Strength is one of the five attributes currently present in Legends. The official description is:

Strength seeks victory through might. You want to attack the enemy head-on, cutting them down before they can use their fancy tricks. Strength actions are ideal for smashing enemies and clearing the way for bruisers.


Aela the HuntressAela the HuntressCreature (Nord)7334Legendary LegendarySummon: Deal 1 damage.

Beast Form: +2/+2 and destroy a Wounded creature.

Aela's HuntmateAela’s HuntmateCreature (Nord)4332Rare RareBeast Form: +1/+1 and draw a card.
Afflicted AlitAfflicted AlitCreature (Reptile)2312Rare RareSummon: Deal 2 damage to each player.
Agent of Mehrunes DagonAgent of Mehrunes DagonCreature (Imperial)2321Common CommonAt the end of each turn, if you Invaded, Agent of Mehrunes Dagon gains +1/+1.
Ald'ruhn Arms MasterAld’ruhn Arms MasterCreature (Dark Elf)4232Rare RareCharge, Rally
Aldora the DaringAldora the DaringCreature (Nord)3334Legendary LegendaryTreasure HuntAction, Creature, Item, Support: +6/+6
When a friendly treasure hunter finds something, summon Skywag or give Skywag +1/+1.
Alik'r SurvivalistAlik’r SurvivalistCreature (Redguard)4343Epic EpicSummon: Put a Steel Dagger into your hand.
When Alik’r Survivalist equips an item, he gains +1/+1.
Ancestor's BattleaxeAncestor’s BattleaxeItem73Epic Epic+4/+4

Summon: Give the top creature of your deck +4/+4.

Ash BerserkerAsh BerserkerCreature (Ash Creature)4332Rare RareAt the end of your turn, if you have a creature with 5 power or more, draw a card.
Ashlander ZealotAshlander ZealotCreature (Dark Elf)1121Common CommonSummon: Battle an enemy creature.
Aspect of HircineAspect of HircineCreature (Werewolf, Daedra)9664Legendary LegendarySummon: Choose one:
Strength: +6/+6 and Guard.
Speed: Gains Charge.
Assassin's BowAssassin’s BowItem32Rare Rare+3/+0
Summon: Give the wielder Cover at the end of turn.
Bangkorai ButcherBangkorai ButcherCreature (Orc)4431Common CommonSummon: +2/+2 if you have another Orc.
Battlefield ScroungerBattlefield ScroungerCreature (Redguard)5332Rare RareCharge

Slay: Put a random item into your hand.

Battlerage OrcBattlerage OrcCreature (Orc)3231Common CommonCharge
Bedeviling ScampBedeviling ScampCreature (Daedra)3331Common CommonAll cards cost a minimum of 3.
Belligerent GiantBelligerent GiantCreature (Giant)7743Epic EpicBreakthrough

Summon: Unsummon a creature in this lane, or destroy an enemy support.

Berserker of the PaleBerserker of the PaleCreature (Nord)3421Common CommonWhen you summon another creature with 5 power or more, give it +1/+1 and Breakthrough.
Blades LookoutBlades LookoutCreature (Nord)3331Common CommonWhen you summon a Dragon, draw a card.
BlastbonesBlastbonesCreature (Skeleton)5313Epic EpicCharge
Last Gasp
: Deal 1 damage to all creatures in this lane.
Blighted AlitBlighted AlitCreature (Reptile)3533Epic EpicAt the start of your turn, Blighted Alit deals 2 damage to you.
Blood DragonBlood DragonCreature (Dragon)5574Legendary LegendaryIgnores Guards and may attack creatures in any lane.
Blood-Crazed DaedrothBlood-Crazed DaedrothCreature (Daedra)3322Rare RareSummon: Draw a card if there is a Wounded creature in this lane.
Bog LurcherBog LurcherCreature (Lurcher)4912Rare Rare
Bone BowBone BowItem22Rare Rare+1/+0
Summon: Silence another creature.
Burn and PillageBurn and PillageAction53Epic EpicDeal 1 damage to all enemy creatures in a lane for each destroyed enemy rune.
BushwhackBushwhackAction1Common CommonA friendly creature ignores Guards and can attack creatures in any lane this turn.
Camonna Tong HeavyCamonna Tong HeavyCreature (Orc)5432Rare RarePlot: Unsummon a creature in this lane with less power than Camonna Tong Heavy.
Candlehearth BrawlerCandlehearth BrawlerCreature (Nord)4252Rare RareCharge, Guard
Cast OutCast OutAction32Rare RareProphecy
Unsummon a creature.
CauterizeCauterizeAction1Common CommonDeal 2 damage to a Wounded creature.
Child of HircineChild of HircineCreature (Werewolf)6673Epic EpicSlay: May attack again this turn.
Circle InitiateCircle InitiateCreature (Nord)2221Common CommonProphecy
Beast Form: +2/+1
Cliff HunterCliff HunterCreature (Reptile)6331Common CommonProphecy
Summon: Battle
an enemy creature.
CloakCloakItem11Common Common+0/+2
Corprus DiseaseCorprus DiseaseAction12Rare RareSilence a creature, then give it +2/+0.
Covenant MarauderCovenant MarauderCreature (Orc)1212Rare Rare+2/+0 while you have no cards in hand.
Covenant PlateCovenant PlateItem31Common CommonProphecy, Mobilize, Guard
Cradlecrush GiantCradlecrush GiantCreature (Giant)6642Rare RareSummon: Deal 2 damage to all other creatures in this lane.
Craven ConscriptCraven ConscriptCreature (Orc)3542Rare RareCraven Conscript is permanently Shackled unless equipped with an item.
Daedric IncursionDaedric IncursionAction31Common CommonDraw a random Daedra from your deck.
DaggerDaggerItem11Common Common+2/+0
Dagoth DaggerDagoth DaggerItem11Common CommonBreakthrough
Dagoth OathmanDagoth OathmanCreature (Ash Creature)3331Common CommonSummon: If you have a…
Agility card in play, +1/+1.
Intelligence card in play, +1/+1.
Intelligence card in play, +1/+1.
Devouring FlameDevouring FlameAction22Rare RareDeal 2 damage to a creature. If this would kill it, instead Banish it.
Dread ClannfearDread ClannfearCreature (Daedra)6633Epic EpicSummon: All enemy creatures lose Guard.
Dremora ArcherDremora ArcherCreature (Daedra)3112Rare RareProphecy
Deal damage to a creature equal to Dremora Archer’s power.
Dremora MarkynazDremora MarkynazCreature (Daedra)10554Legendary LegendaryGuard
Summon: Double a creature’s power and health.
Drive MadDrive MadAction41Common CommonA creature Battles itself.
Duel Atop the WorldDuel Atop the WorldAction73Epic EpicGive a friendly creature +3/+3. It Battles your opponent’s most powerful creature.
Dushnikh Yal ArcherDushnikh Yal ArcherCreature (Orc)4333Epic EpicGuard
Summon: Deal 1 damage or destroy an enemy support.
Earthbone SpinnerEarthbone SpinnerCreature (Wood Elf)4323Epic EpicSummon: Silence another creature, then deal 1 damage to it.
Ebonthread CloakEbonthread CloakItem22Rare RareMobilize
Summon: Your opponent can’t target the wielder with actions until your next turn.
Enraged DragonknightEnraged DragonknightCreature (Imperial)4542Rare RareSummon: Consume a creature to deal 2 damage to each player.
Euraxian BerserkerEuraxian BerserkerCreature (Imperial)3241Common CommonSummon: Consume a creature to gain +2/+0.
ExploreExploreAction12Rare RareChoose creature, item, action, or support. Put a random card of that type into your hand.
False IncarnateFalse IncarnateCreature (Dark Elf)4543Epic EpicYour opponent can’t gain health.
Fear TotemFear TotemAction21Common CommonProphecy
Unsummon a creature and reduce its cost by 3.
Fearless NorthlanderFearless NorthlanderCreature (Nord)3253Epic EpicBreakthrough
When Fearless Northlander takes damage, he gains +2/+0.
Fell the MightyFell the MightyAction41Common CommonDestroy a creature with 4 power or more.
Fetcherfly GolemFetcherfly GolemCreature (Daedra, Atronach)5553Epic EpicWhen Fetcherfly Golem takes damage and survives, summon a 2/2 Fetcherfly Swarm.
Fiery ImpFiery ImpCreature (Imp)1112Rare RareWhen Fiery Imp attacks, deal 2 damage to your opponent.
Fighters Guild BerserkerFighters Guild BerserkerCreature (Orc)3421Common CommonExpertise: Deal 2 damage to your opponent.
Fighters Guild EliteFighters Guild EliteCreature (Orc)5224Legendary LegendaryExpertise: Double Fighters Guild Elite’s power and health.
Fighters Guild HallFighters Guild HallSupport22Rare RareOngoing

When a friendly creature takes damage on your turn, give it +2/+0.

Fighters Guild StewardFighters Guild StewardCreature (Nord)4332Rare RareSummon: A friendly creature with 5 or more power Battles an enemy creature.
FireballFireballAction42Rare RareDeal 1 damage to all enemies.
Firepot SpiderFirepot SpiderCreature (Fabricant)1111Common CommonLast Gasp: Deal 1 damage to all creatures in this lane.
Flamespear DragonFlamespear DragonCreature (Dragon)4454Legendary LegendaryWhen your opponent summons a creature, Flamespear Dragon aims at it. At the start of your turn, Flamespear Dragon deals 1 damage to the creature it’s aiming at.
Flaming BreathFlaming BreathAction21Common CommonProphecy
Deal 1 damage to everything.
Fortress WatchmanFortress WatchmanCreature (Orc)5541Common CommonGuard
Frenzied AlitFrenzied AlitCreature (Reptile)1133Epic EpicWhen Frenzied Alit takes damage, it gains +1/+0.
Garnag, Dark AdherentGarnag, Dark AdherentCreature (Orc)4454Legendary LegendaryBreakthrough
Players can’t have more than 7 magicka.
Giant's CampGiant’s CampSupport43Epic EpicOngoing

At the start of your turn, set each friendly creature’s power equal to the power of your most powerful creature.

Gladiator ArenaGladiator ArenaSupport43Epic EpicOngoing

At the start of each player’s turn, deal 2 damage to that player.

Grahtwood AmbusherGrahtwood AmbusherCreature (Wood Elf)5423Epic EpicProphecy
Summon: Deal 1 damage to all enemy creatures in this lane.
Grappling HookGrappling HookItem41Common Common+3/+2
Summon: Move an enemy creature into this lane. It loses Cover.
Graystone RavagerGraystone RavagerCreature (Orc)2411Common CommonProphecy
Green Pact AmbusherGreen Pact AmbusherCreature (Wood Elf)2413Epic EpicProphecy, Guard
At the end of your opponent’s turn, if they have a full lane and Green Pact Ambusher is in your hand, summon her to that lane.
Grummite MagusGrummite MagusCreature (Grummite)7553Epic EpicGuard
Summon: Your opponent discards the highest cost action in their hand.
Guildsworn BloodlusterGuildsworn BloodlusterCreature (Nord)7443Epic EpicExpertise: +2/+2 and Battle an enemy creature in this lane.
Guildsworn IncendiaryGuildsworn IncendiaryCreature (Nord)4262Rare RareExpertise: Deal 1 damage to all creatures in this lane.
Heavy BattleaxeHeavy BattleaxeItem41Common Common+4/+1
High Rock StalwartHigh Rock StalwartCreature (Orc)6551Common CommonSummon: +2/+2 if you have an item in play.
Hit and RunHit and RunAction43Epic EpicDraw five cards. Discard your hand at the end of the turn.
Hlaalu SharpshooterHlaalu SharpshooterCreature (Nord)3233Epic EpicPlot: Silence a creature, then deal 1 damage to it.
Hunter-KillersHunter-KillersCreature (Fabricant)6343Epic EpicSummon: Battle an enemy creature, then Battle another enemy creature.
Imbued MinotaurImbued MinotaurCreature (Minotaur)3521Common CommonBreakthrough
When Imbued Minotaur is Consumed, give the consuming creature +1/+1 and Breakthrough.
Imposter's MissionImposter’s MissionAction43Epic EpicSummon an Imposter with power and health equal to the power of your most powerful creature.
Improvised WeaponImprovised WeaponItem2Rare RareBreakthrough
Inspiring StormcloakInspiring StormcloakCreature (Nord)4222Rare RareLast Gasp: Summon a 2/2 Rallying Stormcloak in each lane.
IntimidateIntimidateAction12Rare RareEnemy creatures lose Guard.
Invasion ScoutInvasion ScoutCreature (Daedra)1111Common CommonSummon: Invade.
Jerall ForagerJerall ForagerCreature (Nord)2221Common Common
Jorunn's VanguardJorunn’s VanguardCreature (Nord)5442Rare RareVeteran: +2/+2 and give the top creature of your deck +2/+2.
Keeper of the GatesKeeper of the GatesCreature (Nord)6663Epic EpicWhen you Invade, Invade again.
Kynreeve ChampionKynreeve ChampionCreature (Daedra)4434Legendary LegendaryWhen Kynreeve Champion takes damage, it deals that much damage to your opponent.
Lord of the ArenaLord of the ArenaCreature (Minotaur)11884Legendary LegendarySummon: Choose two creatures to Battle each other.
Lower Canton SmithLower Canton SmithCreature (Dark Elf)3221Common CommonPlot: Equip a friendly creature with a +2/+2 Steel Scimitar.
Lumbering OgrimLumbering OgrimCreature (Daedra)4743Epic EpicLumbering Ogrim can’t gain Cover.
Lyris TitanbornLyris TitanbornCreature (Nord, Giant)6554Legendary LegendaryAt the start of your turn, deal damage to your opponent destroying their front rune.
Mage SlayerMage SlayerCreature (Nord)2323Epic EpicMage Slayer can’t be damaged by actions.
Marauder ChieftainMarauder ChieftainCreature (Orc)4153Epic EpicSummon: Give a creature +1/+0.
When another friendly creature gains power, Marauder Chieftain also gains that much power.
Markarth BannermanMarkarth BannermanCreature (Nord)5443Epic EpicWhen Markarth Bannerman attacks, put two 1/1 Nord Firebrands with Charge into your hand.
Mehrunes Dagon's FlayerMehrunes Dagon’s FlayerCreature (Daedra)3252Rare RareAt the start of your turn, deal 1 damage to another friendly creature and give it +2/+0.
Mighty AllyMighty AllyCreature (Nord)3331Common CommonSummon: +3/+0 and Breakthrough if the top card of your deck is Strength.
Modryn OreynModryn OreynCreature (Dark Elf)4444Legendary LegendaryBreakthrough
Summon: Your opponent summons a Blackwood Hoodlum in each lane.
Morkul GatekeeperMorkul GatekeeperCreature (Orc)3221Common CommonProphecy, Guard
Summon: Give a creature +2/+0.
Morthal WatchmanMorthal WatchmanCreature (Nord)1211Common Common
MulaamnirMulaamnirCreature (Dragon)9984Legendary LegendarySummon and Slay: Battle an enemy creature with less power then Mulaamnir’s health.
Nervous GiantNervous GiantCreature (Giant)4652Rare RareIf Nervous Giant takes exactly 1 damage, destroy him.
Nord FirebrandNord FirebrandCreature (Nord)111Common CommonCharge
Northwind OutpostNorthwind OutpostSupport32Rare RareOngoing

Friendly Strength creatures have +1/+0.

Orc Clan CaptainOrc Clan CaptainCreature (Orc)2222Rare RareOther friendly creatures in this lane have +1/+0.
Orc Clan ShamanOrc Clan ShamanCreature (Orc)2322Rare RareBreakthrough
Other friendly Orcs in this lane have Breakthrough.
Orcish WarhammerOrcish WarhammerItem42Rare RareBreakthrough
Ornamented SwordOrnamented SwordItem21Common CommonMobilize, Breakthrough
Ornery KagoutiOrnery KagoutiCreature (Beast)2321Common CommonBreakthrough
Orsinium ForgeOrsinium ForgeSupport54Legendary LegendaryUses: 3

Activate: Equip a creature with a +1/+1 Orsinium Plate. Then increase the power and health of Orsinium Plates this equips by 1.

Pact OathmanPact OathmanCreature (Nord)2131Common CommonSummon: If you have a…
Agility card in play, +2/+0.
Endurance card in play, +2/+0.
Endurance card in play, Battle an enemy creature.
Pact ShieldbearerPact ShieldbearerCreature (Nord)4363Epic EpicVeteran: Your opponent’s actions cost 4 more next turn.
PlunderPlunderAction23Epic EpicPut two random items into your hand.
Pouncing SenchePouncing SencheCreature (Khajiit)7472Rare RareGuard
Wax: +3/+0
Wane: Charge
Protector of the InnocentProtector of the InnocentCreature (Nord)2321Common CommonProphecy, Guard
Prowl SmugglerProwl SmugglerCreature (Khajiit)2321Common CommonPilfer: Equip a Steel Dagger to a friendly creature.
Quicksilver CrossbowQuicksilver CrossbowItem31Common Common+1/+1
Summon: The wielder deals 1 damage.
Raiding PartyRaiding PartyAction32Rare RarePut two 1/1 Nord Firebrands with Charge into your hand.
Rampaging MinotaurRampaging MinotaurCreature (Minotaur)4322Rare RareBreakthrough, Charge
Rapid ShotRapid ShotAction11Common CommonDeal 1 damage to a creature. If it survives, draw a card.
Ratway ProspectorRatway ProspectorCreature (Wood Elf)1122Rare RareTreasure HuntSupport, Item, Action: +5/+5
After Ratway Prospector attacks, give her Cover.
Redoran BattlespearRedoran BattlespearItem31Common CommonRally
Reive, BlademasterReive, BlademasterCreature (Daedra)4354Legendary LegendaryWhen Reive attacks, deal 2 damage to your opponent, then increase the damage dealt by 2.
Relentless RaiderRelentless RaiderCreature (Nord)1214Legendary LegendaryWhen an enemy rune is destroyed, deal 1 damage to your opponent.
Relic HunterRelic HunterCreature (Redguard)2321Common CommonTreasure HuntItem: Give the item +1/+1.
Riften PillagerRiften PillagerCreature (Nord)3231Common CommonSummon: +1/+1 for each destroyed enemy rune.
Rihad BattlemageRihad BattlemageCreature (Redguard)3331Common Common+0/+3 and Guard while equipped with an item.
Rihad HorsemanRihad HorsemanCreature (Redguard)2221Common Common+3/+0 and Breakthrough while equipped with an item.
Rimmen Siege WeaponsRimmen Siege WeaponsSupport34Legendary LegendaryOngoing

At the start of your turn, each friendly creature deals 1 damage to your opponent.

SalvageSalvageAction23Epic EpicChoose an item in your discard pile. Draw it and all items with the same name from your discard pile.
Sarethi ScionSarethi ScionCreature (Dark Elf)1111Common CommonRally
Savage OgreSavage OgreCreature (Ogre)7551Common CommonSummon: Give a creature +5/+0 this turn.
ScuttlerScuttlerCreature (Reptile)1121Common Common
Seasoned CaptainSeasoned CaptainCreature (Redguard)4443Epic EpicRally
When you Rally, also give a random item in your hand +1/+1.
Senche NobleSenche NobleCreature (Khajiit)6741Common CommonGuard
Senche-raht GraveprowlerSenche-raht GraveprowlerCreature (Khajiit)6553Epic EpicPilfer: Consume a creature to gain power and health equal to the consumed creature’s.
Servant of DagothServant of DagothCreature (Ash Creature)5441Common CommonSummon: If you have a creature with 5 power or more, +2/+2 and Guard.
Sharp-Eyed AshkhanSharp-Eyed AshkhanCreature (Dark Elf)6664Legendary LegendaryPlot: Discard your hand, then draw three cards.
Sharpshooter ScoutSharpshooter ScoutCreature (Wood Elf)1111Common CommonProphecy
Summon: Deal 1 damage.
Shield BreakerShield BreakerItem31Common Common+2/+2
Summon: An enemy creature loses Guard.
Silvenar TrackerSilvenar TrackerCreature (Wood Elf)2312Rare RareSummon: Gains Charge if there is a Wounded enemy creature in this lane.
Skar DrillmasterSkar DrillmasterCreature (Redguard)6554Legendary LegendaryRally
When Skar Drillmaster Rallies a creature, put a copy of the rallied creature into your hand with +1/+1.
Skaven PyromancerSkaven PyromancerCreature (Redguard)3231Common CommonSummon: Deal 1 damage to all other creatures in this lane.
Skeever InfestationSkeever InfestationAction32Rare RareSummon a Skeever in each lane with power and health equal to the number of Infestations you’ve played. Shuffle two copies of this into your deck.
Skirmisher's ElixirSkirmisher’s ElixirSupport42Rare RareUses: 3

Activate: Give a creature +2/+0 and Breakthrough.

Skyborn DragonSkyborn DragonCreature (Dragon)6732Rare RareSummon: Battle an enemy creature.
SkyforgeSkyforgeSupport34Legendary LegendaryUses: 3

Activate: Equip a friendly creature with a Steel Dagger.
If Skyforge has equipped 3 daggers, it changes into Underforge.

Stampede SentinelStampede SentinelCreature (Giant)6773Epic EpicBreakthrough
You can’t be damaged by actions or supports.
Steel ScimitarSteel ScimitarItem11Common Common+2/+2
Stendarr's HammerStendarr’s HammerItem54Legendary LegendarySummon: Double the wielder’s power and health.
The wielder can only attack creatures.
Stone ThrowStone ThrowAction31Common CommonDestroy an enemy creature if you have a creature with higher power.
Stoneshard OrcStoneshard OrcCreature (Orc)3212Rare RareSummon: Deal 1 damage to an enemy creature for each friendly Orc.
Stormcloak AvengerStormcloak AvengerCreature (Nord)4443Epic EpicAt the end of your turn, if three or more friendly creatures died this turn, summon a 2/2 Rallying Stormcloak.
Stormcloak CampStormcloak CampSupport32Rare RareOngoing

At the end of your turn, if a creature died this turn, deal 2 damage to your opponent.

Stormcloak VanguardStormcloak VanguardCreature (Nord)2111Common CommonCharge
Last Gasp: Put a 5/5 Stormcloak Battalion in your hand.
Stoutheart GiantStoutheart GiantCreature (Giant)5641Common Common
Stronghold PatrolStronghold PatrolCreature (Orc)3321Common CommonSummon: Draw a card if you have two other Strength creatures.
Swiftwing DragonSwiftwing DragonCreature (Dragon)8551Common CommonCharge
Sword of the InfernoSword of the InfernoItem22Rare Rare+2/+0
Summon: The wielder deals 2 damage to itself and another creature.
Syl, Duchess of DementiaSyl, Duchess of DementiaCreature (Wood Elf)6764Legendary LegendarySummon: This lane becomes Dementia.
The Red YearThe Red YearAction104Legendary LegendaryDeal 10 damage to each creature.
Tiny DragonTiny DragonCreature (Dragon)2111Common CommonSummon: Deal 1 damage to all enemy creatures in this lane.
TrebuchetTrebuchetCreature (Nord)443Epic EpicAt the start of your turn, deal 4 damage to a random enemy.
Trial of FlameTrial of FlameAction52Rare RareChoose a lane. Destroy all creatures except for the most powerful creature on both sides of that lane.
Triumphant JarlTriumphant JarlCreature (Nord)6442Rare RareSummon: If you have more health than your opponent, draw two cards.
Trouble SeekerTrouble SeekerCreature (Orc)5352Rare RareSummon: Battle an enemy creature. When Trouble Seeker takes damage, he deals that much damage to you.
Ulfric StormcloakUlfric StormcloakCreature (Nord)5654Legendary LegendaryBreakthrough
When you play a Shout, draw a random Nord from your deck.
Ulfric's ZealotUlfric’s ZealotCreature (Nord)4521Common CommonLast Gasp: Put a Heavy Battleaxe into your hand.
Underworld VigilanteUnderworld VigilanteCreature (Wood Elf)5412Rare RareCharge
Summon: All enemy creatures in this lane lose Cover.
Unfinished BusinessUnfinished BusinessAction63Epic EpicCosts 3 less for each friendly Wounded creature.
Unsummon a creature. Then you may unsummon a friendly creature.
Unrelenting ForceUnrelenting ForceAction31Common CommonShout

Level 1: Unsummon an enemy creature with power 3 or less.
Level 2: Unsummon an enemy creature.
Level 3: Unsummon all enemy creatures in a lane.

Unstable MadmanUnstable MadmanCreature (Nord)3222Rare RareAt the end of your turn, Unstable Madman gains +1/+1. Then, if he has 5 or more power, change him into Unstoppable Berserker.
Unstoppable RageUnstoppable RageAction83Epic EpicA friendly creature deals damage equal to its power to all other creatures in its lane.
Valenwood HuntsmanValenwood HuntsmanCreature (Wood Elf)3311Common CommonSummon: Deal 1 damage.
Verminous FabricantVerminous FabricantCreature (Fabricant)2221Common CommonSummon: If you have a Neutral card in play, Silence another creature.
Vigilant GiantVigilant GiantCreature (Giant)8884Legendary LegendaryBreakthrough, Guard
Summon: Draw a card.
VolendrungVolendrungSupport84Legendary LegendaryUses: 2

Activate: Give a creature +4/+4 and Breakthrough.

War-Hardened SencheWar-Hardened SencheCreature (Khajiit)4431Common CommonWax: +1/+1
Wane: Battle an enemy creature.
Whirling DuelistWhirling DuelistCreature (Redguard)6553Epic EpicWhen Whirling Duelist equips an item, deal 1 damage to all enemy creatures in this lane.
Whiterun TrooperWhiterun TrooperCreature (Nord)4621Common Common
Widow DaedraWidow DaedraCreature (Daedra)4531Common CommonWhen an enemy rune is destroyed, Invade.
Wildfire DragonWildfire DragonCreature (Dragon)7664Legendary LegendaryBreakthrough
Summon: Deal 1 damage to all other creatures.
Slay: +1/+1.
Windhelm GatekeeperWindhelm GatekeeperCreature (Nord)4241Common CommonGuard
Withered Hand CultistWithered Hand CultistCreature (Redguard)3343Epic EpicAll actions cost 2 more.
Wood Orc HeadhunterWood Orc HeadhunterCreature (Orc)5544Legendary LegendaryBreakthrough
Gains Charge if you have another Orc.
World-Eater's EyrieWorld-Eater’s EyrieSupport64Legendary LegendaryOngoing

When you summon a creature that costs 7 or more, double its power and health.

Wrothgar ForgeWrothgar ForgeSupport73Epic EpicOngoing

The first time you summon a creature each turn, equip it with a random item.

Xivilai WarlordXivilai WarlordCreature (Daedra)4331Common CommonCharge, Guard

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