There are ten playable races in Elder Scrolls Legends. Each race corresponds to two attributes. Players can choose an avatar to represent a specific race and gain a bonus to collecting specific types of cards.


Race choice does not affect matches or the types of decks or cards that can be played. Instead, it influences card collection: each race is themed around a different play style, and the player will more quickly collect cards that fit their race’s theme.

ArgonianBorn in the treacherous swamps of the Black Marsh, this reptilian race is known for its natural endurance.As an Argonian, you will more quickly collect cards that reward you for playing a long game.Agility Agility & Endurance Agility & Endurance EnduranceIncreasing Magicka
BretonThe men and women of High Rock are known for their clever spellcraft, which often lets them avoid harm.As a Breton, you will more quickly collect cards that can deflect damage.Intelligence Intelligence & Endurance Intelligence & Endurance EnduranceWards
Dark ElfDunmer are renowned for both their magical prowess and their stealth.As a Dark Elf, you will more quickly collect cards that harness the power of the fallen.Intelligence Intelligence & Agility Intelligence & Agility AgilityLast Gasp
High ElfThe Altmer are one of the longest-lived and most intelligent races in Tamriel. They have a natural affinity for spells.As a High Elf, you will more quickly collect spell-related cards.Intelligence Intelligence & Willpower Intelligence & Willpower WillpowerActions
ImperialThe natives of Cyrodiil have proven to be shrewd tacticians and diplomats.As an Imperial, you will more quickly collect cards that build large armies.Willpower Willpower & Endurance Willpower & Endurance EnduranceBoard Presence
KhajiitKhajiit are quick and agile, making them some of the most adept thieves in Tamriel.As a Khajiit, you will more quickly collect cards rewarding you for nimbly attacking your opponent.Willpower Willpower & Agility Willpower & Agility AgilityPilfer
NordHailing from the inhospitable mountains of Skyrim, Nords are fearsome and hardy warriors.As a Nord, you will more quickly collect cards rewarding you for relentlessly attacking your foes.Strength Strength & Willpower Strength & Willpower WillpowerBreaking Runes
OrcThe people of the Wrothgarian and Dragontail Mountains are renowned as both craftsmen and berserkers.You’ll collect Orc cards more quickly, reflecting your ability to lead other Orcs into battle.Strength Strength & Endurance Strength & Endurance EnduranceOrc Creatures
RedguardThe people of Hammerfell are Tamriel’s most talented and resourceful warriors.As a Redguard, you will more quickly collect weapon-related cards.Strength Strength & Intelligence Strength & Intelligence IntelligenceItems
Wood ElfThe clanfolk of the Valenwood are the finest archers in Tamriel, excelling at hunting and dispatching the unwary.As a Wood Elf, you will more quickly collect cards that prey on weakened foes.Strength Strength & Agility Strength & Agility AgilityWounded Creatures


Each race offers four portraits, two male and two female. You must choose a portrait at the beginning of the game but can later change it at any point from the main menu.

Female 1Female 2Male 1Male 2
ArgonianLG-avatar-Argonian Female 1.pngLG-avatar-Argonian Female 2.pngLG-avatar-Argonian Male 1.pngLG-avatar-Argonian Male 2.png
BretonLG-avatar-Breton Female 1.pngLG-avatar-Breton Female 2.pngLG-avatar-Breton Male 1.pngLG-avatar-Breton Male 2.png
Dark ElfLG-avatar-Dark Elf Female 1.pngLG-avatar-Dark Elf Female 2.pngLG-avatar-Dark Elf Male 1.pngLG-avatar-Dark Elf Male 2.png
High ElfLG-avatar-High Elf Female 1.pngLG-avatar-High Elf Female 2.pngLG-avatar-High Elf Male 1.pngLG-avatar-High Elf Male 2.png
ImperialLG-avatar-Imperial Female 1.pngLG-avatar-Imperial Female 2.pngLG-avatar-Imperial Male 1.pngLG-avatar-Imperial Male 2.png
KhajiitLG-avatar-Khajiit Female 1.pngLG-avatar-Khajiit Female 2.pngLG-avatar-Khajiit Male 1.pngLG-avatar-Khajiit Male 2.png
NordLG-avatar-Nord Female 1.pngLG-avatar-Nord Female 2.pngLG-avatar-Nord Male 1.pngLG-avatar-Nord Male 2.png
OrcLG-avatar-Orc Female 1.pngLG-avatar-Orc Female 2.pngLG-avatar-Orc Male 1.pngLG-avatar-Orc Male 2.png
RedguardLG-avatar-Redguard Female 1.pngLG-avatar-Redguard Female 2.pngLG-avatar-Redguard Male 1.pngLG-avatar-Redguard Male 2.png
Wood ElfLG-avatar-Wood Elf Female 1.pngLG-avatar-Wood Elf Female 2.pngLG-avatar-Wood Elf Male 1.pngLG-avatar-Wood Elf Male 2.png

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