Arouse or Revie Card ?

arouse-or-revie-card Thread
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ulfurfenris 1 month ago

I see first Time a purple Card that Arouse or Revive 2 Creatures from Pile of me and Pile of my Opponent for 2 Magika (Legendary)!
Was so perplexed that i forgot to make a Screenshot.
I dont find this Card in Cardlist and not in Collection for Draft.

Anyone see this Card again in an Game?

Thx for Feedback


DarkVaati 1 month ago
It is one of the blood magic spells that Blood Magic Lord can randomly generate.

Hello DarkVaati.

Ahhh thx for Answer. Where i can see all Blood Magic Spells?
Very interessting :)

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DarkVaati 1 month ago
I don’t know of any image source for the Blood Magic spells, but if I’m not mistaken they all cost 2 magicka and their approximate text is:

– Shackle all enemy creatures in one lane
– Deal 5 damage and gain 5 health
– For each lane, summon a random creature that died this game
– 5/5 Gargoyle with guard (creature)

Thx for Info :)

Okay i need a new Vampire :)

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