Legends:Mecinar (character)

ClassIntelligenceWillpowerWillpower Mage
IntelligenceEnduranceEndurance Sorcerer
First AppearanceForelhost Lost Tomb
Stories:*Return to Clockwork City
Play As☑YesBattle Against☑Yes

Mecinar is a former Clockwork Apostle who was cast out of the Clockwork City for experiments involving merging his fellow Acolytes with various beasts, turning them into what Sotha Sil considered abominations. He seeks to absorb the power of the Mechanical Heart, created by Sotha Sil as a mechanical replication of the Heart of Lorkhan, and turn himself into a god.




“Good day, master.”

Good Game

“Excellent. I have learned much.”


“Grant me your wisdom, master.”


“You will respect my genius.”


“My intellect is sharper than that.”

Nice play


Thank you

“You’re too kind, master. It will be the death of you.”


“Forgive me if I’ve overstepped my bounds.”


“You’ve not seen the last of me!”

Forelhost Lost Tomb[edit]

Mecinar first appears as a character referred to as the Mysterious Figure before the heroes uncover who he really is.

Swims-at-Night: “There’s the ring!”
Dragon Priest: “(Roars)”
Swims-at-Night: “I guess the poison isn’t the only thing that makes this place dangerous.”
Swims-at-Night: “The… ring … is ours!”
Mysterious Figure: “I’m afraid not. Thank you for leading us to it though.”

The Apprentice[edit]

Sotha Sil: “I have had so many apprentices over the years. But I believe the man I met today has the potential to rival them all.”
During the match:
Mecinar: “Great Sotha Sil. Have I not shown I have the skills to enter the Halls of Contemplation?”
Sotha Sil: “You show much promise, Mecinar. Solve this last riddle, and I shall admit you.”
Sotha Sil: “The apprentice possesses a dangerous intellect. But to suppress such a mind would be a sin against potential, and a sin against Sotha Sil.’

The Betrayal[edit]

Sotha Sil: “There was always a 47% chance that Mecinar would seek my power. But he has done far worse.”
Sotha Sil: “Today I found his… test subjects. Acolytes modified against their will, merged with beasts through steel and sorcery. Beautiful in their way. But abominable. There was only one thing to be done.”
During the match:
Mecinar: “You would condemn me? Hypocrite! Fraud! This is what you strive for — The creation of the perfect life form!”
Sotha Sil: “You have misunderstood me, Mecinar
Sotha Sil: “I cast Mecinar out of the city. Now, I must rework the enchantments that seal the Chamber of Lorkhan — to ones that Mecinar could never break.”
Laaneth: “There! I think I can see enough of the new enchantments in this memory to determine how to unravel them! Now we just need to find the chamber.”

The Inner Curiosity[edit]

Laaneth: “Yes, this is the place — I can see the contours of the enchantment. But it’s going to take tremendous power to break it. Perhaps the machinery here can help.”
Swims-at-Night: “Whatever you’re going to do, do it fast; the defenses are stirring.”
As you win:
Mysterious Figure: “At last! Once again you have led me to my quarry. My old master ensured I could never break those seals.”
Mecinar: “Thankfully you have done it for me!”
Laaneth: “It’s Mecinar — the apprentice from Sotha Sil’s memories!”
Mecinar: “Yes. And it’s about time you witnessed my true power!”

Mecinar Triumphant[edit]

Mecinar: “For centuries I have prepared for this moment, crafting myself into a tool that could absorb this power. Now at last, godhood is mine!”
Mecinar: “And your services are no longer required!”

The Caminus Pit[edit]

Galyn: “AAAAAAAGH! Mercy!”
Fabricant: “…”
Laaneth: “It’s the people of the city. The machines are… remaking them. We have to stop this.”
Galyn: “Thank you. Mecinar is rebuilding the city in his image. More of our people were taken as well. We must stop him.”
Mecinar: “You outlanders cannot be allowed to interfere with my experiments. Fabricants, deactivate the intruders.”

Return to The Inner Curiosity[edit]

Mecinar: “I thought you might come. I’ve prepared a surprise for you. For years I have modified the living. But with my newfound power, I’ve found the dead just as malleable.”
Swims-at-Night or Laaneth: “Mecinar’s will must be obeyed. Prepare to be destroyed.”
Post-match, with Laaneth:
Laaneth: “Mecinar must answer for this… this abomination! It’s time to finish this!”
Mecinar: “Come then, and meet your doom.
Post-match, with Swims-at-Night:
Swims-at-Night: “MECINAR! You’ll pay for what you’ve done to her!”
Mecinar: “Come then, and meet your doom.

Chamber of Lorkhan[edit]

Pre-match, Laaneth is with you:
Galyn: “Now, use the tools to harness the Heart’s power! Fight Mecinar as a fellow god!”
Laaneth: “No — I can feel the Heart’s energy. It’s too unstable. There’s every chance you’ll be overwhelmed. And if you fall, Mecinar will still have his power.”
Galyn: “Those are the risks we have to take. Without the Heart, my people will die!”
Laaneth: “Swims-at-Night would have left it up to you. So what’s it to be?”
Pre-match, Swims-at-Night is with you:
Galyn: “Now, use the tools to harness the Heart’s power! Fight Mecinar as a fellow god!”
Swims-at-Night: “Look around you! That thing is unstable! If you use it, it might just kill you.”
Galyn: “Those are the risks we have to take. Without the Heart, my people will die!”
Swims-at-Night: “Laaneth wouldn’t have wanted this. But it’s your call.”
During the match, Use:
Mecinar: “You think yourself my equal now? Pathetic. You cannot hope to match my genius!”
Galyn: “You can barely contain the Heart’s energy. Be careful, or it will destroy you — and this entire chamber!
During the match, Destroy:
Mecinar: “No! Do you know what you’ve done?! Centuries of patience and planning — all lost! You will burn for this!”
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