Tips against Scouts

tips-against-scouts Thread
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Golzdoven 4 weeks ago
Can anyone help me against the control version of scout, i always lose because of odahviing, consecutives blood magic lords and hist grove.

Have you any midrange deck not so expensive that can handle this decks.




janfes 2 weeks ago
Go aggro and kill them early. Plenty of battlemage, archer or warrior decks etc can go face early.

There are some amazing warrior and battlemage decks with stoneshard orc that are really effective ATM.

What deck are you playing?

Golzdoven 1 week ago
Ok thanks man i will try to do my best, i will play some aggro crusader because i like wildpower and force.

mrhavko 1 week ago
I had great succes against scouts with my aggro action mage, lot of face dmg with spells, so u wont have to worry of guars or removals when it comes to late game. But yea any aggro can do the trick.

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