Legends:Forgotten Hero Collection

Forgotten Hero Collection
Promotional Set
Mechanics and EffectsNone
Release DateFebruary 1, 2018
StatisticsStrength 1Intelligence 1Intelligence 1Willpower 1Agility 1Agility 1Endurance 1Neutral 1Neutral 7
Rare 6Epic 6Epic 3Legendary 3
“Drip, drip, drip. Memory melts. I’ve futilely tried to freeze what I can, but what is Forgotten cannot be recalled. Only drips, glimpses of stories untold, remain. Memory melts into legend, but legend never dies.” – Kellen[1]

The Forgotten Hero Collection is a promotional set of cards released on February 1, 2018 celebrate the end of the Forgotten Hero’s saga. It consists of twelve cards, for which you will receive a complete playset of each. The Collection can be purchased with money ($9.99 USD / €9.99) or with 1,500 in-game Gold.

The Forgotten Hero Collection consists of the following cards:

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Bleakcoast TrollBleakcoast TrollCreature (Troll)Endurance Endurance4552Rare RareSlay: +1/+1
Cast Into TimeCast Into TimeActionWillpower Willpower52Rare RareBanish a creature.
Cradlecrush GiantCradlecrush GiantCreature (Giant)Strength Strength6642Rare RareSummon: Deal 2 damage to all other creatures in this lane.
DoppelgangerDoppelgangerCreature (Daedra)Intelligence Intelligence5112Rare RareSummon: Transform Doppelganger into a copy of another friendly creature.
Morokei, the DeathlessMorokei, the DeathlessCreature (Skeleton)Neutral Neutral5554Legendary LegendarySummon: If you started the game with no duplicate cards in your deck, you gain 5 health and restore a rune.
Namira's ShrineNamira’s ShrineSupportNeutral Neutral42Rare RareOngoing

At the end of your turn, if you played four cards this turn, draw a card.

Seht's MasterworkSeht’s MasterworkSupportNeutral Neutral34Legendary LegendaryOngoing

If you started the game with no duplicate cards in your deck, your cards cost 1 less.

Siege of Stros M'KaiSiege of Stros M’KaiActionNeutral Neutral104Legendary LegendaryIf you started the game with no duplicate cards in your deck, play a random creature, item, support and action from your deck.
Sly MarshbladeSly MarshbladeCreature (Argonian)Agility Agility2322Rare RareLast Gasp: Draw a card if you have 7 or more max magicka.
Tullius' ConscriptionTullius’ ConscriptionActionNeutral Neutral123Epic EpicSummon one of each creature from your deck that costs 2 or less.
Ulfric's UprisingUlfric’s UprisingActionNeutral Neutral73Epic EpicTrigger the Summon of each friendly creature.
Voice of BalanceVoice of BalanceCreature (Nord)Neutral Neutral4443Epic EpicSummon: +4/+4 and Guard if you have an action, item, and support in your discard pile or in play.


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