Eon’s Presumptuous Soul Trapping Guide (18/11/16)

eons-presumptuous-soul-trapping-guide-18-11-16 article
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By: Eon
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Posted: 2 months ago, edited 1 month ago


1. An Introduction
I’ll be using tiers to separate the cards, with the following nuance to said tiers:

Tier 0: It would be criminal to ever consider soul trapping this card.

Tier 1: Absolutely solid card, a definite keep.

Tier 2: Not bad cards, they measure up to the tier ones and zeroes in power level, but just currently don’t have a place in a deck or see limited play. Soul trap at your own risk.

Tier 3: Possibly playable in some alternate reality, however, you can soul trap them fairly confidently. Fringe playable.

Tier 4: What is this card even doing in your collection?

Note that this soul trapping guide is meant to aid a competitive player’s collection building, and has no bearing if you want to make meme decks or experiment with archetypes that are still unexplored. I might add my justification for specific cards’ tiers at some point, but its time-consuming and would delay the list’s publishing too much for my liking.

Note that I’m lean on the harsher side of evaluating cards, as I feel that getting rid of bad cards (even the ones that maybe, someday will see play) would be the most beneficial to a new player who wants to build an established deck sooner rather than later.

Cards marked with a ‘^’ are tentative, given they recently got changed in a patch.

As always, Ctrl + F is your best friend!

2. Strength
Tier 0:

Burn & Pillage
Withered Hand Cultist
Earthbone Spinner

Blood Dragon

Tier 1:

Mage Slayer
Markarth Bannerman
Belligerent Giant
Lumbering Ogrim

Relentess Raider

Tier 2:

Gladiator Arena
Wrothgar Forge
Fearless Northlander
Whirling Duelist*

Vigilant Giant

Tier 3:

Child of Hircine
Alik’r Survivalist

Dremora Markynaz

Tier 4:

Blighted Alit
Grahtwood Ambusher
Dread Clannfear

Reive, Blademaster
Wood Orc Headhunter

*Only in slow Warrior decks with Daedric Dagger.

3. Intelligence
Tier 0:

Ice Storm

Daggerfall Mage
Supreme Atromancer

Tier 1:

Shimmerene Peddler

Tier 2

Dark Rift
Breton Conjurer
Balmora Spymaster
Desperate Conjuring*

Tier 3:

Keeper of Whispers
Heirloom Greatsword*
Winter’s Grasp
Master of Arms
Mages Guild Retreat

Divayth Fyr
Mentor’s Ring
Indoril Archmage
Nahkriin, Dragon Priest

Tier 4:

Moment of Clarity
Wisdom of Ancients
Dragonstar Rider
Studium Headmaster
Summerset Orrery
Ice Wraith
Brilliant Experiment

Staff of Sparks

*Only as 1 or 2 ofs, you would never run 3 in a deck.

4. Willpower
Tier 0:



Tier 1:

Pillaging Tribune

Descendant of Alkosh
Dawn’s Wrath
Miraak, Dragonborn

Tier 2

Cloudrest Illusionist
Loyal Housecarl
Pit Lion
Ravenous Hunger

Haafingar Marauder

Tier 3:

Immolating Blast
Helgen Squad Leader
Artaeum Savant
Dawnstar Healer
Spiteful Dremora
Divine Fervor

Tier 4:

Tower Alchemist
Alpha Wolf
Dagi-raht Mystic
Hero of Anvil
Imperial Might

Auroran Sentry
Renowned Legate

5. Agility
Tier 0:


Ungolim the Listener
Tazkad the Packmaster

Tier 1:

Mournhold Traitor
House Kinsman^

Tier 2

Murkwater Shaman
Giant Snake
Pahmar-raht Renegade
Smuggler’s Haul
Moonlight Werebat

Quin’ rawl Burglar
Thieves’ Den*

Tier 3:

Leafwater Blessing
Murkwater Skirmisher
Torval Crook
Elder Centaur
Green-touched Spriggan
Snowy Sabre Cat
Wild Beastcaller
Spider Lair

Necrom Mastermind

Tier 4:

Hidden Trail
Arenthia Swindler
Tenmar Swiftclaw
Camoran Scout Leader

Spider Daedra
Nest of Vipers

*Only in Pilfer Monk, which is a very expensive deck

6. Endurance
Tier 0:

Preserver of the Root
Shadowfen Priest

Bone Colossus

Tier 1:

Night’s Shadow
Hist Grove

Lucien Lachance
Blood Magic Lord

Tier 2

Illac Sorcerer
Disciple of Namira

Black Marsh Warden

Tier 3:

Flesh Atronach

Doomcraig Vampire

Tier 4:

Siege Catapult
Wrothgar Kingpin
Blackrose Herbalist
Hackwing Feather
Angry Grahl
Grim Champion
Imprisoned Deathlord
Stampeding Mammoth
Night Predator
Necromancer’s Amulet

Night Talon Lord
Iron Atronach

7. Dual Attribute
Tier 0:

Rift Thane
Thorn Histmage

Red Bramman*

Tier 1:

Edict of Azura
Master of Thieves

Allena Benoch
Queen Barenziah
General Tulius
High King Emeric

Tier 2

Sentinel Battlemace
Sadras Agent
Skywatch Vindicator

Gortwog gro-Nagorm

Tier 3:

Shornhelm Champion
Falinesti Reaver


Tier 4:

Militant Chieftain

*Totally not biased. Don’t even think of soul trapping Bramman.

8. Neutral
Tier 0:


Tier 1:

Tier 2

Stronghold Eradicator
Mechanical Ally

Mundus Stone

Tier 3:

Orb of Vaermania

Tier 4:

Stronghold Incubator
Dwarven Armanents
Halls of the Dwemer
Dwarven Centurion

9. Changelog

Lumbering Ogrim from Tier 2 to 1
Nakhkriin, Dragon Priest from Tier 1 to 3
Divine Fervor from Tier 1 to 3
Moonlight Werebat from Tier 0 to 2
House Kinsman from Tier 0 to 1
Brilliant Experiment from Tier 1 to 4


Fearless Northlander from Tier 1 to 2
Alik’r Survivalist from Tier 2 to 3
Whirling Duelist from Tier 3 to 2

Desperate Conjuring from Tier 1 to 2
Ice Wraith from Tier 3 to 4

Dawnbreaker from Tier 1 to 0
Renowned Legate from Tier 3 to 4
Ravenous Hunger from Tier 3 to 2
Immolating Blast from Tier 4 to 3

Smuggler’s Haul from Tier 3 to 2

Iron Atronach from Tier 3 to 4

Rift Thane from Tier 1 to 0
Falinesti Reaver from Tier 2 to 3
Tyr from Tier 2 to 3

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StoutPorter 2 months ago
Unless I missed something in your description, you’re missing Allena Benoch in Dual Colors and Vicious Dreugh in Neutral.

Pit lion has it’s niche in spellsword decks, and definitely not something you should be “fairly confident” dusting, at least in my opinion. If you never plan to play spellsword, then obviously go for it, but I don’t think it’s placement is logical.

1 Reply
Eon 2 months ago
Its not a very popular and risky choice in both midrange and token Spellswords, but it does see enough play to warrant a Tier 2 spot I suppose.

Flaeor 2 months ago
Great guide! What about Afflicted Alit?

TwoEagles 2 months ago
This article is tier 4.

Lol, jk.

I really like these kind of lists, thanks for the input, but of course they are always a bit controversial. So here are my personal opinions:

– imo these cards are more useful than the list above suggests (so they are not top tier but deserve a better tier imo): Vigilant Giant, Plunder, Wood Orc Headhunter (in orc decks ofc), Indoril Archmage, Necrom Mastermind (in the appropriate deck), Wrothgar Kingpin (in orc decks ofc), Shornhelm Champion, Militant Chieftain (in orc decks ofc)
– imo these cards are a bit less useful than the list above suggests: Fearless Northlander, Gladiator’s Arena, Wrothgar Forge (extremely slow)

I want to point out again that it is a matter of preference. Thanks again for the article!

1 Reply
Eon 2 months ago
Vigiliant Giant is already Tier 2, which is as powerful as tier 1 and 0, but just not played much, if he sees more play he’s def a tier one card.

I haven’t seen Plunder be played at all, and while it looks like it might have potential, I can’t recommend a keep right now.

The Orc cards would all be good if Orcs were good, unfortunately that is far, far from the case at the moment, and it doesn’t look like its going to get better anytime soon.

Shornhelm Champion is a great value card, its just simply too slow atm though, it’s very possible he’ll see a move up once the meta shifts.

Fearless Northlander is just a great value minion, it frequently competes with Withered Hand Cultist in red lists, but the lists that want spells will take this everyday instead. 5 Health is also extremely relevant against Intelligence burn, which is abound right now.

Gladiator’s Arena is an excellent hate card against control mage, and its good reach against slower decks in general too, as in those matchups it burns your opponent and draws you cards by popping your own runes.

Wrothgar Forge was moved up at slw’s request. He insisted that Wrothgar Forge does see play in a top legend archer list, so it’s currently at tier 2.

Thank you for your detailed and reasonable reply, I get your points…

Eon wrote:
Its not a very popular and risky choice in both midrange and token Spellswords, but it does see enough play to warrant a Tier 2 spot I suppose.

I wouldn’t call it not very popular, when just casually clicking through the first half of the first page of decks, 8 of them use at least 1. Not trying to start an argument or anything of that nature, just my two cents. In the majority of games that you maintain relative control over, there’s rarely a time that you won’t be able to pull the card, and there are many cases that allow it to easily be brought out even if previous conditions were unfavorable.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Lee Weldon 2 months ago
I would lean on the more conservative side of this, I can think of a lot of uses even for some of your tier 4 list.

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