Legendary Crafting Tier List

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By: Nittany
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Posted: 4 months ago, edited 4 months ago
1. Introduction
Hey all, thought I would start a list that would be primarily for people that have limited crafting resources and want to get the most value per craft. Keep in mind that this list is constantly a work in progress and I am super open to hearing anyone’s thoughts about it. I’ll start off by saying solid Legendaries (one attribute), have more value than dual attribute Legendaries because you won’t be restraining yourself to a particular archetype right off the bat, this applies especially to new players. I’ll rate the Legendaries in terms of priority : HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW.

HIGH tier cards are the strongest individual crafts, especially if you are new to the attribute and don’t have many supporting cards.
MEDIUM tier cards require more synergy from other cards.
LOW tier cards are very niche in comparison and require full deck synergy.

Cards marked with an asterisk * are granted to you for free (1 copy) via level up rewards.

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2. Strength
Blood Dragon (Versatile in Aggro/Midrange Archer & Crusader)
Vigilant Giant* (Solid Midrange closer)


Reive, Blademaster

3. Intelligence
All archetypes
Daggerfall Mage (Tremendous utility, usable in various decks)
Supreme Atromancer* (Midrange/control)

Indoril Archmage
Divayth Fyr
Nahkriin, Dragon Priest

Mentor’s Ring
Staff of Sparks

4. Willpower
5. Agility

Tazkad the Packmaster (Undisputed value, gold standard versatility)
Ungolim the Listener (Early tempo with added late game value)

Necrom Mastermind
Quin’rawl Burglar*

Thieves’ Den
Nest of Vipers
Spider Daedra

6. Endurance

Lucien Lachance (Makes the cut whether token or value based deck)
Nahagliiv (Control staple)
Blood Magic Lord* (^)

Black Marsh Warden
Bone Colossus
Iron Atronach

Night Talon Lord*

7. Dual Attribute
All archetypes.

WillpowerEndurance General Tullius (The midrange/control token style decks take advantage of this effect making it extremely synergistic and vital for the Spellsword class)
Willpower Ayrenn (The most action heavy decks reside in the Mage class, Ayrenn enables card efficiency and combo turns while fueling a win condition in Lillandril Hexmage)
Endurance High King Emeric (Fills the notable 6 drop void for Sorcerers in addition to providing target damage for the ward heavy minion-trading class)

WillpowerAgility Ahnassi (Covers the main weakness of Monk decks which is Guard/Ward spam but just misses High prio because the true workhorse in Monk decks is Master of Thieves, Ahnassi is the icing not the cake)
AgilityEndurance Red Bramman (The control heavy Scout class has several options at 7-9 Magicka and the effect is potentially swingy if landed on 2+ targets)
Agility Queen Barenziah (This card has a very swingy effect and can actually turn games if used correctly. Assassins have the best Last Gasp synergy in the game and it isn’t an issue to get 2+ minions to stick)
Endurance Gortwog gro-Nagorm (Surprisingly a good addition to Warrior decks which are generally Aggro/Midrange in nature as of now, snowballs board power and demands removal)

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Merric-at-Aswala (Highly volatile, boom or bust. The issue is landing this on the right board state – on Turn 7, Battlemages generally don’t have a way for making things stick, but the card has potential down the road)
Willpower Tyr* (Very standard, it won’t make or break the Crusader decks, there are many other options if not included; there’s a reason why this one is free folks)
Agility Allena Benoch (A cool card with an interesting effect, the problem is that Archer has absolutely no need for it in the current state, especially with something as dominant as Triumphant Jarl)

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You didn’t do one for neutrals? There’s some good ones out there like Odahviing.
Is this still viable?
1 Reply
Sleepmind 3 weeks ago
Yes, except nahkriin now in tier 3.
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