Legends:Green-Touched Spriggan (puzzle)

Unleash the power of nature
Episode:Naryu’s Challenges
Opponent Name:Naryu Virian
Opponent Class:Agility Agility
Starting Health:1
Starting Magicka:17
Reward:Houses of Morrowind Pack
You’re looking a bit under the weather today, hero. Not to worry; this challenge is guaranteed to reinvigorate you.


The game opens with the following text:

“Win this turn.”

You start with 1 health, and you have House Kinsman and Green-Touched Spriggan in the Field Lane. In your hand, you have Snake Tooth Necklace, Feasting Hunger, 2 Ebonheart Oracle, and Ring of Namira.

Naryu starts with 60 health and Prized Chicken in the Field Lane.


  1. Play both Ebonheart Oracles in the Field Lane.
  2. Play Snake Tooth Necklace on the House Kinsman.
  3. Attack the Prized Chicken with the House Kinsman.
  4. Play Feasting Hunger in the Field Lane, sacrificing House Kinsman to do so.
  5. Attack with Green-Touched Spriggan.

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