absolutely lucky to get the best item, it is still a perfect way to get to know more about other weapons and diversify your gaming experience.

The Final Verdict

Whenever it comes to playing such giant esports disciplines as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there always should be qualitative means to catch and hold the audience’s attention. From this perspective, the brand’s strategy is beneficial. People like collecting things, and this divergence of cases and varied chances to successfully boost up players’ motivation and the degree of their engagement in the CS:GO universe. 

If you don’t have enough resources to get all the items you are interested in, special deals in third-party marketplaces will solve the issue. At the same time, it is a wonderful idea to check how this or that item functions, watching its use by other owners.

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