Deck List

deck-list-238 Deck
1 Aldmeri Patriot
3 Brutal Ashlander
3 Firebolt
3 Scouting Patrol
3 Crystal Tower Crafter
3 Ice Spike
3 Shimmerene Peddler
3 Soul Split
3 Artaeum Savant
3 Crushing Blow
3 Eastmarch Crusader
3 Slaughterfish Spawning
3 Elusive Schemer
3 Imperial Reinforcements
3 Lightning Bolt
2 War Cry
2 Piercing Javelin
3 Golden Saint

Legend Budget Aggro Mage

1 [card]Aldmeri Patriot[/card]
3 [card]Brutal Ashlander[/card]
3 [card]Firebolt[/card]
3 [card]Scouting Patrol[/card]
3 [card]Crystal Tower Crafter[/card]
3 [card]Ice Spike[/card]
3 [card]Shimmerene Peddler[/card]
3 [card]Soul Split[/card]
3 [card]Artaeum Savant[/card]
3 [card]Crushing Blow[/card]
3 [card]Eastmarch Crusader[/card]
3 [card]Slaughterfish Spawning[/card]
3 [card]Elusive Schemer[/card]
3 [card]Imperial Reinforcements[/card]
3 [card]Lightning Bolt[/card]
2 [card]War Cry[/card]
2 [card]Piercing Javelin[/card]
3 [card]Golden Saint[/card]
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Mage deck
50 cards
1 Aldmeri Patriot 1

Aldmeri Patriot

1 Brutal Ashlander 3

Brutal Ashlander

1 Firebolt 3


1 Scouting Patrol 3

Scouting Patrol

2 Crystal Tower Crafter 3

Crystal Tower Crafter

2 Ice Spike 3

Ice Spike

2 Shimmerene Peddler 3

Shimmerene Peddler

2 Soul Split 3

Soul Split

3 Artaeum Savant 3

Artaeum Savant

3 Crushing Blow 3

Crushing Blow

3 Eastmarch Crusader 3

Eastmarch Crusader

3 Slaughterfish Spawning 3

Slaughterfish Spawning

4 Elusive Schemer 3

Elusive Schemer

4 Imperial Reinforcements 3

Imperial Reinforcements

4 Lightning Bolt 3

Lightning Bolt

4 War Cry 2

War Cry

5 Piercing Javelin 2

Piercing Javelin

6 Golden Saint 3

Golden Saint


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Mulligan: Going first look for only 1-drops (not firebolt) and keep Tower Crafter or Soul Split if you have a 2-drop. Going second, look for 1-drops, Tower Crafter, Soul Split if you have a 1-drop, and possibly a Slaughterfish or Artaeum if you have a curve.

General Strategy: This is an aggro deck and a good chunk of your wins will come on or before turn 7 so try to play with that in mind. Get board control early, push chip damage, finish off with a big burst from War Cry or burn spells. If an opponent tries to race you, let them, they’ll draw you cards which lets you abuse your spell synergy and removal to win the race.

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