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The cards listed on this page can not be collected or directly added to a deck during deck creation. These are cards that are created by other cards that are normally obtainable. Thus, they can appear in standard constructed play games. For information on the other types of cards that cannot be included in a deck, see Unobtainable Cards.

Created Cards[edit]

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
AbominationAbominationCreature (Abomination)Neutral Neutral1114Legendary Legendary
Aela the HuntressAela the HuntressCreature (Werewolf)Strength Strength7554Legendary Legendary
Aela's HuntmateAela’s HuntmateCreature (Werewolf)Strength Strength4442Rare Rare
Ageless VampireAgeless VampireCreature (Vampire)Endurance Endurance5552Rare RareDrain
Alfe FyrAlfe FyrCreature (Dark Elf)Intelligence Intelligence11664Legendary LegendarySummon: Deal 6 damage to a random enemy.
Amulet of MaraAmulet of MaraItemWillpower Willpower3Epic Epic+0/+1
The wielder can’t attack other creatures equipped with an Amulet of Mara.
Ancient GiantAncient GiantCreature (Giant)Neutral NeutralXvariesvaries4Legendary Legendary
Angry VillagerAngry VillagerCreature (Nord)Neutral Neutral1111Common Common
Argonian VeteranArgonian VeteranCreature (Argonian)Endurance Endurance3331Common Common
Avatar of AkatoshAvatar of AkatoshCreature (Dragon)AgilityEnduranceEndurance Scout430304Legendary Legendary
Beyte FyrBeyte FyrCreature (Dark Elf)Intelligence Intelligence11664Legendary LegendarySummon: Deal 6 damage to a random enemy.
Blackwood HoodlumBlackwood HoodlumCreature (Khajiit)Neutral Neutral1114Legendary LegendaryLast Gasp: Give Modryn Oreyn +2/+2.
Brotherhood AssassinBrotherhood AssassinCreature (Dark Elf)Agility Agility1334Legendary LegendaryLethal
Summon: Draw a card.
Cathay-rahtCathay-rahtCreature (Khajiit)Neutral Neutral2333Epic Epic
Cavern SpinnerCavern SpinnerCreature (Spider)Agility Agility2111Common CommonSummon: Shackle a random enemy creature.
ChickenChickenCreature (Beast)Neutral Neutral111Common CommonYour opponent had no creatures in their deck, so we gave you a Chicken instead.
Circle InitiateCircle InitiateCreature (Werewolf)Strength Strength2431Common Common
Colovian TrooperColovian TrooperCreature (Imperial)Endurance Endurance2221Common CommonGuard
Companion HarbingerCompanion HarbingerCreature (Werewolf)Endurance Endurance3332Rare Rare
Completed ContractCompleted ContractActionAgility Agility1Common CommonGain 1 magicka this turn.
Confused VillagerConfused VillagerCreature (Beast)Neutral Neutral1111Common Common
Corpse CurseCorpse CurseActionEndurance Endurance24Legendary LegendaryShackle all enemy creatures in one lane.
CorsairCorsairCreature (Breton)Intelligence Intelligence1111Common Common
Counterfeit TrinketCounterfeit TrinketActionNeutral Neutral1Common CommonDraw a card and Counterfeit Trinket deals 1 damage to you.
Custom FabricantCustom FabricantCreature (Fabricant)Neutral Neutral11-121-121Common Common
Dagi-rahtDagi-rahtCreature (Khajiit)Neutral Neutral3443Epic EpicGuard
Delte FyrDelte FyrCreature (Dark Elf)Intelligence Intelligence11664Legendary LegendarySummon: Deal 6 damage to a random enemy.
Deshaan SneakDeshaan SneakCreature (Dark Elf)Agility Agility4332Rare Rare
Drain LifeDrain LifeActionEndurance Endurance24Legendary LegendaryDeal 5 damage to your opponent and gain 5 health.
Draugr SentryDraugr SentryCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance1111Common CommonGuard
DurzogDurzogCreature (Reptile)Agility Agility3442Rare Rare
DuskfangDuskfangItemNeutral Neutral44Legendary Legendary+3/+0
At the end of your turn, if Duskfang is in your hand, change it into Dawnfang.
Pilfer: Draw a card.
Experimental ScrollExperimental ScrollActionIntelligence Intelligence44Legendary LegendaryExperimental Scroll is either Enlightenment, Flame Blast, or Flame Cloak. Don’t worry which one it is, just give it a try!
FamiliarFamiliarCreature (Wolf, Spirit)Willpower Willpower2221Common Common
Fetcherfly SwarmFetcherfly SwarmCreature (Insect)Strength Strength2223Epic Epic
Flame AtronachFlame AtronachCreature (Daedra, Atronach)Intelligence Intelligence4532Rare RareBreakthrough
Flame LashFlame LashActionIntelligenceWillpowerWillpower Mage13Epic EpicDeal damage and gain health.
Frost AtronachFrost AtronachCreature (Daedra, Atronach)Intelligence Intelligence5552Rare RareGuard
GargoyleGargoyleCreature (Gargoyle)Endurance Endurance2554Legendary LegendaryGuard
Grandmaster DelphineGrandmaster DelphineCreature (Breton)Endurance Endurance3554Legendary LegendaryCan’t be damaged or targeted by enemy Dragons.
Grim Shield-BrotherGrim Shield-BrotherCreature (Werewolf)Endurance Endurance3341Common CommonDrain
Halls of ColossusHalls of ColossusSupportWillpower Willpower124Legendary LegendaryUses: 3

Activate: Summon a non-Unique Dragon of your choice from your deck.

Hulking DraugrHulking DraugrCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance5551Common Common
Illusory WallIllusory WallCreature (Defense)Willpower Willpower151Common CommonGuard
Sacrifice Illusory Wall at the start of your turn.
Imperial GruntImperial GruntCreature (Imperial)Willpower Willpower1111Common Common
Imperial SoldierImperial SoldierCreature (Imperial)Willpower Willpower2221Common Common
ImposterImposterCreature (Dark Elf)Strength Strength1variesvaries3Epic Epic
Insidious SpiritInsidious SpiritCreature (Spirit)Neutral Neutral3324Legendary Legendary
Iron SwordIron SwordItemIntelligence Intelligence21Common Common+2/+0
Kwama ForagerKwama ForagerCreature (Kwama)Willpower Willpower1111Common Common
Lava AtronachLava AtronachCreature (Daedra, Atronach)Intelligence Intelligence7883Epic EpicBreakthrough, Guard, Ward
Makeshift DefensesMakeshift DefensesCreature (Defense)Neutral Neutral21Common CommonGuard
Northpoint HeraldNorthpoint HeraldCreature (Breton)Endurance Endurance241Common CommonGuard
Oblivion GateOblivion GateCreature (Portal)Neutral Neutral341Common CommonLevel 1: Immune to Silence. Permanently Shackled. When you summon a Daedra, give it +0/1.
Level 2: Immune to Silence. Permanently Shackled. When you summon a Daedra, give it +1/1.
Level 3: Immune to Silence. Permanently Shackled. When you summon a Daedra, give it +1/1. Daedra you summon cost 1 less.
Level 4: Immune to Silence. Permanently Shackled. When you summon a Daedra, give it +1/1. Daedra you summon cost 1 less. When you summon a Daedra, give it a random keyword.
Level 5: Immune to Silence. Permanently Shackled. When you summon a Daedra, give it +1/1. Daedra you summon cost 1 less. When you summon a Daedra, give it two random keywords.
Orsinium PlateOrsinium PlateItemStrength Strength14Legendary Legendary+1/+1
Painted TrollPainted TrollCreature (Troll)Neutral Neutral4443Epic EpicRegenerate
Summon: Painted Troll becomes a random attribute.
Playing CardPlaying CardActionNeutral Neutral22Rare Rare
Poisonous SpiderPoisonous SpiderCreature (Spider)Agility Agility2111Common CommonLethal
Power SpherePower SphereCreature (Defense)Neutral Neutral51Common CommonGuard
At the start of your turn, give Dwarven Colossus a random Keyword.
Protective SpiderProtective SpiderCreature (Spider)Agility Agility2111Common CommonGuard
Raise DeadRaise DeadActionEndurance Endurance24Legendary LegendarySummon a random creature from each discard pile.
Rallying StormcloakRallying StormcloakCreature (Nord)Strength Strength2221Common Common
Reconstructed SpiderReconstructed SpiderCreature (Dwemer)Neutral Neutral1111Common Common
RecruitRecruitCreatureNeutral Neutral1111Common Common
Risen DeadRisen DeadCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance1111Common CommonGuard
Risen HorrorRisen HorrorCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance3331Common CommonGuard
Rotting DraugrRotting DraugrCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance1111Common Common
Saint JiubSaint JiubCreature (Dark Elf)Neutral Neutral5554Legendary LegendaryGuard
Can’t be damaged or targeted by Cliff Racers, Cliff Hunters, and Cliff Striders.
ScampScampCreature (Daedra)Willpower Willpower1111Common Common
Sheepish DunmerSheepish DunmerCreature (Dark Elf)Neutral Neutral11Common CommonSummon: Give Sheepish Dunmer Cover. While Sheepish Dunmer is pantsless, he does not lose Cover at the start of your turn.
Shriveled MummyShriveled MummyCreature (Mummy)Endurance Endurance2221Common Common
SkeeverSkeeverCreature (Skeever, Beast)Strength Strength1112Rare Rare
SkeletonSkeletonCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance1111Common Common
SkywagSkywagCreature (Beast)Strength Strength1114Legendary Legendary
SlaughterfishSlaughterfishCreature (Fish)Neutral Neutral4112Rare RareSlaughterfish gains +2/+0 at the start of your turn.
Snow FoxSnow FoxCreature (Beast)Agility Agility3231Common Common
Sovngarde HeroSovngarde HeroCreature (Nord, Spirit)Willpower Willpower3331Common Common
SpiderlingSpiderlingCreature (Daedra)Agility Agility2211Common Common
Steel DaggerSteel DaggerItemNeutral Neutral11Common Common+1/+0
Storm AtronachStorm AtronachCreature (Daedra, Atronach)Intelligence Intelligence6752Rare RareWard
Stormcloak BattalionStormcloak BattalionCreature (Nord)Strength Strength4551Common Common
Stormcloak SkirmisherStormcloak SkirmisherCreature (Nord)Strength Strength2311Common CommonBreakthrough
Stricken DraugrStricken DraugrCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance2221Common Common
Sundered ShadeSundered ShadeCreature (Spirit)Intelligence Intelligence2321Common Common
Sweet RollSweet RollCreature (Pastry)Neutral Neutral114Legendary Legendary(Regular) If a creature eats Sweet Roll, heal them.
(Fetched) There were no creatures to fetch, so we gave you this Sweet Roll. If a creature eats it, heal them.
TargetTargetCreature (Khajiit)Neutral Neutral111Common CommonGuard
Thalmor SoldierThalmor SoldierCreature (High Elf)Willpower Willpower1111Common Common
Thornwell TerrorThornwell TerrorCreature (Werewolf)Endurance Endurance1241Common Common
Uncaged WolfUncaged WolfCreature (Wolf)Willpower Willpower3221Common CommonSummon: +1/+1 for each other friendly Wolf.
UnderforgeUnderforgeSupportStrength Strength34Legendary LegendaryUses: Unlimited

Activate: A friendly creature becomes a Werewolf.
Friendly Werewolves have +1/+1.

Unstoppable BerserkerUnstoppable BerserkerCreature (Nord)Strength Strength3222Rare RareBreakthrough
At the end of your turn, Unstoppable Berserker gains +2/+2.
Uupse FyrUupse FyrCreature (Dark Elf)Intelligence Intelligence11664Legendary LegendarySummon: Deal 6 damage to a random enemy.
Vision of the Tenth EyeVision of the Tenth EyeActionIntelligence Intelligence4Legendary LegendaryPut a random action into your hand. (There were no actions to fetch, so we gave you this.)
VvardvarkVvardvarkCreature (Beast)Endurance Endurance11Common Common
Whiterun ProtectorWhiterun ProtectorCreature (Werewolf)Endurance Endurance5662Rare RareGuard, Regenerate
Wood Elf ScoutWood Elf ScoutCreature (Wood Elf)Agility Agility3221Common CommonCharge
Worm ThrallWorm ThrallCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance2221Common CommonGuard
Young WolfYoung WolfCreature (Wolf)Willpower Willpower1111Common Common

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