Card Effect
First AppearanceCore Set
Card AppearanceCreatures
DescriptionWhen your creature with Pilfer deals damage to your opponent, a bonus effect is triggered.
StatisticsWillpower 7Agility 7Agility 10Neutral 1
This count includes unobtainable and untrained cards and cards that change during play.

Pilfer is a card effect that can be found on Creatures in the Elder Scrolls Legends that first appeared in the Core Set. When your creature with Pilfer deals damage to your opponent, a bonus effect is triggered.
All cards with Pilfer follow the same principle, first the creatures needs to deal damage to your opponent, which includes damage from attacking, summoning cards like Archer’s Gambit or equipping Quicksilver Crossbow. This is then followed by triggering the described effect. The effect will trigger without a chance to summon other cards in between. Pilfer works exceptionally well with Move effects. Pilfer is predominantly associated with Agility and Willpower. Creatures with the card effect can be recognized by their Pilfer icon at the bottom of the card.


  • Battle: In combination with Breakthrough, the excess damage will trigger Pilfer effects.
  • Breakthrough: The excess damage will trigger Pilfer effects.

Cards with Pilfer[edit]

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Ashlander PunisherAshlander PunisherCreature (Dark Elf)StrengthAgilityAgility Archer4543Epic EpicBreakthrough
Pilfer and Slay: +1/+0
Baandari BruiserBaandari BruiserCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility3321Common CommonPilfer: +3/+0
Baandari OpportunistBaandari OpportunistCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility1113Epic EpicCharge
Pilfer: Shuffle a Baandari Opportunist with “Summon: Draw a card” into your deck.
Blackwood DistillerBlackwood DistillerCreature (Argonian)AgilityEnduranceEndurance Scout4343Epic EpicPilfer: Gain three magicka this turn.
Slay: Gain +1 max magicka.
Blood Pact MessengerBlood Pact MessengerCreature (Khajiit)Willpower Willpower2112Rare RarePilfer: Draw two cards. Sacrifice Blood Pact Messenger at the end of the turn.
Brellach CommanderBrellach CommanderCreature (Daedra)Willpower Willpower8783Epic EpicSummon and Pilfer: Summon a random Willpower creature with cost 3 or less.
Cartel BruiserCartel BruiserCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility5441Common CommonPilfer: +2/+2
Cog CollectorCog CollectorCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility2123Epic EpicPilfer: Add a gear to Cog Collector.
Last Gasp: Summon a random Neutral creature with cost equal to the number of gears on Cog Collector.
CyrielCyrielCreature (Wood Elf)Agility Agility3334Legendary LegendaryPilfer: Reduce the cost of the top card of your deck by 3.
Dagi-raht MysticDagi-raht MysticCreature (Khajiit)Willpower Willpower5453Epic EpicPilfer: Draw a random support from your deck.
Daring CutpurseDaring CutpurseCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility2221Common CommonProphecy
Pilfer: +1/+1
Descendant of AlkoshDescendant of AlkoshCreature (Khajiit)Willpower Willpower1114Legendary LegendaryPilfer: +1/+1 and gains a random Keyword.
Discerning ThiefDiscerning ThiefCreature (Khajiit)Intelligence Intelligence3341Common CommonPilfer: Draw a card, then discard a card.
DuskfangDuskfangItemNeutral Neutral44Legendary Legendary+3/+0
At the end of your turn, if Duskfang is in your hand, change it into Dawnfang.
Pilfer: Draw a card.
Elsweyr LookoutElsweyr LookoutCreature (Khajiit)Willpower Willpower3113Epic EpicPilfer: Double Elsweyr Lookout’s power and health.
Empire RecruiterEmpire RecruiterCreature (Imperial)WillpowerAgilityAgilityEndurance The Empire of Cyrodiil2232Rare RarePilfer: Summon a 1/1 Recruit in the other lane.
Forsworn LooterForsworn LooterCreature (Reachman)Neutral Neutral2113Epic EpicPilfer: Draw a random item from your deck with cost equal to Forsworn Looter’s power.
Goblin SkulkGoblin SkulkCreature (Goblin)Agility Agility3232Rare RarePilfer: Draw a random 0-cost card from your deck.
Heretic ConjurerHeretic ConjurerCreature (High Elf)Willpower Willpower5232Rare RareGuard
Pilfer: Creatures you summon this turn are transformed into random Daedra.
KhamiraKhamiraCreature (Khajiit)WillpowerAgilityAgility Monk5564Legendary LegendaryPilfer: Give Khajiit in your deck +1/+1.
Mausoleum DelverMausoleum DelverCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility4253Epic EpicCharge
Steal a card from your opponent’s discard pile to yours.
Monastic ChampionMonastic ChampionCreature (Khajiit)Willpower Willpower5653Epic EpicBreakthrough
Pilfer: Summon a 3/3 Cathay-raht.
Pack LeaderPack LeaderCreature (Wolf)Willpower Willpower4443Epic EpicPilfer: Summon a 1/1 Young Wolf.
Other friendly wolves have +1/+1.
Palace ProwlerPalace ProwlerCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility1111Common CommonDrain
Pilfer: Gain 1 magicka this turn.
Prowl SmugglerProwl SmugglerCreature (Khajiit)Strength Strength2321Common CommonPilfer: Equip a Steel Dagger to a friendly creature.
Quin'rawl BurglarQuin’rawl BurglarCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility6444Legendary LegendaryDrain
Pilfer: +4/+4
Quin'rawl SkulkerQuin’rawl SkulkerCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility6444Legendary LegendaryPilfer: +4/+4
Rajhini HighwaymanRajhini HighwaymanCreature (Khajiit)Willpower Willpower3221Common CommonPilfer: Draw a card.
Rebel WardenRebel WardenCreature (Khajiit)Willpower Willpower1111Common CommonPilfer: Summon a 1/1 Recruit.
Riverhold EscortRiverhold EscortCreature (Khajiit)Willpower Willpower3162Rare RareGuard
Pilfer: Move.
Sails-Through-StormsSails-Through-StormsCreature (Argonian)Agility Agility6554Legendary LegendaryPilfer: Summon the top creature of your deck.
Seeker of the Black ArtsSeeker of the Black ArtsCreature (Khajiit)Endurance Endurance2231Common CommonPilfer: Discard the top three cards of your deck.
Senche-raht GraveprowlerSenche-raht GraveprowlerCreature (Khajiit)Strength Strength6553Epic EpicPilfer: Consume a creature to gain power and health equal to the consumed creature’s.
Tenmar SwiftclawTenmar SwiftclawCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility4223Epic EpicPilfer: +1/+1
May attack an extra time each turn.
The Gray FoxThe Gray FoxCreatureAgility Agility5444Legendary LegendarySummon: Draw a card from you opponent’s discard pile.
Pilfer: Reveal a random unrevealed card from your opponent’s hand.
Torval CrookTorval CrookCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility4143Epic EpicCharge
Pilfer: Gain 2 magicka this turn.

Cards associated with Pilfer[edit]

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Bandit RingleaderBandit RingleaderCreature (Khajiit)Willpower Willpower6353Epic EpicSummon: Other friendly creatures in this lane gain “Pilfer: Draw a card” this turn.
BrynjolfBrynjolfCreature (Nord)Agility Agility5454Legendary LegendaryDrain
When a friendly creature Pilfers or Drains, gain 1 magicka this turn.
Crusader's AssaultCrusader’s AssaultActionStrengthWillpowerWillpower Crusader32Rare RareGive a creature +2/+0, Breakthrough and “Slay and Pilfer: Draw a card” this turn.
Devious BanditDevious BanditCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility6334Legendary LegendarySummon: Deal 3 damage to your opponent and you gain 3 health.
Devious Bandit has the Pilfer abilities of all your creatures.
Master of ThievesMaster of ThievesCreature (Khajiit)WillpowerAgilityAgility Monk4353Epic EpicFriendly creatures with Pilfer may attack an extra time each turn.
Skooma UnderbossSkooma UnderbossCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility2231Common CommonFriendly Pilfer abilities are also Slay abilities.
Smash and GrabSmash and GrabActionWillpower Willpower22Rare RareGive friendly creatures with Pilfer +2/+0 and Breakthrough this turn.
The Ultimate HeistThe Ultimate HeistActionAgility Agility123Epic EpicCosts 3 less for each time you’ve Pilfered or Drained this turn.
Deal damage to your opponent destroying their front rune. Steal the card drawn from the rune. If it’s a Prophecy, you may play it for free.
Thieves' DenThieves’ DenSupportAgility Agility44Legendary LegendaryOngoing

Friendly creatures have “Pilfer: +1/+1.”


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