Easy Ways to Win at Texas Hold’em

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Ever since the poker boom in the early 2000’s, Texas Hold’em has become one of the most played casino games across the world. The accessibility of the game, as well as its prominence in pop culture, has made it an ideal entry point for those interested in casino games. In recent years, due to the global health situation, even more players have found poker online, with a 255% increase in new players – and the majority of these new players will be playing Texas Hold’em. However, despite the game being easy to learn and play, becoming successful is much harder. A lot of new players make simple mistakes or focus on the wrong strategy. In this post we will look at the easy ways you can start winning big in Texas Hold’em.

Understand the Importance of Position

Where you sit in relation to other players during a hand is something a lot of poker players don’t think about. Yet, your position can give you an automatic advantage that you can easily use. The best position in Texas Hold’em is being the button. This is the player who has the dealer button (and in most home games will also be the dealer). The reason the button player has such an advantage is that they are the last person to bet on 3 of the four rounds of each hand – after the flop, the turn, and the river. If you are on the button you have the most information of any player on how the hand is going and how to bet. This allows you to make a much more informed decision on whether to go in hard or fold. You will also likely be playing against less players than if you were the small blind, which is considered the worst position. This is because the small blind always acts first after the flop. In this position it is easy to lose chips by playing too aggressively on a poor hand or not folding straight away in order to see the hand out.

Become a Tactical Folder

Folding is perhaps the easiest and safest Texas Hold’em strategy a player can use. Yet many players take this strategy for granted, and see folding simply as a failure to win a hand. Being able to tactically fold is one of the best ways to start winning at Texas Hold’em. For example, rather than seeing folding as something you should do as little as possible, it should be seen as the best option for most hands (with some sites putting the figure at 75%). Poker is a game of endurance and that means keeping as many chips as possible, so when you feel confident you have a winning hand you are able to put more pressure on your opponents with large bets. Those who always play, known as a “can’t win if you don’t play” mentality, will quickly find their pile depleting as they are forced to withdraw late into hands after losing unnecessary chips.

Know the Pocket Hand Rating Chart

Every player should know the hand ranking chart that outlines which hands beat which. The sign of a new player is someone who is unsure whether a four of a kind beats a full house. This basic knowledge must be memorized if you want to get anywhere in poker. There is, however, another chart players should know, which will make betting and winning much easier – the pocket hand rating chart. This is a chart that shows the best hands a player can be given after being dealt their two cards. There are different variations, some charts show the top 20% while other’s show the top 15%, but these combinations are worth memorizing. This way if you get one of the top pocket hand rankings you immediately know that you have a small advantage going into the hand. By knowing which pocket hands are in the top 15-20% you will be able to play, and fold, with much more confidence.

Texas Hold’em is a game of skill, endurance, and luck. Yet with the above tips you can easily start winning more games. For more gaming articles do visit our Misc section.

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