Deck List

deck-list-403 Deck
2 Shadow Shift
1 Ungolim the Listener
3 Fighters Guild Recruit
2 Hist Speaker
3 Murkwater Witch
3 Thieves Guild Recruit
3 Wind Keep Spellsword
3 Crushing Blow
2 Tree Minder
3 Varanis Courier
3 Black Marsh Warden
3 Preserver of the Root
3 Leaflurker
3 Shadowfen Priest
3 Thorn Histmage
3 Chaurus Reaper
1 Nahagliiv
3 Blood Magic Lord
1 Red Bramman
1 Tazkad the Packmaster
1 Odahviing

[High Legend in-depth Guide] BuffTucker’s Scout

2 [card]Shadow Shift[/card]
1 [card]Ungolim the Listener[/card]
3 [card]Fighters Guild Recruit[/card]
2 [card]Hist Speaker[/card]
3 [card]Murkwater Witch[/card]
3 [card]Thieves Guild Recruit[/card]
3 [card]Wind Keep Spellsword[/card]
3 [card]Crushing Blow[/card]
2 [card]Tree Minder[/card]
3 [card]Varanis Courier[/card]
3 [card]Black Marsh Warden[/card]
3 [card]Preserver of the Root[/card]
3 [card]Leaflurker[/card]
3 [card]Shadowfen Priest[/card]
3 [card]Thorn Histmage[/card]
3 [card]Chaurus Reaper[/card]
1 [card]Nahagliiv[/card]
3 [card]Blood Magic Lord[/card]
1 [card]Red Bramman[/card]
1 [card]Tazkad the Packmaster[/card]
1 [card]Odahviing[/card]
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endurance agility
Scout deck
50 cards
1 Shadow Shift 2

Shadow Shift

1 Ungolim the Listener 1

Ungolim the Listener

2 Fighters Guild Recruit 3

Fighters Guild Recruit

2 Hist Speaker 2

Hist Speaker

2 Murkwater Witch 3

Murkwater Witch

2 Thieves Guild Recruit 3

Thieves Guild Recruit

2 Wind Keep Spellsword 3

Wind Keep Spellsword

3 Crushing Blow 3

Crushing Blow

3 Tree Minder 2

Tree Minder

3 Varanis Courier 3

Varanis Courier

4 Black Marsh Warden 3

Black Marsh Warden

4 Preserver of the Root 3

Preserver of the Root

5 Leaflurker 3


5 Shadowfen Priest 3

Shadowfen Priest

5 Thorn Histmage 3

Thorn Histmage

7 Chaurus Reaper 3

Chaurus Reaper

7 Nahagliiv 1


9 Blood Magic Lord 3

Blood Magic Lord

9 Red Bramman 1

Red Bramman

9 Tazkad the Packmaster 1

Tazkad the Packmaster

12 Odahviing 1



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By: BuffTucker
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Posted: 3 months ago
Updated: 3 months ago
Outdated (Beta patch)
Crafting Cost: 19500crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.


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Gameplay Guide:

You basically want to mulligan for two-drops and Ungolim the Listener. Always keep Wind Keep Spellsword. When going first, keeping Hist Speaker is a good idea, when going second, you only want to keep Hist Speaker together with a three-drop or two two-drops. You can then play Hist Speaker on Turn 1 and the other two two-drops on turn two, giving you a nice tempo advantage. The four-drops are not worth keeping, even with Hist Speaker.
During Mulligan, you have to evaluate the matchup and put together your gameplan and set your game’s pace. Against aggressive decks you have to go a little quicker than against control decks. In a slower game you want to keep Thieves Guild Recruit over most other twodrops and do not want to keep murkwater witch (unless you expect yellow/blue to open with Brutal Ashlander and are willing to take a 50:50. Against aggressive matchups it is great to keep Varanis Courier if you already have a two-drop, in a slower matchups you rather want to keep Tree Minder. Always replace the following cards: Shadow Shift, Crushing Blow when going first and every card with cost above 3.

Early Game:
When going first, always open in the field lane. There is no need for you to start playing shadow. Your goal in the early game is basically to not fall behind. You don’t need to get ahead and make unvaforable trades, just to get ahead at all cost. You will outvalue most decks in the later midgame and lategame, so just focus on staying in the game and on board. Don’t be afraid to leave a small creature in the shadow lane unanswered, as long as it is not a snowbally one. Having one or two runes triggered is not a bad thing. Also try focusing your game on one lane to force your opponent to answer your drops – always look for a good reason to play the shadow lane. If you cannot find a really good one, it is most likely better to play field lane.

This is where you start ramping up with cards like Thorn Histmage and a spread-in Tree Minder, which rarely is a turn three play in faster matchups. Focus on cycling through your deck and staying on board. Don’t be over aggressive, there is no reason to. Try playing the value game. If you can go for a value trade and keep up with tempo, it is most likely right to do so. The deck runs 18 taunts and is therefore pretty resilient against midrange aggression, as long as you managed to keep up in the early game. Against controldecks, this is where you want to be the aggressor and make them have answers to your play, Against aggro and midrange you will want to stay defensive and make them burn some resources. You will eventually get to be the aggressor in the lategame – if you get there without being too far behind.

This is where this deck truly shines. You will most likely enter the lategame before your opponent does, leaving you with the opportunity to play bigger stuff every turn. If you have not fallen behind in the midgame, you can go ahead and be the aggressor right here. If you did indeed fall behind, you can stabilize the board with many great cards like Red Bramman, Nahagliiv, Chaurus Reaper and tempo plays like Preserver of the root and Shadow Shift. Don’t be afraid to use Tazkad the Packmaster as a spotremoval, because you do have enough other finishers like the Blood Magic Lords and Odahviing.

Card explanations:

Shadow Shift:
One of the most underrated cards in this game. Apart fromt the fact, that this card cycles for 1 Magicka, which is insanely strong in every card game, it offers a very unique ability that people do not expect. Shadow Shift allows you to turn an even or slightly unfavoured boardstate into your advantage. Swapping lanes has great utility – put that together with a cheap cycle? Yes, please!

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Hist Speaker and Tree Minder:
I only run two Hist Speakers because they are the least powerful of the two-drops and I don’t want to dilute my curve. The Tree Minders have been cut and put back into this list multiple times due to the overwhelming amount of midrange archers on ladder. Because of the latest nerfs, the amount of archer midrange decks has decreased lately. Against archers, House Kindsman is simply the better card to keep up with life totals during midgame. In a control heavier meta and in the mirror matchup, Tree Minder is almost always the better pick for ramp decks.

Varanis Courier:
I feel like this card is just too good not to play. 3 Magicka 1/3 Taunt which cycles itself is just really strong. It helps a lot against spellsword token and other aggro decks. Also enables Leaflurker.

Black Marsh Warden:
This card is, hands down, one of the most underrated cards in this game right now. People might not have tested it a lot, since the open beta is quite young, but this card is gin. Even on curve it often produces two or more tokens, which is not bad. But this guy really shines when you have seven or more Magicka – which almost always happens in turn five or six. A 4 Magicka 2/2 which pops a 3/3 every turn is very strong in board focused games like you play them in a midrange matchup. This card really feels like a “hidden” gem right now.

Moonlight Werebat:
Certainly a very strong card. I would run two copies as my 51st and 52nd card, but I have to make some cuts and prefer Black Marsh Warden over Moonlight Werebats in my four-slot. Werebats do from time to time appear in my list, as I sometimes rotate them with Shadow Shifts or Tree Minders.

Thorn Histmage:
This card is really strong for the purpose of this deck: Get ahead in Magicka and keep the board more of less even why you do so. Histmages enable to you enter the lategame earlier than your opponent and still offer a good body with guard against faster decks.

Chaurus Reaper:
Just a good card. Helps stabilize the board if you have fallen behind and helps the overall gameplan of ramp decks. People often overlook those pesky Reapers.

Blood Magic Lord:
I ran only two copies for a long time but decided that the heavier curve is not much of a problem in this deck. So I took a third one for consistency reasons. This card really helps finishing close games, especially if you drop it in your 11 mana turn (often turn 8 or 9) alongside it’s Blood Magic Spell.

Finish Off:
This is not a bad card at all, but this deck just cannot fit it in. Since it runs three Leaflurkers, you can very well cut Finish Offs. You also don’t have as many activators like for example midrange hunter decks do, which sometimes leads to ugly 2-for-1 trades for you. Leaflurker can help advoiding that by having the same effect, but leaving a 4/3 body on board. That often means you can trade 2-for-2. Leaflurker in my opinion is broken, as it is way undercosted.

Bone Colossus:
I believe this card is overrated outside of tokenbased decks. It does set up a nice board and a good mana-to-stats ratio, but Chaurus Reaper is more versatile and helps you catch back up. Bone Collosus is a win-more card – and therefore should be run in decks that can be expected to be ahead on turn 7 most of the times, which ramp decks are not.

Odahviing over Iron Atronach:
Leaflurker or Mantikora are virtually in 80% of the legend rank decks right now and if your Atronach gets killed liked that, you lose a lot of tempo and most likely also the game. Odahviing on the other hand also helps a lot finishing longer games. I prefer finishers to have an immediate impact on the board, before they are removed by a random ping + Leaflurker. Odavhiing just servers that purpose better. Iron Atronach might become the prefered pick against a shifted meta. Maybe you can even be greedy and run both, although I don’t recommend that. Cut a Blood Magic Lord if you decide to do so.

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Ungolim the Listener:
Overall this is a card that I feel is not worth crafting. It is considered one of the two best one-drops, but I think it is very much cutable from this decklist. If you don’t find this in your opening hand, you will often not have enough time to play it in the midgame, resulting in an inefficient card. Ungolim’s value also heavily decreases towards the end of the match, because it is a horrible card to draw while being in a scenario with not many cards left in both hands. I still run Ungolim, because it sometimes wins games. Drop it on turn 1 and draw one of the assassins in turn three or four? GGWP, you got this. Overall, Ungolim might not make the cut into a perfectly refined ramp deck in the future of Elder Scrolls Legends.

Honorable mentions:

Lucien Lachance and Cliff Racer:
Those two, especially if run together, are both great cards. Lachance is very strong against slower decks or decks you can get ahead on board against. Turn 4 Lachance into Turn 5 Cliff Racer is devastating. The Racer itself is a good control card and can remove annoying stuff pretty easily.

I tested this card a lot. Like really. A lot. Played it in different decks and archetypes and it heavily underperformed for me. Mummify is pretty situational and does often lead to ugly situations you don’t really want to be in. Not getting it prophecied more often than not results in a tempo loss, unless you manage to get some of those best-case-scenarios and mummify one of their big drops while being able to develop your board in the same turn. Overall it is too inconsistent for me, which ultimately led to a cut.

Deadly Draugr:
A 1 Magicka 1/1, even with lethal, is vulnerable to so many cards in this meta right now that it is just not worth running. Brutal Ashlander, Murkwater Witch, Sharpshooter Scout, Scouting Patrol, Deathless Draugr and literally every single target or AoE ping from midrange hunter make this card just too easy to answer. If you run this, I heavily recommend cutting it for whatever your curve needs.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section and also to check out my other high legend decks.

Shoutout to Justin Larson, the base of this deck was inspired by his justinlarson’s Red Bramman Sails Again 

– also check out his for great content.

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Cenation 3 months ago
Are there budget replacements for Odavhing and the Blood Magic Lords?

1 Reply
BuffTucker 3 months ago
Quin’rawl Burglar and Cliff Racers are great, if you have the other lategame creatures. Also Swamp Leviathan is a good enough card for lower ranked play. If you want to play budget Scout on higher ranks, I recommend playing a more midrange version with Young Mammoths, House Kinsmans and Haunting Spirits in the three-drop slot and Deshaan Avengers and Archein Elites as four-drops. Your curve should then end at Chaurus Reaper or (if you have him) Tazkad.

Eulogyi 3 months ago
On paper I like this more than the usual $cout decklists. Hist Speaker and Shadow Shift are the only cards that I’m slightly sceptical about. What do you think of Dragontail Savior ? Seems quite good for reestablishing early board control as it trades favourably with anything your opponent might’ve played beforehand.

1 Reply
BuffTucker 3 months ago
I did actually test Dragontail Savior in a more midrangey version of this deck and it performed pretty well. Really liked it. I can imagine picking it over the Hist Speakers to have an additional (statwise) strong two-drop together with Wind Keep Spellsword.

F4lcon4rrow 3 months ago
why no Night Talon Lord ??

3 Replies
BuffTucker 3 months ago
Night Talon Lord is just too slow. Blood Magic Lord is way way way better and his spells also help recovering the board aswell as finishing the game. Night Talon Lord most likely won’t be able to attack anything.

F4lcon4rrow 3 months ago
what are his blood magic spells ??

BuffTucker 3 months ago

Looks great! Love the innovation here. Keep it up!

Nemerra 3 months ago
Hello. Thanks for the write-up. I have everything except the 3x Wardens (I have 0 Wardens). What would be the best replacement for the moment in your opinion ? (3x Moonlight Werebats ?)

2 Replies
Rancord 3 months ago
Im not the OP, but deshan Avenger is pretty good 4 drop, that sticks

BuffTucker 3 months ago
Agree. Deshaan Avenger is a pretty solid replacement. Moonlight Werebat also is an option.

Haze 2 months ago
Seems interesting to me. I like to sub the mummify because as you said it is not as good as it is for the moment being. In my list which I did 11-2 on rank 5 and 4 I play 2 cliffs racer and it works pretty well tbh. I might try the shadow shift sounds good to me. I’m really sceptical for the courier. The more I tested it the more i’ve been deceived by it. Sure it cycles itself and enable leaflurker but I think that there are other cards that might fit better in this kind of list like cliff racer for example. This card helps you controlling the board as long as getting an another reach to finish off the game with tazkad and crushing blow

2 Replies
BuffTucker 2 months ago
Cliff Racers are great. I run them for further testing right now and they are doing pretty well.

Varanis Courier helps this deck against control decks because it is not a dead draw like Tree Minder is most of the time past turn seven or eight. It also provides a good body versus archer midrange decks, because you will often struggle to find good activators for Leaflurker and Courier is the best card in your deck for that purpose. But I agree that e.g. House Kinsman is a good replacement.
I would not replace them 1:1 with Cliff Racers because of curve issues. Leaving only Tree Minders and Crushing Blows as three-drops might be a little inconsistent – cutting a five-drop or a Blood Magic Lord for another three-drop seems fine, tho.

Haze 2 months ago
In my list I run 2 kinsman and 2 cliffs because I still don’t have 3 black marsh and a second BLM. But I’m not sure about really wanting the third black marsh. As far as I tested it, it is doing good but not miraculously well. Against aggro its some kind of a dead card because on turn 4 it won’t be able to trade a lot of things. Gonna do some changes this week end. Pretty sure that is good not to sub it because against control it forces the opponent to react asap.

Djebel 2 months ago
This actually my favourite deck in the game, ofc i do some minour changes to fit the meta but the base it’s yours (and from Justinlarson obviously). I’m pretty newie in this game and (probably for this) it’s hard to me using correctly the shadow shift (indeed of the supervaluable draw), most of times it’s a dead card on my hand expecting to get his moment and, finally, used just as draw to cycle, some tips to use better his effect?

Thanks a lot for your accured guide it’s didactic and really interesting, nice job :)

chedwin 2 months ago
I used this deck to get through much of rank as soon as I can craft the essential parts, but I want to propose some changes from my own testing:

-2 Magic Lords
-2 Hist Speakers
-1 Black Marsh Warden
+2 Archein Venomtongue
+1 Lucien Lachance
+2 Echanted Plate

My additions basically help me maintain board during early and late game, Echanted Armor cycles the cards and makes trades, Venomtongue can ramp, Lachance helps me against token decks and also sponge up removals with the threats it builds to pave way into the late games.

Mhantra 2 months ago
Agree on Mummify. Basically, to me, it only belongs in a deep control deck. I run a Spellsword Control, and have two of them, and when paired with 3x javelin, 3x Edict and 3x Shadowfen Priest, I can seriously derail anything with large and/or value minions.

That being said, it sure hurts vs small minion agro decks. Sometimes you are changing their 1/1 that does 2 to your face into a 2/2…not much of a downgrade for them lol.

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