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Legendary Orc Deck: Garnag’s Dark Company

3 [card]Covenant Marauder[/card]
2 [card]Dragontail Savior[/card]
2 [card]Fharun Defender[/card]
3 [card]Graystone Ravager[/card]
3 [card]Orc Clan Captain[/card]
3 [card]Orc Clan Shaman[/card]
2 [card]Wrothgar Kingpin[/card]
3 [card]Battlerage Orc[/card]
3 [card]Chieftain’s Banner[/card]
3 [card]Morkul Gatekeeper[/card]
3 [card]Mummify[/card]
2 [card]Shield Breaker[/card]
3 [card]Stoneshard Orc[/card]
3 [card]Bangkorai Butcher[/card]
1 [card]Garnag, Dark Adherent[/card]
3 [card]Marauder Chieftain[/card]
3 [card]Militant Chieftain[/card]
2 [card]Sower of Revenge[/card]
3 [card]Wood Orc Headhunter[/card]
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By: Lazy_As_Khajit
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Posted: 2 years ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 11500crystal-2075620
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A noob-friendly guide to how make your orcs legendary!

A good, well-balanced aggro deck that capable to survive most of mass removals and sustain pressure of attack, even if board does gets clean.


    – One of the best tribals in game, they have best synergy among all tribals.
  • – Some of the orcs can grow to quite a large size in terms of power, outperforming creatures with higher magicka cost.
    – Lots of orcs in deck, consider to be one of best aggro creatures in game.
    – Well rounded aggro. Fast with good number of small, but cheap creatures and also beefier ones, that would be hard to remove. Lots of “breakthrough” and big number of buffers.
    – Beefy creatures+ Banner can provide protection against board wipes, with help of Headhunter can finish weakened opponent fast in late game.
    – Does have some protection against control with Garnag and optionally Dushnikh Yal Archer.


  • – Because deck reliance on synergy, sometimes you’ll have to prioritize protecting your creatures rather than yourself. Or damage potential can be lost.
    – Orcs are not slow, but they are not the fastest aggro deck.
    – In doing damage orcs rely on each other, so they struggle against deck with lots of removals. Especially if opponent targets one of the powerhose of the deck.
    – Decks with lot’s of silences, specifically in “endurance” color, can hurt damage potential of orcs.
    – Orcs can struggle against decks with lots of healing. Be careful against Spellswords and Crusaders.
    – They can outperform other aggro and some mid-range decks in late game, but most of control deck would probably beat them at that point.

Overall this Orc build are a good balanced deck in terms of speed and survivability. it’s in the middle between aggro and mid-range decks. Now let’s go to cards and their roles.


Generally, you can divide all orcs in 2 categories: good orc cards that play in lots of aggro decks, and orc cards that can be only played in orc deck. To win you need both!

Deck Core:
The heart of deck, that make orcs so strong. Not running this cards means, you’re not running your orcs properly!

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Orc Clan Shaman – you won’t see him outside of orc deck, but only bad orc builds won’t run him. 3/2 with “breakthrough” for 2 is a great cost, but what is important is his ability! Giving “breakthrough” to fellow orcs in lane is crucial, when enemy have lot’s of “guards” and you have Butcher or buffed Chieftain in lane. 3 copies is a must.

Morkul Gatekeeper – probably one of best orc in the game! Extremely versatile, can be dropped to block big creature or to buff and protect other orcs. Add the chance of him dropping from “prophecy”, during enemy attack and he is truly MVP of this deck. Always run 3 copies.

Orc Clan Captain – staple in many aggro decks and red token decks, great card by itself, but in orcs he is even better. Not only he buffs the lane, he can also kick all synergies in this deck, making him invaluable for any orc deck. 3 copies always.

Stoneshard Orc – at first i wanted to put him in optional category, but there is no actual reason not to run him, so he is here. For the price of 3 you get orc+removal, which means at worst he can deal 1 dmg. He is great at breaking stalemate in mid-game and remove annoying creatures in early game. 2-3 copies in all builds

Battlerage Orc – main grunt of this deck, his stats are not the best, but the “Charge” does makes a big difference. He can act as Headhunter substitute if you have a buff or simply by destroying creatures, to make a ways for bigger orcs. 2-3 copies always needed.

Bangkorai Butcher – here is our first powerhouse. Butcher task is quite easy drop in early mid-game and be big. In proper orc deck he will always be 6/5, which for 4 magicka are great stats. Always valuable in mid-game, always valuable in late game, always run 3 copies of this guy.

Marauder Chieftain – newest addition to orc tribal and new powerhouse and staple in orcs. Can grow ridiculously big, very fast. She can be buffed from pretty much any other orc in the deck. While on paper she is 1/5 at start, she is always 2/5 unless silenced since she gives +1/0 on summon, to herself or other orc, which she immediately mirrors. 3 copies of her will turn orcs in unstoppable force!

Wood Orc Headhunter – another card you won’t see in non-orc decks, in orcs he is 45% or decks strength. The amount of times I won the matches with him is uncountable. Charge+ Breakthrough that deals 5 damage, at minimum, is one of the strongest aggro cards in the game. if you not running 3 copies, you might as well, don’t play orcs.

Warrior Orcs Core
This cards might as well be at decks core, if you running a warrior builds.

Militant Chieftain – Chieftain is the reason why nearly all Orc decks are warrior class! Not only does he buffs both lanes, but he also brings back orcs from discard, which is one of his best abilities, since orcs normally don’t run a lot of “draw” cards. You need full set in if you play warrior build.

Chieftain’s Banner – in the past, I would say this card would slow down deck speed with low benefits. But in current meta lot’s of deck use mass removal, so this card became a necessity. 2-3 copies at least.

Sower of Revenge – strongest non-orc in deck. Being able to able to block the lane and force opponent to choose between destroying him and losing 5 lives, or waiting for opportunity to silence him, can be crucial in many matches. In some matches simply dropping him would means a win. 2-3 copies must always be played.

Optional Cards
Other good cards, that are not essential for every orc build.

Covenant Marauder– probably best 1-drop orc. Despite her low cost, her ability can make her worth in the late game. Problem is, it’s rarely work. Still she have good synergy with rest of the deck and easily can buff Kingpin, Butcher, Chieftain and charge Headhunter, which may win you a game. Run either 3 copies or none.

Graystone Ravager – nice strong orc. Big problem is, he can die from pretty much anything, However low cost and Prophecy do compensate for that. Also with banner his minuses disappear.

Dragontail Savior – good orc that can grow quite large against full lane of enemies. Very valuable in mid to late game, in early game droping him on board might be a waste. On other hand he can buff Marader Chieftain, which is a nice big plus.

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Shield Breaker – great item against enemy guard or to simply buff fellow creatures. In the past was staple in any deck that used red after 3-cost nerf, was less used. Still one of the better item in red!

Wrothgar Kingpin – Kingpin requires careful play and strategy, but in hands of good player, he can become nightmare for enemies. He easily outgrows most of enemy creatures in mid-game, and if not stopped, can win you the game quite fast. Additionally he has a nice synergy with Chieftain Marauder. 3 copies might be a little too much, but 2 are definitely manageable.

Fharun Defender – main “tank” in deck. But don’t be mistaken his main point is not only to defend you, but provide protection to other orcs. Defender is a good early game can easily stand against small creature, but with banner and few buffs he can protect lane even in mid-late game.

Mummify – might not be the best removal in warrior colors, but it’s a great option against “Oblivion Gates” in current meta. Can also be useful against big creature or ones with annoying abilities.

Garnag, Dark Adherent –probably best unique legend orcs have right now. He can be useful in mid-game since he have good stats+ “breakthrough”, but he truly shines in late game. Easily can shut down ramp decks and force control decks to remove him, before doing anything.

Alternative optional cards
Good cards that might be useful for alternative builds, but not used in this one.

Fiery Imp – great 1-drop that can deal 2 damage ignoring guard. Can’t be buffed be Banner, so he is an easy target for most of removals. With more item oriented builds can be great pick.

Wrothgar Artisan – simple but good orc, can grow his stats to decent 3/4 or provide a buff to important orc. Big plus in this build is that he buffs Marauder Chieftain as well.

Suppress – great way to silence creature, without disrupting the battle plan.

Dushnikh Yal Archer – good orc for more mid-range builds, very versatile. Can provide lane protection, destroy small creatures and most importantly destroy supports. Depending on the meta, I might put it back into the build, at some point.

Earthbone Spinner – one of the best silencers in red, can also destroy some small creatures. If you have utter need in silencing, this is a good option.

Northwind Outpost – in the past was staple in most of aggro builds due to 2-cost, after nerf it’s still popular, but not as much as it used to. Still would fir perfectly in red oriented orcs!

Crushing Blow – good face damage/removal.

Sentinel Battlemace – one of main reason why people like to run battlemage orc versions. Consider Chieftain Marauder can mirror it’s +8/0 effect, can be a game changer.

Withered Hand Cultist – Good option to shut enemy removals and combos. Orcs normally don’t run many spells,so it only affect opponents which is great.

Experimental optional cards
More unique cards for specific orc builds

Stronghold Patrol – not the best stat for 3-cost orc, but ability to draw a card, outperforms it. Can fit into more red oriented builds, that suffer from lack of draw. Still it’s works only with board presence.

Craven Conscript – 5/4 are great stats for 3-cost, only problem is to unshackle it, so he can attack. Still this orc would definitely fit into item-based builds.

Fighters Guild Berserker – not the best card for most of the builds, but in battlemage/ item heavy builds can provide good amount of pressure on opponent, which can certainly make the deck faster and deadlier.

Tips, tricks and synergies!

Now with all details about deck components, I am going to give you a few strategic advises, keep in mind they are not always can be applied in every match. Think of them as recommendations.

General Tips

    – Remember protect your creatures; orcs are strong while their numbers are high. You have Banner and Guards for that. Sometimes it’s better to save a few orcs than to preserve some damage to your health.
  • – Always check if you have enough damage to win, remember your opponent is your top priority, not his creatures supports. Long play is not good for this deck.

    – Don’t waste Shield Breaker as simple buff, unless you can win the match! You never know how many guards does you opponent have.

    – Pay attention to synergies, it’s important that you understand how orcs buff each other. Sometimes you’ll have to cast some creatures before attacking opponent.


    – Don’t use Savior or Kingpin in early game, you’ll going to waste their damage potential.
  • – Kingpin can be a real powerhouse, but he does require certain strategy. Don’t cast him if you can’t put another orc in same turn on board. There is much more 1 dmg removal in game than 2 dmg. Also be sure that you have more orcs on hand so in next turn he can attack as at least 3/3.

    – Don’t buff Marauder Chieftain! her ability mirrors any buff on allies. If you have only her and you dropping Gatekeeper, buff Gatekeeper himself. She will mirror it and you would have two 4 power creatures. Same goes for items.

    – Marauder receives +2/0 from Gatekeeper, Butcher and Covenant Marauder(through rare). She also receives +1/0 from Artisan and each time Kingpin getting buffed. Savior provides buff for her depending on enemy count. Ideally you want to drop her before Butcher and Savior, but after Kingpin.

    – Marauder Chieftain do mirrors power buffs from Captain and Military Chieftain, as long as they applied to creatures other than her. Also on her buffs are permanent.

    – Be careful with Shamans in mid-late game, they can provide much needed “breakthrough” to big orcs,when you need it the most, remember it.

    – Stoneshard ability can deal damage to the opponent face, but it does require a little trick. First, you need 3-4 orcs or more including Stoneshard. Second is you need lane with Shaman there. And finally small enemy creature with 1-2 health, that you can target. When creature dies, rest of damage would be dealt to your opponent through “breakthrough” effect. It’s rare to pull this trick off, but it can be quite effective.

Well that’s all to this guide, I do hope it helped you in some way! If you thing I missed something or want to make a suggestion, just write in comment!

– Added Artisan instead of Stronghold Patrol, will see how it plays out.
– Replaced Artisans with Crushing Blow, seems to add more versatility to the build.
– Testing Marauder Chieftain, reworked the deck. 2 Artisans are back, 3 Banners copy added.
– Adding full set of Marauders, reworking deck better for current meta. Rewritten guide is added!
– Slight update for current meta. Added 3rd Mummify against Daedra decks and replaced last Artisan for Ravager, to add more cheap creatures.
– It finally happen! By 29.10.2019 I officially hit the Legend status with this deck!

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Arkimedes 2 months ago
Very nice deck! Thanks for share and for writte a guide about it! bigsmile-7609886

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