The Simulated Reality League IPL – learn how to bet on SRL

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There are two main options available today for all cricket betting fans – Simulated Reality League and real tournament matches. Feel free to try each of them to choose the best for yourself and get the profit on your knowledge about the cricket game. For sure the real-life game would be more interesting and spectacular, but at the same time, the simulated version is not less interesting for profitable betting. The main of which is the 24/7 availability of the matches in the betting line, so you will need only to check here and start betting when you want. In SRL there are the same rules and players’ characteristics as in real cricket tournaments. But there wouldn’t be any injuries, so the chances for the right forecast will be much higher. 

The Simulated Reality League in Parimatch – all the SRL betting advantages

All the main cricket tournaments have the simulated version, but the IPL is still the most popular there. So SRL betting can be a great choice as an additional or even the main option. To become a successful bettor in SRL betting it’s important to learn the cricket rules and all the differences between the virtual version from the real game. You will see all of your favorite teams during the simulated season of the IPL, but the results of the matches here wouldn’t be the same as in the real tournament. 

Before to start betting on Simulated Reality League matches it’s better to learn the factors that are affected the outcomes of the games and all the information about the forecasting secrets. The SRL rules are the same as in real IPL so if you already knew them you don’t need to again spend your time learning that information. But for those who have no previous experience and knowledge, it’s important to start with the cricket rules and SRL terms learning. With the right preparation, you will get from the SRL betting the next advantages:

  • simple forecasting even with the minimum of previous experience;
  • entry of all the players on the field is guaranteed;
  • minimum factors that could impact the outcomes of the matches!

Also because of the SRL features when only one player is playing for the whole team you don’t need that much time to analyze the players’ shape or motivation. The only important factor here is the experience of the SRL player. 

Simulated Reality League IPL – some essential information

So what’s markets will be available in the Simulated Reality League betting line? All the same as in the IPL line, so you could bet on main and additional markets with some great odds. Also, all the Parimatch clients after the simple registration will get the chance to choose between prematch and LIVE SRL betting because these two formats are also available for the virtual version of the  Indian Premier League. 

Also, it should be noted that SRL matches are based on information about the last 500 games of the strongest teams and players. That’s one more reason for such high realism of the SRL matches that you will see during the season.

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