The best way to start building one’s collection

the-best-way-to-start-building-ones-collection Thread
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SMOrc666 1 week ago
Hi there, i’m playing TESL for 3 days or so.
So far i’ve completed the story mode, played 2 solo arenas (9-2 and 9-1) and 2 versus arenas (0-3 and 0-1; i do have some experience with Hearthstone if 3000+ arena wins count as that; either i don’t understand something but the versus one seems to be even more SMOrcish compared to current HS ladder). Managed to pull together some makeshift spellsword deck that can win some games in the ladder and accumulate ~800 soul gems.

Does anyone have some advice what would be the best (gold/time-effective) course without spending money – buy packs, play solo arena, try to improve in versus, something else?


DarkVaati 1 week ago
Hi there!

I’ve been playing ESL for exactly three months now. I’m currently sitting at around 80% in-game collection completion (75% real completion, according to this page’s manager) and 8k+ soul gems waiting to be spent in this new season. I’ve only spent money in the 5€/$5 Welcome Pack available in the lower right corner of the in-game menu, which is almost identical to that of Hearthstone and I definitely recommend to acquire if you’re enjoying the game.

You might have already noticed that the game is actually pretty rewarding in terms of cards and gems, so I wouldn’t worry too much on building your collection. The most efficient way to invest your gold, as in HS, is avoiding card packs and playing Arena mode, either Solo or Versus. I’d definitely start with Solo Arena due to being much easier to exploit, and because along the way you’ll have the chance to experiment with different cards and refine your knowledge of the game. Keep in mind, however, that the AI playstyle is quite different from that of real players, so you’ll need to adjust your strategies accordingly.

Once you reach Rank 1 you’ll stop receiving the extra 50 gold Rank-Up reward, so I’d focus on Versus Arena, which IMHO is far more entertaining. An average 4-to-5-win run in VS Arena typically gives you 50-80 gold, 2 card packs and a couple of random rewards (random cards, soul gems or even a third pack), whereas a 7 win run gives you full gold refund, 3 packs and a random reward. As you see, this is the best way to get packs, since on average you end up getting them much cheaper.

Another option that many players exploit is just playing Practice Mode against the AI for soul gems. You earn 15 gems per win in expert difficulty, and that amount stacks up to a daily maximum of 300 gems (20 wins). Personally, I don’t care so much about farming as to even consider wasting my time this way, but according to what I’ve seen in the ESL subreddit most players do so. At least it’s good to know, I guess.

SMOrc666 1 week ago
DarkVaati, thank you for detailed explanation! I’d probably try to play more solo arenas for the time being and save some gold before trying versus one again. Already bought that 5 euro value pack as its very “tasty” for its cost.

As for the arena, it seems all but one of my opponents were agility/xxx classes with a relatively low curve (i’ve picked my cards in more hearthstone-ish way, with like 30-35% of deck being 4-drops and trying to balance offensive/defensive stats) and killed me pretty fast. 3 out of 6 were also lucky to pick that support which gives all creatures pilfer +1/+1.

So i guess assassin in versus arena here is the op class, like that Jaina in hearthstone…

c0ghead 1 week ago
Arena is definetely the way to go if you want to build a large collection quickly, reddit user on Solo Arena strategy, I definitely recommend that you read it.

I used to play HS too, but the RNG meta made me quit the game even before I knew about ESL and the hardest part for me to get was the lane control and rune breaking. Since I mostrly played zoo in HS I got the hang of controlling the lane pretty quickly but rune breaking is so context-dependant that it is hard to do right.

Leveling Up and getting the 3-win bonuses make it very easy to build a solid collection even if you are not farming gems. You also get 2 free legendaries according to your chosen race, check this guide out for more info on that.

DarkVaati 1 week ago
Yeah, I forgot to mention that you’ll receive 2 free legendaries and several epics as you level up, depending on your current avatar. The legendaries are given at level 24 and 32, respectively, so you should keep it mind as you get near those milestones and think about which avatar do you want to use to try to get what you need. Breton, Argonian, Imperial and High Elf are probably the most appealing choices.

As for VS Arena strategies… Well, I learned on my way, but blue and green are definitely the best colors to choose, because there are many valuable common and rare cards, as well as powerful prophecies. Yellow is also quite good in my opinion, due to Piercing Javelin being common. My favorite choices are Assassin, Mage, Scout and Sorcerer, and if possible I try to build a deck containing about 6-to-8 [2](or lower), [3] and [4] picks, and 4-to-6 [5] and [6+] picks. The math doesn’t always work, but the curve should definitely peak at 2-4 magicka.

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Alip Jana 6 days ago
Hey thanks..I am also a new player. Total newbie. Reached like lvl9 today. I have been playing the default scout deck. Its pretty cool but doesnt have much aoe removal cards. I like the green decks due to the lethal cards and the endurance cards are pretty cool for long fights. How good are scout decks compared to assassin or sorcerer? Finally how do u suggest I play with a scout, socerer and archer decks?

MightyGorgon 1 week ago
Welcome to the community!

My advice is exactly what DarkVaati said! Solo Arena –> Versus Arena –> constructed. Try to craft as few cards as possible (it is very hard to resist) and if any, craft only legendaries (this is very hard too since there are a lot of must-have epics), because you may get the missing cards while grinding.

But the most important rule: have fun and enjoy the game!

SMOrc666 6 days ago
Thanks for the hints, i’ve already found that guide plus legendary crafting list.
Don’t know if i did the right thing, but i’ve crafted Odahviing, being kinda fan of the dragons in HS and Deathwing in particular.
Then played 3 games in casual for quest and got this:

Paly_Noob 6 days ago

I can’t stress ^this^ enough. Unfortunately I didn’t know this at the time and changed my avatar to Wood Elf because I liked the in-game emotes. Ended up getting the G/R legendary, arguably the worst of the 2-color legendaries. I did hear a rumor that she might be getting a buff, so that might make it a little less painful.

Alip Jana 5 days ago
I have a assassin deck with which I have been doing pretty well. What avatar do you suggest should I keep for the legendary?

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DarkVaati 5 days ago
Despite what Paly_Noob said, Ungolim the Listener is an autoinclude in any deck containing green and you have a 50% chance of getting him for free if you choose a Wood Elf avatar. The only other Wood Elf legend is Allena Benoch, which I personally don’t find so awful for midrange archer.

However, if you don’t want to take the risk, you might consider Breton. I don’t know what kind of Assassin deck do you play, but Supreme Atromancer and Daggerfall Mage are just great blue cards for many decks; you may also receive High King Emeric, which is limited to Sorcerer decks, but it’s still a great card to have.

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