Card Effect
First AppearanceDark Brotherhood
Card AppearanceCreatures
DescriptionWhen a creature with Slay destroys another creature on your turn, a bonus effect is triggered.
StatisticsStrength 4Willpower 4Willpower 2Agility 5Endurance 5Endurance 10Neutral 1Dual Attribute 1Dual Attribute 2
This count includes unobtainable and untrained cards and cards that change during play.

Slay is a card effect that can be found on Creatures in the Elder Scrolls Legends that first appeared in the Dark Brotherhood Set. When a creature with Slay destroys another creature on your turn, a bonus effect is triggered.

Cards with Slay[edit]

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
Ancestral DeadAncestral DeadCreature (Skeleton)Endurance Endurance3241Common CommonSlay: Summon a Risen Dead.
Archein VenomtongueArchein VenomtongueCreature (Argonian)Endurance Endurance4142Rare RareLethal

Slay: Gain +1 max magicka.

Ashlander PunisherAshlander PunisherCreature (Dark Elf)StrengthAgilityAgility Archer4543Epic EpicBreakthrough
Pilfer and Slay: +1/+0
Battlefield ScroungerBattlefield ScroungerCreature (Redguard)Strength Strength5332Rare RareCharge

Slay: Put a random item into your hand.

Blackwood DistillerBlackwood DistillerCreature (Argonian)AgilityEnduranceEndurance Scout4343Epic EpicPilfer: Gain three magicka this turn.
Slay: Gain +1 max magicka.
Blades StalwartBlades StalwartCreature (Breton)Agility Agility4353Epic EpicSlay: Blades Stalwart gains power equal to her health.
Bleakcoast TrollBleakcoast TrollCreature (Troll)Endurance Endurance4552Rare RareSlay: +1/+1
Blood Magic LordBlood Magic LordCreature (Vampire)Endurance Endurance9664Legendary LegendarySummon and Slay: Put a Blood Magic Spell into your hand.
Brotherhood SlayerBrotherhood SlayerCreature (Wood Elf)Agility Agility3331Common CommonProphecy
Slay: Put a Completed Contract into your hand.
Child of HircineChild of HircineCreature (Werewolf)Strength Strength6673Epic EpicSlay: May attack again this turn.
Cicero the BetrayerCicero the BetrayerCreature (Imperial)Endurance Endurance6164Legendary LegendaryLethal
Slay: Draw two cards.
Cicero can attack friendly creatures.
Daedric CrescentDaedric CrescentItemEndurance Endurance31Common Common+2/+2
Slay: +1/+1
DawnbreakerDawnbreakerItemWillpower Willpower44Legendary Legendary+4/+4
Slay: Banish the slain creature if it’s Undead.
DawnfangDawnfangItemNeutral Neutral44Legendary Legendary+0/+3
At the end of your turn, if Dawnfang is in your hand, change it into Duskfang.
Slay: You gain 5 health.
Dead DropDead DropActionAgility Agility2Rare RareGive a friendly creature “Slay: Put a Completed Contract into your hand” this turn. It may move to attack creatures in the other lane this turn.
Dominion BattlereeveDominion BattlereeveCreature (High Elf)IntelligenceWillpowerWillpowerAgility Aldmeri Dominion3332Rare RareDrain
Summon, Last Gasp, and Slay: Deal 1 damage to your opponent.
Emperor's BladeEmperor’s BladeCreature (Imperial)WillpowerEnduranceEndurance Spellsword4453Epic EpicGuard
Slay: You gain 3 health.
Falkreath DefilerFalkreath DefilerCreature (Imperial)Endurance Endurance4332Rare RareSlay: Draw a creature from your discard pile.
Fork of HorripilationFork of HorripilationItemNeutral Neutral34Legendary Legendary-2/+0
Slay: Sacrifice Fork of Horripilation and draw three cards.
Initiate of HircineInitiate of HircineCreature (Nord)Strength Strength6453Epic EpicSlay: May attack again this turn.
JiubJiubCreature (Dark Elf)Neutral Neutral1114Legendary LegendarySlay: Change into Saint Jiub, Eradicator of the Winged Menace.
Morag Tong AspirantMorag Tong AspirantCreature (Dark Elf)Agility Agility1214Legendary LegendarySlay: Summon a Morag Tong Aspirant.
Morag Tong AssassinMorag Tong AssassinCreature (Dark Elf)Agility Agility2322Rare RareSummon: Summon a 0/1 Target with Guard for your opponent.
Slay: +1/+1
Morag Tong NightbladeMorag Tong NightbladeCreature (Dark Elf)Willpower Willpower4343Epic EpicSummon: Summon a 0/1 Target with Guard for your opponent.
Slay: Draw a card. If it’s an action, reduce its cost to 0.
MulaamnirMulaamnirCreature (Dragon)Strength Strength9984Legendary LegendarySummon and Slay: Battle an enemy creature with less power then Mulaamnir’s health.
Night Talon LordNight Talon LordCreature (Vampire)Endurance Endurance9884Legendary LegendaryDrain
Slay: Summon the slain creature.
Pahmar-raht RenegadePahmar-raht RenegadeCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility5463Epic EpicSlay: Draw a card.
Serpentine StalkerSerpentine StalkerCreature (Dragon)Agility Agility4444Legendary LegendarySlay: +2/+0
May move to attack creatures in the other lane.
Stalking ShadowscaleStalking ShadowscaleCreature (Argonian)Endurance Endurance3341Common CommonSlay: +1/+1
Steelheart VanquisherSteelheart VanquisherCreature (Orc)Endurance Endurance2222Rare RareSlay: Give friendly Orcs +1/+1.
The Black DragonThe Black DragonCreature (Imperial)Willpower Willpower4554Legendary LegendaryImmune to Lethal.
Slay: Discard all creatures from your opponent’s deck with the same name as the slain creature.
Torval ExtortionistTorval ExtortionistCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility5752Rare RareSlay: Gain magicka this turn equal to the slain creature’s cost.
Wildfire DragonWildfire DragonCreature (Dragon)Strength Strength7664Legendary LegendaryBreakthrough
Summon: Deal 1 damage to all other creatures.
Slay: +1/+1.
Worm King's AgentWorm King’s AgentCreature (Breton)IntelligenceEnduranceEndurance Sorcerer7443Epic EpicSummon: Deal 2 damage to an enemy creature.
Slay: Summon a 2/2 Worm Thrall with Guard.

Cards associated with Slay[edit]

NameType (Subtype)Attribute/ClassMagickaPowerHealthRarityText
AstridAstridCreature (Nord)Agility Agility3234Legendary LegendaryLethal

Friendly Lethal creatures have “Slay: Put a Completed Contract into your hand.”

Brotherhood SanctuaryBrotherhood SanctuarySupportAgility Agility12Rare RareOngoing

When a friendly creature Slays, it receives its reward an extra time.

Crusader's AssaultCrusader’s AssaultActionStrengthWillpowerWillpower Crusader32Rare RareGive a creature +2/+0, Breakthrough and “Slay and Pilfer: Draw a card” this turn.
Lucien LachanceLucien LachanceCreature (Imperial)Endurance Endurance4154Legendary LegendaryLethal
When another friendly creature Slays, give it +2/+2.
Naryu VirianNaryu VirianCreature (Dark Elf)Agility Agility6664Legendary LegendarySummon: Summon a 0/1 Target with Guard for your opponent in each lane.
Friendly creatures have “Slay: +1/+1 and Lethal.”
Skooma UnderbossSkooma UnderbossCreature (Khajiit)Agility Agility2231Common CommonFriendly Pilfer abilities are also Slay abilities.

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