Deck List

deck-list-1258 Deck
3 Cruel Firebloom
3 Brutal Ashlander
1 Ungolim the Listener
3 Balmora Spymaster
3 Fighters Guild Recruit
3 Goblin Skulk
3 Soul Split
3 Thieves Guild Recruit
3 Wardcrafter
2 Daggerfall Mage
3 House Kinsman
2 Skooma Racketeer
2 Deshaan Avenger
3 Elusive Schemer
3 Lightning Bolt
1 Queen Barenziah
2 Necrom Mastermind
2 Quin’rawl Burglar
3 Wispmother
2 Supreme Atromancer

Queen Mother (Legend Deck + Extensive Guide)

3 [card]Cruel Firebloom[/card]
3 [card]Brutal Ashlander[/card]
1 [card]Ungolim the Listener[/card]
3 [card]Balmora Spymaster[/card]
3 [card]Fighters Guild Recruit[/card]
3 [card]Goblin Skulk[/card]
3 [card]Soul Split[/card]
3 [card]Thieves Guild Recruit[/card]
3 [card]Wardcrafter[/card]
2 [card]Daggerfall Mage[/card]
3 [card]House Kinsman[/card]
2 [card]Skooma Racketeer[/card]
2 [card]Deshaan Avenger[/card]
3 [card]Elusive Schemer[/card]
3 [card]Lightning Bolt[/card]
1 [card]Queen Barenziah[/card]
2 [card]Necrom Mastermind[/card]
2 [card]Quin’rawl Burglar[/card]
3 [card]Wispmother[/card]
2 [card]Supreme Atromancer[/card]
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Assassin deck
50 cards
Cruel Firebloom 3

Cruel Firebloom

1 Brutal Ashlander 3

Brutal Ashlander

1 Ungolim the Listener 1

Ungolim the Listener

2 Balmora Spymaster 3

Balmora Spymaster

2 Fighters Guild Recruit 3

Fighters Guild Recruit

2 Goblin Skulk 3

Goblin Skulk

2 Soul Split 3

Soul Split

2 Thieves Guild Recruit 3

Thieves Guild Recruit

2 Wardcrafter 3


3 Daggerfall Mage 2

Daggerfall Mage

3 House Kinsman 3

House Kinsman

3 Skooma Racketeer 2

Skooma Racketeer

4 Deshaan Avenger 2

Deshaan Avenger

4 Elusive Schemer 3

Elusive Schemer

4 Lightning Bolt 3

Lightning Bolt

4 Queen Barenziah 1

Queen Barenziah

5 Necrom Mastermind 2

Necrom Mastermind

6 Quin’rawl Burglar 2

Quin'rawl Burglar

7 Wispmother 3


9 Supreme Atromancer 2

Supreme Atromancer


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By: Lokheit
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (NahkriinNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 17950crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.


This is a legend rank Wispmother Assassin deck that I’ve been tinkering with for a while and after a number of adjustments, currently I’m 100% satisfied with the results.

Since the nerf of the Marshal-Wispmother combo that I used to play, I tried multiple archetypes and finally came full circle back to the Wispmother Assassin. The deck contains multiple combos that synergize really well with each other and make games really fun (I’ve tried other efficient decks that were really boring, this one makes each game more interesting while being competitive).

It’s a very adaptable and versatile deck, it has comeback potential and is resistant to AoE removal if you play it right. Even on loses most times it feels like you can still win and I’ve had just a couple of games that felt completely out of reach, mostly because of a bad hand and a lot of momentum for my opponent. So far the win rate looks pretty good and the deck is able to hold its ground against many archetypes.

It has many RNG components, but it deals with variance by triggering them at a really high rate or being able to limit the number of scenarios, and most games are really fun and fluid. I’m not a big fan of depending on RNG but so far it hasn’t caused many problems.

The 2 main strengths of the deck are its ability to cycle cards really fast (which allows you to play a lot of cheap creatures without depleting your hand) and how easy it’s to fill the board (and also deplete the opponent’s side).

In fact these 2 points are so strong that there is a “learning” process with the deck as you need to moderate yourself or you might get too many cards on hand and destroy your new draws or you could fill the board too fast which works against some combos that need extra space. You will learn the right pace with experience and many times it’s wise to wait a bit before playing some cards even if you have the resources.


Cruel Firebloom:

This is a great removal card, specially in the early game when your opponent will play 1 useful creature per turn to try to set his strategy. It also helps triggering certain Last Gasp abilities at the right moment.

The synergy with Goblin Skulk is amazing. If you have a Goblin and one of these in your initial hand, it’s a good idea to keep both of them and a sacrifice fodder, as sometimes your opponent will put a guard in front of the Goblin and having a Firebloom already in hand will surprise them, don’t worry about the Goblin having less 0 cost cards to draw if you keep one in hand, it pays off most of the time.

Brutal Ashlander:

This was one of the latest additions to the deck and the adjustment helped propelling the deck to legend. I used it on my pre Marshal nerf deck and I knew it was useful, the new deck was based on a non-Wispmother deck that I was trying and there wasn’t room for him before, but his introduction was great for the deck.

This is a very good 1-drop, something that’s always useful to have. Opponents will act in weird ways to deal with him as they will fear that the random 3 damage could kill one of their utility or strong creatures. Of course it also has really good synergy with Wispmother as the amount of damage and chances to hit the right opponent are duplicated, Queen Barenziah who transforms them into mines that the opponent has to trigger and Necrom Mastermind for extra fun and mayhem when you have a number of them on board.

Ungolim the Listener:

Great unique 1-drop that also has amazing synergy with Wispmother as any Brotherhood Assassin he creates can be duplicated, giving you an extra card draw and a Lethal 3/3 on both lanes. If you play him later in the game you can duplicate Ungolim himself to get extra Assassins shuffled into your deck.

Also, mostly for fun, sooner or later this combo will also end up granting you “The Master of Mirrors” title as at some point you will be able to play him with 2 Wispmothers on board.

Balmora Spymaster:

An amazing card for this deck because of all the synergies it has:

Wispmother can duplicate him which can result on some incredible summons and mass producing them offsets the not so useful cheap random summons, as most times at least one of them will get you a great creature. A board with 3 or 4 of them will make you really strong against mass removal as they will be replaced by stronger creatures.

Supreme Atromancer works really well with them as using Soul Split will trigger the Atromancer 3 times (2 for the copies of Sundered Shade and 1 for the new summon).

Necrom Mastermind can lead to some awesome surprises too, specially if you’ve already mass produced them. Even a turn 7 Necrom+Spymaster can lead to something good if you need something to happen fast.

Of course this is also a good target for Cruel Firebloom, being a cheap body with a Last Gasp ability, but if possible, you should wait to sacrifice them and don’t rush summoning them in your first turns, as opponents will remove them fast to avoid getting a big summon on board. Just summon them in the early game if your opponent has to focus on bigger threats or maybe if it’s the only way to keep your Goblin Skulk momentum.

Fighters Guild Recruit:

An auto-include in most green decks that gets extra value as it can be duplicated by a Wispmother to get lethal guards on both lanes.

This is your only Guard so use him wisely. It’s also only one of your 2 Prophecy cards (with Lightning Bolt being the other for 6 total cards) so you would want him in your deck instead of in your initial hand that will rely more on positive trades. This guy has saved me before on Prophecy procs, specially with a Wispmother or a Supreme Atromancer on board.

Goblin Skulk:

This card plays its own game inside the main game. It’s great in your initial hand, specially against non-blue decks, as other colors have problems removing it in the early phases and if you already have a Cruel Firebloom on hand you will be able to remove guards in front of it.

For some reason there are still high ranked opponents that keep throwing cheap big bodies like Young Mammoth in front of it, just to have them vaporized by a Firebloom. Maybe this is a valid strategy against other decks where the Goblin might steal something like a Lesser Ward, but against this decks that’s an amazing move for you as you get an additional turn of pilfering and your opponent loses its big body for free.

The synergy with Elusive Schemer is huge and leads to amazing cycling, specially when you have multiple Goblins or a Wispmother.

The deck only has 3 cards with a cost of zero so you know what you’re going to draw most of the time, with the only RNG scenario existing when you still have some Fireblooms left and you already used the Last Gasp ability of a Schemer, but most of the time it feels really fluid.

Soul Split:

A very useful card to trigger the Last Gasp ability of some cards when necessary, like House Kinsman life stealing, Brutal Ashlander damage activation (plus a cheap way of getting a couple of 3/2 bodies on board) or a late game Balmora Spymaster.

Using it on cards like the Spymaster or Deshaan Avenger creates 3 creatures which works great with a Supreme Atromancer.

Sundered Shade are considered 2-cost creatures, so it has huge synergy with Wispmother too as it will create 4 bodies instead of 2. Be careful with this combo though as it fills the board too fast and it could work against your Spymaster’s Last Gasp or reduce the efficiency of the Atromancer as it won’t summon a Flame Atronach in a full lane. It’s still a great card outside of the combo so feel free to use it before dropping a Wispmother as you have more than enough synergies and this card helps filling the board in the early game. Use the combo mostly when you want to make trades or go face.

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Thieves Guild Recruit:

A good cycle card that serves as sacrifice fodder for Cruel Firebloom or even Soul Split. Skooma Racketeer can make good use of it as most opponents won’t consider the Recruit worth wasting a removal and will leave it in front of a good creature. It can also deal with some of the early game X/1 creatures or break a ward if necessary.

There are 5 creatures with a cost of 7 or more in the deck (3 copies of Wispmother and 2 copies of Supreme Atromancer), which allows you to get some advantage of its extra ability. Both cards benefit a lot from the cost reduction when it happens, as it’s good to play them alongside an extra body to put their effects on use the same turn they’re played at least once, just in case the opponent has ways to remove them.

The Recruit can also be duplicated by the Wispmother for extra cycling, but it’s preferable to get and use them in the early game to try to proc the cost reduction and as I mentioned before, sometimes you want to be careful with how much you draw or you could end up with a full hand which is bad.


A good utility card that gets excellent value in this deck. Once her work is done she can still do some early damage at 2 or be used as fodder for a Cruel Firebloom. Very good protecting some of your cards that will be the focus of your opponent’s damage, specially against blue decks, like the early game Goblin Skulk, Queen Barenziah, Quin’rawl Burglar, Supreme Atromancer and of course Wispmother which still allows you to put a ward on a second creature.

It has really good synergy with Daggerfall Mage allowing it to trigger the ability multiple times and it will also help you winning some creature trades, specially with your lethal small bodies like Fighters Guild Recruit or creatures buffed by Skooma Racketeer to get multiple kills.

Duplicating this card to give shinning umbrellas to your more valuable creatures, along with having multiple Last Gasp abilities triggering creature summons, allows your board to survive AoE attacks.

Daggerfall Mage:

I started playing this card mostly because I got a couple of them opening packs, and I have to say I’m really pleased with the results. It helps making Wardcrafter value go higher as they can work together to trigger the Mage’s skill multiple times. It also has good synergy with Skooma Racketeer as you get multiple uses of its Lethal buff and you already wanted to recharge this creature’s Ward even without it.

The Tome of Alteration it creates, even if costly, helps with card cycling and can win you some creature trades by making a creature strong enough for a kill or resistant enough to survive the clash. Queen Barenziah benefits a lot from the item, getting enough defense to resist a Lightning Bolt and as much attack with Drain as a Quin’rawl Burglar after pilfering.

The card gets a lot of attention from Silence and hard removal effects for cheap which helps your most important cards get their way.

House Kinsman:

Even after the nerf this is a pretty good card. The nerf mostly makes it not survive trades with many creatures but it’s still fine. It still gets 3 attack and a built in Thievery which helps getting damage when needed or coming back from low health. In some scenarios the lower health even helps you triggering the Last Gasp if you need that health.

The synergy with Necrom Mastermind is good, basically making the card drain 6 damage in total. Using Soul Split on him helps triggering the life drain when he can’t attack a creature and don’t be afraid to destroy it by summoning creatures on a full lane if you really need his effect to survive a game.

Skooma Racketeer:

This deck has plenty of small expendable bodies to sacrifice and those bodies will be ignored most of the time as they’re not seen as a threat to your opponent’s good creatures.

I really like the Racketeer for this deck as you’re going to have enough bodies to use it most of the time (just remember to summon weak bodies on both lanes every now and then just in case you draw it). It’s cheaper than Territorial Viper, the effect is instant too even if you need to have the body on board, and it still leaves a 2/2 creature (normally better than the minions you sacrifice) while the Viper sacrifices itself.

It has really good synergy with Wardcrafter and Daggerfall Mage as they allow you to use the Lethal effect multiple times, even with weak bodies.

Deshaan Avenger:

A strong card, able to get into fights and hard to remove because it spawns itself with its Last Gasp ability. The shadow lane makes it even harder to remove as the second summon will benefit from cover.

Having this card on board almost optimizes by itself the cost of a Necrom Mastermind as you get a 5/4 body and a 3/3 one for 5 magicka, just be careful about going all in into filling your lanes without ways to trade or sacrifice cretures or the combo won’t proc.

Elusive Schemer:

Amazing value in this deck. The damage nerf hurts but it only incentivizes you more to keep cycling it, using it as sacrifice fodder or splatting it against anything in front of it.

The combo with Goblin Skulk is amazing if you get some momentum and the cycling gets serious. I recommend keeping the 0-cost ones on hand if you don’t “need” them on board (if you lost your Goblin, you already have more 0-cost Schemers on your deck or you have sacrifice cards in hand and can sacrifice it later before the Goblin attacks anyway).

The reason why I recommend to keep the 0-cost ones in hand if not necessary on your board is because they help A LOT with getting value out of Wispmother and Supreme Atromancer. I recommend playing those cards, specially the Wispmother, only if you can play another cheap creature during the same turn, so their effects are put to use before the opponent has an opportunity to remove them. This forces you to wait a bit longer to summon them, but the 0-cost schemer allows you to summon them as soon as you can and get instant value: 2 draws plus a 3/1 body on each lane with the Wispmother and an extra 2 face damage with the Atromancer (more if there is a Wispmother on board).

A cost reduced Wispmother via Thieves Guild Recruit on turn 5 duplicating this guy during the same turn is an amazing play and keeps snowballing the Goblin that you probably had around to create that scenario.

Lightning Bolt:

A very useful source of direct damage and an almost auto-include for most blue decks. It can deal with some expensive cards with low defense, help you finishing off your opponent or help damaging some big bodies. It’s not a hard removal but the utility of being able to go for face damage makes it really useful.

It can give you a win by itself on close games where the opponent procs its Prophecy effect breaking a rune and killing himself.

Queen Barenziah:

I really like this card (combined with the Wispmother it gives the deck its name, she also calls herself “Queen Mother” during her summon phrase) and I try to include her on any blue/green deck since I got her as a “race levelling reward”.

The deck lacks Guard, with Fighters Guild Recruit being the only natural one. Being able to give that ability to other creatures, specially with the deck’s ability to fill lanes, is great and can save your life, specially if some of those creatures have Ward, like the Daggerfall Mage or a creature buffed by a Wardcrafter.

It synergizes well with your Last Gasp creatures, transforming a Brutal Ashlander or a Balmora Spymaster into landmines that the opponent has to deal with.

The 6 damage with Drain makes it really good for comebacks too without needing to go face and breaking runes like Quin’rawl Burglar. It’s a bit fragile so you might want to wait until you can play a Wardcrafter in the same turn to buff her, as she’s vulnerable to direct damage cards like Crushing Blow or Lightning Bolt. She’s an excellent target for a Tome of Alteration to increase her survivability and the Drain effect.

At 4 magicka, she’s cheap enough to be used as bait for hard removal to protect other cards while still being useful on summon alone by giving Guard to other creatures in a lane.

Necrom Mastermind:

This card on the right board is like dropping a nuke of chaos. It’s a very interesting creature that plays differently on different archetypes, and even though he has good synergies on a Scout deck with Haunting Spirit, this is the deck where he seems to work the best, probably because here he acts as a secondary actor that benefits from the work of your main pieces.

Having a Deshaan Avenger on board or a late game Balmora Spymaster already justifies the Mastermind’s cost along with its 5/4 body (though in the case of the Spymaster you might want to have multiple of them thanks to a Wispmother to increase the chances of getting a powerful body).

Having a number of Brutal Ashlander and House Kinsman make it very useful too, to spread chaos and mayhem in the case of the Ashlander and to drain life and even come back from low health with Kinsman. Both of them can get some serious face damage with the combo.

The Elusive Schemer doesn’t really have a direct impact after dropping a Mastermind, but it’s always cool to have extra 0-cost ones in your deck.

Quin’rawl Burglar:

In addition to being one of the hardest creatures to spell, this card is also comeback potential and snowballing on steroids. Getting it through the first whole turn after being summoned is vital, as the card is susceptible to being removed before getting big by a Lightning Bolt on blue decks, but if it survives the turn and is on an open lane, the opponent will need hard removals to deal with the 8/8 body.

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It’s specially useful to mount comebacks against some aggressive decks that burn cards fast leaving them with few ways to counter it.

Even if the opponent has the right tools to remove it, the good news is that it’s not integral for your main strategy to work, and even if it can be expensive compared with the cost of possible removals, it’s a great complementary card that can win games on its own if left alone. Just be sure to play it at the right time and protect it if you can.


This is a Wispmother deck, and there are some awesome synergies with it, but one of the strongest points of the deck is that even if you don’t get to play one, your other cards are good enough to get a win by themselves. In fact the whole deck evolved from a non-Wispmother one.

The Wispmother just makes everything much better.

You get incredible cycling by being able to duplicate Elusive Schemer or Brotherhood Assassin (both cards also allow you to play the Wispmother sooner and still guarantee a duplication proc) or even Thieves Guild Recruit (though personally I prefer to use them earlier for the special effect, but they’re good too and you get two opportunities to proc the cost reduction).

Balmora Spymaster will already be at late game magicka by the time you can combo it with the Wispmother, so you can get a lot of value from them if you have sacrifice cards available or a Necrom Mastermind. I’ve seen some scary situations and opponents just can’t clean your board with many of them around.

Soul Split quickly fills your lanes when combined with the Wispmother when you’re in need of multiple bodies with decent damage for trades or going face.

The Wardcrafter opens an umbrella shop for your best creatures (including the Wispmother itself). Duplicating Fighters Guild Recruit gives you extra creatures with Guard and extra hard removal. The Brutal Ashlander can create some onslaught when mass produced. Even the Goblin Skulk becomes stronger in the late game with a Wispmother as they will keep feeding her even more 0-cost Schemers to duplicate (be careful of not going too heavy there though, or you might end up with a full hand and destroy new draws).

And even if sometimes there won’t be much room left to get as many duplicates as you’d like, having a Wispmother around when you play a Supreme Atromancer allows you to squeeze even more damage (you might have to splat a Flame Atronach against something to make some room for duplicated creatures though).

All synergies feel really organic when you get some experience for each scenario, the whole deck can do well without the Wispmother and even if it’s silenced, it’s still a 5/5 body that your opponent has to deal with.

I’m really happy with the results of this card.

Supreme Atromancer:

This is a really powerful card and works really well with this deck. I initially included it mostly to justify using Thieves Guild Recruit but the value is amazing and even if silenced, you’ve already put a Flame Atronach on each lane.

You know it’s a dangerous card when it comes with a couple of 5/3 creatures with Breakthrough and opponents still have to direct their removals against her.

Sometimes it can work as an overpriced Lightning Bolt to win a game with 4 face damage, but after being summoned it shines with the deck ability to fill lanes.

When you get 2 of them the result is beautiful, playing each one on consecutive turns with the second one giving you 10 face damage (2 for the second Atromancer and 4 for each Atronach as both Atromancers will proc when they’re spawned) and a board full of 5 attack creatures.

They’re a bit vulnerable to AoE removal like Ice Storm or Burn and Pillage as each of the spawned creatures have just a health value of 3, but it’s still an incredible card to play and opponents will need to use a lot of resources to completely deal with it if they don’t have mass removal.


There are some cards that you could think would fit with this deck, but after toying with them I decided to not include for different reasons, you can still experiment with them while completing the deck, as at almost 18K gems it might get you some time, but at the end I think the listed version is the most effective:

Dunmer Nightblade:

I really liked this card and used it on my original version of the deck. Mass producing the Steel Sword thanks to a Wispmother was huge for winning plays when you had an open lane as opponents tend to forget about them and it also helped enhancing Drain effects to get a lot of health back.

From all the nerfs in the recent patch, changing the produced item into Iron Sword was one of the heavier ones in my opinion, but it went under the radar as it wasn’t as featured in top decks as other nerfed cards. I’ve tried to keep using this card but the item doing only 2/3 of the damage you had before, for the same magicka cost, hurts a lot. The original sword by itself wasn’t even that useful as a standalone item, it was only useful when you had the ability to mass produce it for burst damage and I don’t think anyone would use that card by itself on a main deck when it’s so heavily outclassed by items like Steel Scimitar for example.

Now that the produced item is even worse, and considering the deck can fill your hand really fast in some situations, the Nightblades don’t help you so much and can even become a liability if you don’t use the swords quickly. One of the changes that made the deck’s win rate skyrocket was replacing my Nightblade copies with a set of Brutal Ashlander, along with replacing the copies of Moonlight Werebat (a creature that had really good synergy with the Nightblade) with Necrom Mastermind.

Mournhold Traitor:

This is a very strong body that can be duplicated with a Wispmother, so I can see the argument for it, but it really doesn’t add to the flow of this deck and I don’t like that it can give a free Mournhold Guardian to your opponent, allowing him to stop an attack. It also has horrible synergy with Necrom Mastermind.

Murkwater Witch:

I used this card before the nerf of the combo with Soulrest Marshal and Wispmother. It’s a guard, which the deck lacks, and when duplicated you can distribute damage on the opponent’s board on convenience along with wounding ward creatures to synergize with a possible Leaflurker, but it’s a very weak creature on its own and you already have enough small bodies in the deck. Now that you normally have just 1 Wispmother on board it’s not as aggressive as it used to be and I don’t feel that it pushes the deck forward as much as other 2 cost creatures.

Snake tooth Necklace:

I’ve toyed with this one a bit in this deck, but it benefits a lot from really big bodies which the deck lacks, specially now that I don’t include any Dunmer Nightblade to buff the attack of other creatures, so it isn’t as useful as it would be in other decks.

Shrieking Harpy:

This is a useful card to stop the opponent’s offense when paired with a Wispmother, specially on a Prophecy proc, but stalling an offense doesn’t stop the opponent’s board from increasing so even if I like its potential uses, there was no room for this card on the deck.

The card has really good synergies with Dres Tormentor, another excluded card, as it allows it to trigger the special effect multiple times when duplicated, but that combo requires extra tinkering to include more Shackle effects in the deck and ends up relying too much on getting the right cards.

Varanis Courier:

This is a Guard and as a Last Gasp creature it has synergy with Necrom Mastermind, but I think it’s too weak for a 3-drop and doesn’t push the deck forward. The deck has more than enough card cycling already and cards like Thieves Guild Recruit give you similar results at a lower cost while being able to combo with a Wispmother.

Dres Tormentor:

As explained above, this card has good synergy with Shrieking Harpy, but to truly optimize it, you need to dedicate a lot of space to make it work, including other Shackle cards like Arrow in the Knee, Mace of Encumbrance, Giant Snake or Winter’s Grasp. This limits your space a lot and the deck is a bit gimmicky, depending too much on drawing (and protecting) the Tormentor.

The combos I have, like the Goblin Skulk with Cruel Firebloom and Elusive Schemer feel more organic with the pieces that already work in the deck and you don’t depend on drawing them, they’re just very good when they come without limiting the way you build the deck.

Moonlight Werebat:

The recent nerf made this card much easier to remove on creature trades and specially against blue decks with access to Firebolt. It’s still very good though, but I think it’s better on other decks able to protect and buff him more than this one. I used it in combination with Dunmer Nightblade for good results before, but both cards have been nerfed and overall they don’t help the deck as much as other cards. I miss the Prophecy effect as the deck only has 6 cards with it, though this one served more as a middle of the game stabilization card rather than being a card that can stop a fatal blow at the end of a game.

So far I’m getting enough Drain from Queen Barenziah and Quin’rawl Burglar and I can use other cards instead of the Werebat to help the deck’s core.


The deck has many small creatures that can’t deal enough damage to kill big bodies, so this one could complement them and in fact I used it in the past along with Murkwater Witch or Murkwater Shaman, but in the current iteration of the deck I’m happy with the ability to remove big bodies thanks to cards like Cruel Firebloom or Skooma Racketeer giving extra value to those small bodies.

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Mentor’s Ring:

I haven’t really tried this one, though sometimes I think it could be really useful in situations where for example you have a Fighters Guild Recruit buffed by a Wardcrafter to create a scary wall of minions with Guard, Ward and Lethal, and it could even lead to something interesting in the future with the new reward card Battlereeve of Dusk, but even if the thought of it is interesting, I think the whole combo would be too slow and gimmicky for the deck and so far I’m happy with the pace and the results.

Soulrest Marshal:

This card used to lead to an awesome combo with Wispmother as it allowed to create 2 for the price of one (plus dropping this card’s 4/4 body). That combo was removed from the game though.

This card still has potential as with a Wispmother already on board it could allow you to duplicate powerful cards like Queen Barenziah, Necrom Mastermind, Quin’rawl Burglar or even another Wispmother.

The main problem is that in certain matchups you could start from behind and then comeback, and this card wouldn’t be useful at all in that scenario and I like to be able to adapt quickly to any situation. It also could lead to some spacing issues even if you can duplicate good creatures.

So far I’m not including it and the results are good and the magicka curve feels fine, so adding him could cause some problems with your pace or you would have to replace another card of a similar cost.

Ice Storm:

At some point during the learning process of the deck, I thought that having this card would help with the problem of filling lanes too fast while also being able to clean the opponent’s board, specially against annoying creatures like Slaughterfish. And while it’s true that my side of the board with multiple wards and Last Gasp abilities summoning new creatures could resist it and even benefit from it, at the end of the day I learned how to manage the board tempo without needing to mass sacrifice my own creatures and this card isn’t as useful as for example a Necrom Mastermind is when you learn how to manage the board.

Indoril Archmage:

I’ve toyed with this card too, specially because of how powerful the combo with Necrom Mastermind looks and because it’s another card that can benefit from Thieves Guild Recruit cost reduction. But the card is better on paper than on real situations and isn’t the awesome lane stopper that it appears to be at first glance. There are multiple ways to work around it, it can be silenced or warded against and some of the biggest creatures can survive its Last Gasp. It’s Last Gasp can be enhanced via Skooma Racketeer as the damage becomes Lethal, but still it isn’t as useful for the cost even if some combos look sweet on paper.

Tazkad the Packmaster:

I think this card is still pretty good even after the cost nerf from 8 to 9 and is another candidate to activate the ability of Thieves Guild Recruit. The thing is, it’s mostly used as a finisher to land 6 damage by surprise and just a bit less if there are guards around.

For the same cost, I prefer Supreme Atromancer. It does a similar work as a finisher (landing 4 guaranteed damage that can be extended to 6 or more with 0-cost Elusive Schemers or other creatures if you have even more magicka left) and I think the staying power is better with the Atromancer with how easy it’s to keep feeding it with new creatures in this deck and already having a couple of 5/3 bodies with Breakthrough for following turns. I’m not even including the max of 3 copies of the Atromancer because I like the current magicka curve, and I think if I had to choose between a third Atromancer and Tazkad, I would get the extra Atromancer, at least for this deck.

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This deck looks complicated and challenging. The kind of deck I like. I love Mastermind, and once I saw that it didnt include the now useless nightblade, I think i will give this a shot.

I love Mastermind too.

What would be your replacement for the second Burglar. I hate that card, i really dont even want to run one but i will.

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Lokheit 1 week ago
I understand the Burglar is a polarizing card because blue decks can throw bolts at it and that’s annoying, but it has given me a good number of comebacks (as I said, really useful against agressive decks that try to go all in) and in certain match ups I’ve been able to use it to bait hard removals before playing a Wispmother or Atromancer as opponents are scared of letting it live to pilfer.

I’m not sure which card I would use to replace just one of them. A third Mastermind could offset the missing draining more or less when comboing with House Kinsman and he’s close in the magicka range. I’m not sure how having 3 will work, as you could end up with too many in hand before being able to set up a good Last Gasp board if you get bad draws but on the other hand with good draws you could exploit your Spymasters multiple turns. I’m happy with jut 2 of them and 2 Burglars but I guess you could try the change.

For cheaper replacements in gems, the Werebat gives you some draining too and everyone gets a guaranteed one by levelling, but it’s very volatile right now and Firebolts will only get more popular with the last series of general nerfs.

Vinther 1 week ago
Werebats are still strong for several reasons: they are a) prophecy b) removal bait (add ward and people just waste their shit) and c) prophecy+drain vs super aggro decks saves lives ;)

Knowing when to play one out of prophecy can work out really good.

Also Ice Storm is really good for this kind of deck when you have fallen behind. All you need to do is Wispmother ashlanders+spymasters and ice storm the table. Instantly turns it to your favor. Comes really handy vs decks that Assassin struggles against, such as token crusader or token spellsword.

Looks like fun :) Btw, Racketeer + Ashlander is also nice in addition to what you mention. Potentially killing of 2 (big) targets.

Lokheit 1 week ago
Update: In the future I’m planning on trying a card that I didn’t think about before and could be very useful for this deck… Baron of Tear

I initially didn’t think about this one because the amount of blue cards isn’t so superior to green at first glance, but it might have some good synergies with the deck:


– You get a lot more guards and this guy can save a late game defense.

– It can push for unexpected lethal damage when you have a lot of duplicated creatures, like the spirits getting 4 damage instead of 3.

– In addition to transforming your ashlanders and spymasters into landmines with guard, it gives the spymasters the ability to intentionally splat themselves against what’s in front of them without needing to sacrifice or guard against an attack. I can imagine a lot of “suprise!” phrases when the guys attack in numbers thanks to having a positive damage value.

– The deck has a number of extra blue bodies not registered in the base deck as soul split and supreme atromancer create more than 1 body, so there are many cards that could benefit from the effect.

– 2 cards that you want to protect, the goblin skulk and the burglar, won’t get guard while creatures around them will.


– Replacig the Avenger (the logical replacement for mana curve as bolts and schemers are too valuable) makes you a bit more vulnerable to AoE removal and means 1 less combo with the mastermind. The base body of both is the same 3/3, one gives you an extra body on removal and more when comboing with a mastermind, the other gives you more guards and extra frontline damage as long as you have the right board.

– Barenziah, Wispmother and Supreme Atromancer get guard if they’re around when this guy is played, which isn’t a good thing unless you’re pushing for lethal, specially in the case of Barenziah that intentionally makes everyone on her lane except herself a guard. With the atromancer or Wispmother the biggest problem would be about losing shadow lane benefits as the deck doesn’t have a lot of guards anyway once the cover is lost.

I will start next season with the listed deck as I’m happy with it and the avenger is one of the strongest frontline fighters/traders, but at some point I plan on experimenting with the Baron and compare results between both versions.

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