Legends:Solo Arena/Forgotten Machines

Forgotten Machines

The Victorious

Feature Match
ClassNeutral Neutral
Prophecies Prophecy3x Spider Worker, 3x Sparking Spider
AttributesNeutral 30
RarityCommon 15Rare 15Rare 3Epic 9


AttributesRarityMagicka Curve

As one of the featured matches, Forgotten Machines begins the match with a unique scenario, intro, and announcement:

ScenarioStarts with 20 health, 3 runes, and a Halls of the Dwemer in play.
Intro“You hear nothing. What danger awaits?”

“And now… the strangest spectacle the Arena has to offer! The deadly machines!”

Deck List
QuantityAttributesNameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityAbility
3NeutralDwarven SpiderCreature (Dwemer)31Common CommonGuard
3NeutralSpider Worker ProphecyCreature (Dwemer)211Common CommonProphecy
Summon: Draw a card.
3NeutralDwarven SphereCreature (Dwemer)3231Common CommonSummon: Shackle an enemy creature.
3NeutralAgeless AutomatonCreature (Dwemer)4252Rare RareWhen Ageless Automaton attacks a Guard, it gains +3/+0 and Breakthrough this turn.
3NeutralSparking Spider ProphecyCreature (Dwemer)4231Common CommonProphecy, Guard
3NeutralStronghold EradicatorCreature (Dwemer)5663Epic EpicSummon: Give all enemy creatures in this lane Guard.
3NeutralStronghold IncubatorCreature (Dwemer)5333Epic EpicLast Gasp: Put two random Dwemer into your hand.
3NeutralDwarven BallistaCreature (Dwemer)6551Common CommonBreakthrough
3NeutralHalls of the DwemerSupport63Epic EpicOngoing

Summon: Put a 0/3 Dwarven Spider with Guard into your hand. Friendly Dwemer have +3/+0.

3NeutralDwarven CenturionCreature (Dwemer)7683Epic EpicBreakthrough
When Dwarven Centurion takes damage, put a 0/3 Dwarven Spider with Guard into your hand.

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