Ways to Spice Up Your Date with an Escort

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Sex with an escort is fun, satisfying, and exciting, but you don’t have to limit yourself to vanilla sex each time you hook up with an escort. Since escorts are professionals who get paid to provide you with services, you can engage in a range of unconventional yet steamy sexual activities with your escort. These can include sexual acts that you would be too embarrassed to share with an actual date or your partner.  

If you’re planning to have sex with an escort anytime soon, we have got you covered. This post will explore all the ways you can fire up your escort date with steamy activities you’ve always wanted to indulge in. Keep reading ahead to find out! 

Spice Up the Foreplay  

Foreplay is often believed to be the best part of sex. Not only would accentuating your foreplay game hype up the intercourse, but it will also leave your escort happier and more satisfied. Therefore, instead of straight up heading towards the intercourse bit, try fueling things up by engaging in a steamy foreplay session.  

There are several ways you can have a pleasurable foreplay experience with your skipthegames escort. You can ask your escort to talk dirty, give you an erotic and sensual massage, lick flavored products off each other’s bodies, and even engage in sexual games involving all sorts of sex toys.  

Explore Your Kinks and Fantasies  

If you’ve always wanted to engage in kinky sex but could never share this secret with your partner, now might be a good time to share all your fantasies with your escort. Since escorts are professionals and strangers, you would not have to fear being judged or feel ashamed of your kinks, however strange they might be.  

Additionally, if you want to indulge in kink-play but have no idea where to start, you can even ask your escort to lead the way. Escorts are highly trained for the services they provide and will certainly guide you throughout the process to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.  

Ask For a Sensual Massage  

Another service that skipthegames escorts specialize in is erotic massages. Erotic massages, also known as tantric massages, induce pleasure and arousal in the body by gently stimulating the erogenous and sensitive areas of the body.  

The benefits of erotic massages are countless. Not only does it boost the intercourse you’re headed for, but it also has several health benefits for the body, both physically and mentally. An erotic massage induces exciting pleasure, creates a relaxed atmosphere, and calms you down if you’re feeling nervous.  

Engage in Exciting BDSM  

If BDSM has always been a fantasy of yours, now is the time to unveil it by availing these services from a Skipthegames escort and making your dream come true. You can indulge in all sorts of BDSM acts, ranging from dominance and submission to hardcore masochism. 

However, make sure to communicate all your desires with your escort beforehand, as BDSM is a versatile topic that might involve activities that your escort would not be comfortable with. Come up with a safe word that can be used mutually in case things start to get a little out of hand. Below are some fun and pleasure-inducing BDSM activities you can unveil with an escort.  

  • Roleplays 
  • Bondage  
  • Masochism  
  • Mutual Masturbation 
  • Tying Up  
  • Spanking  
  • Dominance Play  
  • Slapping  
  • Sex Toys 
  • Fisting 

Indulge in Threesomes  

If you want to take a leap ahead and engage in sexual experiences with two escorts at the same time, consider hiring escorts who readily provide threesome services. Naturally, you will be asked to pay twice the amount you pay usually.  

Make sure to communicate with both of your escorts and ensure that they are comfortable with threesomes. Keep the conversation completely transparent and do not hide anything, as it may result in rejection in the future. A threesome encounter can be a pleasurable experience for you and the escorts both. If you’re new to a threesome or an orgy, you can even ask your escorts to guide you through the procedure.  

Summing It Up  

Now that you’re all set to have a steamy and fiery sexual night with an escort, it is time to book yourself the woman of your dreams who will satisfy you throughout the night. If you’re looking for trusted websites that provide affordable escort services, Ladys.one might be just what you’re aiming for!

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