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By: Pyrius
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Posted: 6 days ago, edited 4 days ago
1. Ranked Play
Hello everybody,

in this thread I´d like to share some basic information about Ranked Play.

Basics about ranks:
There are 12 ranks represented by different constellations, each containing a certain amount of stars.

New players always start at rank 12.

Ranking up:
Whenever you win a game in ranked mode the win will grant you 1 star on your way to reach the next constellation.

From time to time there are bonus matches. Winning these will grant you 2 stars.

The Ranks:
These are the 12 constellations / ranks to climb before finally reaching Legend:

The Ritual (Rank 12, Stars: 7)

The Lover (Rank 11, Stars: 4)

The Lord (Rank 10, Stars: 4)

The Mage (Rank 9, Stars: 7)

The Shadow (Rank 8, Stars: 5)

The Steed (Rank 7, Stars: 5)

The Apprentice (Rank 6, Stars: 5)

The Warrior (Rank 5, Stars: 7)

The Lady (Rank 4, Stars: 6)

The Tower (Rank 3, Stars: 6)

The Atronach (Rank 2, Stars: 6)

The Thief (Rank 1, Stars: 7)

Losing stars:
Until you reach Rank 9 (The Mage) losing a ranked match does not lose you stars.

After you´ve reached Rank 9 (The Mage) losing a ranked match will lose you 1 star.

Even if you lose a game with only one star in a rank you won´t fall back to a rank below.
Instead you will fall back to The Serpent Rank (you can´t fall out of The Serpent Rank).

MIlestone Ranks:
There are 3 “milestone” ranks. Rank 9 (The Mage), Rank 5 (The Warrior) and Rank 1 (The Thief).

Reaching these ranks means:

  • Each “milestone” rank grants you one copy of the end of season reward card.

End of Season Rank reset:
At the end of a month a season ends and a new one begins. Your rank will be set back a few ranks (exact number of ranks you will be set back might differ from rank to rank)

Right now I´m compiling a list about that. Any input of end of season rank (and amount of stars in rank) and new season rank (and amount of stars in rank) is welcome.

Ranked rewards:
In addition to the end of season reward card you will be rewardes with a certain amount of Gold and/or Soul Gems.

Right now I´m compiling a list of ranked rewards. Any input of the rewarded Gold and/or Soul Gems at a certain rank (and the amount of stars in the rank) is welcome.

History of ranked reward cards:
March 2016: Mages Guild Retreat (added by Yerouch over in the official Bethesda forums) [20.08.2016]
April 2016: Withered Hand Cultist (added by Yerouch over in the official Bethesda forums) [20.08.2016]
May 2016: Staff of Sparks (added by Yerouch over in the official Bethesda forums) [20.08.2016]
June 2016: Plunder (added by Yerouch over in the official Bethesda forums) [20.08.2016]
***** Reset after end of closed Beta *****
July 2016: Dagi-raht Mystic

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Thanks for the input!

A bit off-topic, but I have a question concerning the Arena (Solo and Versus, but mainly Versus) ranks that might interest someone else too: is there a reset at the end of the season in the Arena ranks too? If yes, then I think that on the in-game profile page the best Arena rank option is missing (it can show you only your all-time best constructed rank, or at least I think so). And if the rank resets after every season, then are there rewards for reaching a specific Arena rank?

Thanks again!

Pyrius 4 days ago
Hi there,

Unfortunately I don´t know if / how ranks in Arena will be resetted.
I´m pretty sure one of the developers said in one of the last streams in July that ther should be some kind of reset in Arena ranks. But at least end of July Arena ranks were not resetted.

So let´s see what happens end of August…

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