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Felldew/Elytra Noble
Creature and Action (Elytra)
LG-card-Felldew-Elytra Noble.png
Deck code IDgk
Card SetLG-icon-Isle of Madness.png Isle of Madness
AvailabilityDouble Card
Magicka CostLG-icon-Magicka.png8
AttributeAgility Agility
PowerPower 4HealthHealth 6
RarityCommon Common
Felldew and Elytra Noble

Felldew/Elytra Noble is a double card for Felldew and Elytra Noble. It only exists as combined card while in your deck and collection. It will always split whenever it leaves the deck. As long as it is in your deck, it has the combined types, attributes, names, costs, power, and health of the two component cards.

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