Legends:Arcanaeum Librarian (puzzle)

Gather some knowledge
Episode:Divayth Fyr’s Trials
Opponent Name:Divayth Fyr
Opponent Class:Intelligence Intelligence
Starting Health:1
Starting Magicka:6
Reward:20 soul gems
Simpletons say knowledge is power. But what is the price of knowledge, eh? That’s a more interesting question.


The game opens with the following text:

“Win this turn.”

You start with 1 health, a Nord Firebrand and Arcanaeum Librarian in the Field Lane, and Cicero the Betrayer in the Shadow Lane. In your hand, you have Morag Tong Assassin, Iron Sword, Lightning Bolt and Bushwhack.

Divayth starts with 13 health.


  1. Attack with Nord Firebrand.
  2. Play Bushwhack on Cicero.
  3. Attack Nord Firebrand with Cicero.
  4. Play Lightning Bolt on Divayth.
  5. Play Iron Sword on Arcanaeum Librarian.
  6. Attack with Arcanaeum Librarian.

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