JustinLarson brings the YouTube

justinlarson-brings-the-youtube Thread
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Hope you all enjoy what I’m offering here – a one or two videos daily is the plan.



TwoEagles 2 months ago
I dub thee the Kripp of TESL…is that premature? I don’t care. Good work JL.

Thanks so much! I’m trying my best. For now I’m focusing on helping people get a handle on the Scout Ramp deck, but in the future I’ll be playing a variety of things.

Today’s videos are up!

TwoEagles 2 months ago
I think mundus stone is great. Love that it only costs 4. Love the value a bunch of extra wards, lethals, etc can give over the course of a game, especally with other cards that generate extra creatures/tokens.

Also, I wish the game had better heal options. I lose a lot of games to crushing blow or lightning bolt while trying to play control. Usually after I stabilize and have complete board control and am praying I draw my healing potion or drain creature before they draw the face spell. The face spell always comes first.

Mundus Stone is fun, I’ll say that for sure. And I’ve lost games where it gave the right creature the right keyword at the right time, definitely.

The healing options right now are definitely limited, although I can imagine a world where they are plentiful and deck diversity is limited as a result. I’ve played a few games against Monk decks where they’ve gained a ton of life during the game, and definitely enjoyed seeing something different like that.

liquidputin 2 months ago
Sweet I’ll check you out! I really like this game and I want to see it continue to grow as it enters open beta!

New video posted – the archer match that everyone’s been asking about!


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TwoEagles 2 months ago
Crushing blow for the win! Never fails.

And in a special bonus video today, I hit rank 1 legend!


ulfurfenris 2 months ago
Nice Vids. Nice Deck. And here ‘s the catch.
Its allways the same Deck? Allways Vids from Wins? Vs which Deck u Loose?

For long Time it is boring.
Hope for new Decks, Deck-Techs and Decks F2P for Beginners, from the Legend Nr.1 :)
Its my personal Feedback and i hope u see it objectively and not Offense.

Thx for Time&Effort

Great vids, well done, thanks!

ulfurfenris 2 months ago
The new Vids are great. Thx for Sharing.

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