Know the right way to pack and store your canopy tent for ensuring a long life 

canopy-tent Tips

The outdoor party and camping season has kicked off in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s time to start packing your collection of commercial event tents and canopy tents. Party tents need some careful tips when it comes to storage.

  • Make sure the tent is dry and clean as it prevents mold from penetrating into the vinyl tops. It also saves cleaning time in the next season.
  • Patch tears, cuts, and rips. The results will show in the next season. You can also repair any damage to the tent framing.
  • Wipe down the tent’s hardware with soft bristles. The rolling and folding with vinyl must be neat to prevent the material from developing wrinkles.
  • Seal the canopy tent in a racking system, barrel, or bag to thwart dust and dirt.
  • Maintain proper storage temperature. Keep the vinyl tent tops in a clean and cool environment to ensure their longevity. 

Proper implementation and storage

When installing the frame and setting it up to an open mode, just use your hands for lowering the leg to its original position.

  • Lift the tent with one hand and pull it down with another. Don’t use your foot for pushing down the tent leg, as it may bend the leg.
  • You need to break it down and fold a canopy tent in the right manner. Make sure you release all leg pins and locking systems to disengage them before folding the tent. It prevents damage to the tent’s frame edifice.
  • Experts recommend two people to stand on opposite ends of the frame. Each one will hold the V shape of the truss to ensure a stabler and firmer grip.
  • If you’re using the tent outdoors, stake it down or use dedicated sand bags, and attach them to the weights and legs that rest on the tent leg’s foot.
  • It helps prevent the canopy from blowing away in the wake of gusty and stronger winds.
  • If you’re using them indoors, it’s not so important to weigh down your canopy. Nevertheless, if you have a heavy traffic on the floor and the tent sits on a slippery surface/concrete, tile or wood, you need to use sand bags or proper weights to keep the tent structure intact.
  • Weights or sand bags will prevent the tent from moving or shifting, even slightly.
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The proper storage boxes

A deck box can be a great solution to store your canopy tent. You can find a variety of deck boxes in the garden section of your local home improvement shop. You can also find in the stack hardware stores. The cost is $100-$300.

  • A standard deck box features durable resin builds and a dry design.
  • It has a mammoth 50-gallon space. The capacity is perfect for storing outdoor components and accessories. 
  • The assembling is easy and devoid of any tools.
  • You also have deck boxes that come on wheels. They feature handles, which ensure easily assembling and portability.

The gallon capacity is a whopping 73 liters. You also have the deck box seat, which is a wonderful cedar box. 

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