Isle of Madness is out: All cards revealed

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Isle of Madness is out: All cards revealed

By: Ashmore 11 months ago

Here are all the cards that were not revealed until now. If you’re not up to date with the expansion, you can check the complete set here right here.




Mad Dash is really interesting => like Yew Shield with a movement

Gardener’s Harvest can be useful for item deck, but if it changes it replace the new cost card too i think

Nervous Giant is … hilarious ^^

Maugrim 11 months ago
Wow. Couldn’t be more impressed with Isle of Madness. Asethetics, art, gameplay, unique cards. The list goes on. Congrats to Sparky pants. Exceptionally done.

pgbarty 10 months ago
Honestly… Cards are looking good but the story was flat and predictable.
Regarding the story and the games l enjoyed Clockwork much more.

Yes, exactly I also like the game.

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