Legends:Cathay Novice

Cathay Novice
Creature (Khajiit)
LG-card-Cathay Novice.png
Card SetLG-icon-Core Set.png Core Set
Magicka CostLG-icon-Magicka.png1
AttributeWillpower Willpower
PowerPower 2HealthHealth 1
RarityCommon Common

Cathay Novice is a common Willpower creature card. It is not obtainable as part of your collection, but it can appear in NPC matches.


When summoned:

“This one will help them prepare to die.”

“Khajiit is ready for you.”

“May you walk on warm sands.”

When attacking:

“This one will finish you!”

“Take that, dull-clawed fool!”

“Death to you!”


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