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Titles are compulsory character customization options accessed from the character customization screen. They appear below your name during battles. They are gained by completing guild quests, campaign quests, winning matches under certain conditions, or playing cards of a certain type. Titles can not be earned in Practice mode or during a rerun of Story mode.

Titles are separated into three rarities: Common, Rare and Epic. Common titles have the appearance of a faded scroll, and are the easiest to earn. Rare titles are Rare and ornate. Epic titles are Epic and even more ornate. These colors correspond more or less to the difficulty to obtain the title.

List of Titles[edit]

Core Set[edit]

Fighters Guild AssociateCommonComplete 3 Fighters Guild Quests.
Fighters Guild GuardianCommonComplete 30 Fighters Guild Quests.
Fighters Guild MasterRareComplete 60 Fighters Guild Quests.
Fighters Guild ProtectorCommonComplete 10 Fighters Guild Quests.
Mages Guild ArchmageRareComplete 60 Mages Guild Quests.
Mages Guild AssociateCommonComplete 3 Mages Guild Quests.
Mages Guild EvokerCommonComplete 10 Mages Guild Quests.
Mages Guild Master WizardCommonComplete 30 Mages Guild Quests.
The AlchemistEpicComplete Skirmisher, Deflector, Defender, Light Footed [sic], and Vigorous.
The AssassinCommonUse Lethal creatures to kill 200 creatures.
The Black Marsh LeaderCommonSummon 300 Argonians.
The BlademasterCommonPlay 200 items.
The Blood Magic LordRarePlay 50 Blood Magic Spells.Blood Magic Spells are created by Blood Magic Lord and Aundae Clan Sorcerer .
The CaptainCommonPlay 100 Guards.
The CelebrityCommon☑YesPlay the Adoring Fan card.
The Champion of the ArenaCommonComplete 1 Versus Arena event with no losses.
The Clan ChieftainCommonSummon 300 Orcs.
The CleverCommonDefeat your opponent in six turns or less.
The ClonemasterRareSummon 20 Daughters of Fyr.These are created by Divayth Fyr.
The ConquerorCommonWin 500 games.
The CreatorEpicComplete Clonemaster, Master of Assassins, and Blood Magic Lord.
The CunningCommonWin 100 games with an Intelligence deck.
The Daedric MasterEpicComplete Supreme Atromancer, Ironmonger, and Master of Flesh.
The DawnbreakerRareBanish 30 Undead with Dawnbreaker‘s ability.
The DeadlyCommonKill 1,000 creatures.
The DefenderRareGive 50 creatures Guard with Elixir of the Defender.
The DefiantCommonWin a game at 1 health.
The DeflectorRareGive 50 Wards with Elixir of Deflection.
The DestructiveCommonDeal 10000 damage.
The DragonslayerCommonKill 50 Dragons.
The FishermanCommonKill 10 Slaughterfish.
The ForgerRarePlay 30 items with Wrothgar Forge.
The Forgotten HeroCommonStarting title.
The GeneralCommonHave 8 Imperial Grunts in play at the same time.
The GoldenRareDeal 8 damage with a Goldbrand activation.This is done by giving Goldbrand an extra activation with a card such as Tower Alchemist or Cauldron Keeper.
The Grand SapiarchCommonSummon 300 High Elves.
The GravediggerEpicHave 50 or more creatures in your discard pile.
The Great ManeCommonSummon 300 Khajiit.
The HealerCommonGain 500 health.
The High KingCommonSummon 300 Bretons.
The Hist MageCommonReach 15 max magicka in a game.
The House LeaderCommonSummon 300 Dark Elves.
The ImmortalEpicHave 100 health at some point in a game.
The Imperial CaptainCommonSummon 300 Imperials.
The IronmongerRareDeal 120 damage with Iron Atronach.
The Keeper of the Green PactCommonSummon 300 Wood Elves.
The King of OrsiniumRareSummon 30 Orcs with Gortwog gro-Nagrom.
The Lightfooted [sic]RareGive 50 creatures cover with Elixir of Light Feet.
The Lone WarriorCommonWin a game dealing damage with one creature.
The MadEpicComplete Forger, Walker of Mundus, and King of Orsinium.
The Master of AssassinsRarePlay 30 Brotherhood Assassins.Brotherhood Assassins are generated by Ungolim the Listener.
The Master of FleshRareSummon a 20 or more power Flesh Atronach.
The Master of MirrorsRareGet three copies of a unique creature in play.
The Master of ProwessCommonComplete 5 Solo Arena events with no losses.
The Master of the ArenaRareComplete 5 Versus Arena events with no losses.
The Master WizardCommonPlay 500 Actions.
The MastermindRareTrigger 50 Last Gasps with Necrom Mastermind.
The MightyCommonWin 100 games with a Strength deck.
The MiraculousEpicWin a game at negative health.There are two ways you can do this:
  • Playing a card that damages both players at once (such as Afflicted Alit or Experimental Scroll); if the health of both players is reduced to 0 at the same time, the one who played the card wins
  • Having Vivec in play and your health in the negative when you win; his ability prevents you from losing when your health is 0 or below, as long as you have an exalted creature in play (such as Vivec himself).
The Monster HunterCommonKill 150 Undead and Daedra.“Undead” refers to the following creature subtypes: Skeleton, Spirit, Vampire, and Mummy.
The NecromancerCommonBring 30 creatures back from the dead.
The NimbleCommonWin 100 games with an Agility deck.
The Pastry ChefRare☑YesMake a Sweet Roll.
The PersistentCommonReach the gold limit for a day for versus battle.Every three ranked or casual battles you play, you gain a small reward of gold and a card. The limit is reached with earning ten of these rewards on one day.
The PickpocketCommonPilfer 100 times.
The ProphetEpic☑YesHit a prophecy off all 5 runes in a game.
The QuickCommonStarting title.
The ResoluteCommonWin 100 games with a Willpower deck.
The ResplendentEpicWin a game with an all-premium deck.
The Rihad WarriorCommonSummon 300 Redguards.
The RunebreakerCommonDestroy 500 runes.
The Savior of CyrodiilCommonComplete Chapter 20.
The SeerCommonPlay 100 Prophecies.
The SkirmisherRareDeal 30 player damage with creatures buffed by Skirmisher’s Elixir.
The SmartCommonStarting title.
The SmugglerCommonComplete Chapter 8.
The StalwartCommonWin 100 games with an Endurance deck.
The StrongCommonStarting title.
The Supreme AtromancerRareSummon 40 Atronachs.
The TacticianCommonMove 30 Creatures [sic].
The Thief of DreamsRareUse Orb of Vaermina 10 times to get a card that costs 8 or more.
The TormentorCommonShackle 50 enemy creatures.
The Treasure HunterEpicComplete Golden, Thief of Dreams, and Dawnbreaker.
The Triumphant JarlCommonSummon 300 Nords.
The UntouchableCommonWin a game of 5 turns or longer without taking damage.
The UnvanquishedRareWin 1000 games.
The VictoriousCommonWin 100 games.
The VigorousRareGive 100 points of health with Elixir of Vigor.
The Walker of MundusRareGive 50 keywords with Mundus Stone.
Thieves Guild BanditCommonComplete 10 Thieves Guild Quests.
Thieves Guild MasterRareComplete 60 Thieves Guild Quests.
Thieves Guild PickpocketCommonComplete 3 Thieves Guild Quests.
Thieves Guild ShadowfootCommonComplete 30 Thieves Guild Quests.
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Fall of the Dark Brotherhood[edit]

The Animal LoverCommonComplete Master Wayrest Plains.
The Assassin’s BaneEpic☑YesDefeat Alisanne at the Night Mother’s Crypt on Master.
The Crypt RaiderRareDefeat Alisanne at the Night Mother’s Crypt.
The Giant SlayerRareComplete Master Hilltop Shrine by reducing your opponent’s health to 0.
The King’s ProtectorCommonSpared the King of Wayrest.The King of Wayrest can be spared in Castle Wayrest, Throne Room.
The KingslayerCommonAssassinated the King of Wayrest.The King of Wayrest can be assassinated in Castle Wayrest, Throne Room.
The ListenerRareDefeat Uther at the Night Mother’s Crypt.
The Lucky LadyRareDeal 20 damage with The Night Mother.
The Master of StealthRareComplete Castle Wayrest, Grand Hall without a disguise, and Eclipse Hideout by sneaking.
The Night Mother’s KeeperEpic☑YesDefeat Uther at the Night Mother’s Crypt on Master.
The RisenRareReanimate a 1/1 Odahviing at the Cultist Meeting Place.
The SilencerEpic☑YesEarly supporter of the Dark Brotherhood.Given to players who pre-ordered The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood.
The SpeakerEpic☑YesEarly supporter of the Dark Brotherhood.Given to players who pre-ordered The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood.
The Temple’s ChosenCommonReach 40 health at the Temple of Akatosh.

Heroes of Skyrim[edit]

College Master WizardRareComplete 30 College of Winterhold Quests.
College ScholarCommonComplete 3 College of Winterhold Quests.
College TrainerCommonComplete 10 College of Winterhold Quests.
Companions HarbingerRareComplete 30 Companions Quests.
Companions InitiateCommonComplete 3 Companions Quests.
Companions TrainerCommonComplete 10 Companions Quests.
Hero of the PeopleEpicComplete Cunning, Mighty, Nimble, Resolute, and Stalwart.
Jack of TradesEpicComplete Master Wizard, Blademaster, Captain, and Seer.
The ArchmageRareDraw a 5-cost action with the College of Winterhold.
The CenturionEpicWin 100 games with an all-Neutral deck.
The DovahkiinEpicA mortal warrior with the soul of a dragon.Given to players who buy the Skyrim Starter Pack
The DragonbornEpicComplete Dragonslayer, Master of Dragons, and Thu’um Master.
The GladiatorEpicComplete Master of the Arena, Champion of the Arena, and Master of Prowess.
The Master of DragonsRareSummon 20 Dragons in one game.
The Pack LeaderRareChange 50 Beast Form creatures to Werewolves.
The Thu’um MasterRarePlay 100 Shouts.
The True High KingRareDraw 50 Nords with Ulfric Stormcloak.
Thieves Guild RecruiterRareGain 30 magicka with Brynjolf.
War HeroEpicComplete Untouchable, Lone Warrior, and Unvanquished.
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Return to Clockwork City[edit]

Captain of HooksCommonMove 20 creatures with Grappling Hook.
Child of HircineCommonBecome a Werewolf at the Sightless Pit.
Friend to AnimalsCommonAided by wolves at Bleakcoast Ridge.
The AbominatorEpic☑YesUse Mecinar to create an Abomination with 13 or more power.
The CartographerRareComplete 3 or more Treasure Hunts with one Treasure Map.
The City’s DestroyerCommonDestroy the Heart of Lorkhan.
The City’s SaviorCommonUse the Heart of Lorkhan.
The EngineerRareAssemble a Factotum with 10 or more power and health.
The Escape ArtistCommonFree Sails-Through-Storms in Mistveil Dungeon.
The God of the MachineEpicUse the Heart of Lorkhan on Master.
The God SlayerEpicDestroy the Heart of Lorkhan on Master.
The Memory MasterEpicComplete on Master difficulty: Last Stand, Apprentice, Red Mountain, Betrayal, and Tools.
The PlundererRareComplete 100 Treasure Hunts.
The Relic HunterEpic☑YesEarly supporter of Return to Clockwork CityGiven to players who pre-ordered Return to Clockwork City.

Houses of Morrowind[edit]

Archmagister of TelvanniRareSacrifice 200 creatures with Betray.
Archmaster of RedoranRareRally 200 creatures.
Aundae Clan BloodkinRareDraw 10 Blood Magic Spells with Aundae Clan Sorcerer.
Berne Clan StalkerRareDestroy 20 creatures with Berne Clan Nightstalker.
Councilor of DagothRareSummon 200 creatures with 5 power or more.
Grandmaster of HlaaluRareTrigger Plot effects on 200 cards.
House Hlaalu CousinCommonWin 30 games with an Agility, Strength, and Willpower deck.
House Redoran KinsmanCommonWin 30 games with an Endurance, Strength, and Willpower deck.
House Telvanni SpellwrightCommonWin 30 games with an Agility, Endurance, and Intelligence deck.
Nerevar RebornEpicCollect 100% of the Morrowind Set.
Patriarch of the TribunalRarePay the Exalt cost on 200 cards.
Sixth House DagothCommonWin 30 games with an Agility, Intelligence, and Strength deck.
Quarra Clan ReaverRareDrain 20 health with Quarra Clan Bloodkin.
The AdorableCommonSummon 20 Vvardvarks.
The HortatorEpicComplete Unite the Houses.
The IngeniousEpic☑YesComplete the Sun-in-Shadow puzzle.
The NerevarineEpicThe chosen one of Azura’s Prophecy.Given to players who buy the Morrowind Starter Pack.
The Red MountainEpic☑YesDeal 100 damage at once with Red Year.
Tribunal Temple AdeptCommonWin 30 games with an Endurance, Intelligence, and Willpower deck.

Isle of Madness[edit]

At Your ServiceEpicActivate Haskill‘s ability 20 times.
Conqueror of MadnessEpic☑YesDefeat Sheogorath.
Duchess of DementiaEpicActivate the Dementia lane 40 times.
Duke of ManiaEpicActivate the Mania lane 40 times.
GatecrasherEpicComplete Master Gates of Madness after completing Master Garden of Swords.
Master of MadnessEpic☑YesIt takes a divine madness to beat the Mad God at his own game.Given to players who pre-ordered the Premium Isle of Madness.
Purveyor of ProphecyEpic☑YesComplete three miracles for Baron Navir.
The BetrayerEpic☑YesComplete the Silencing of Porcia.
The ClearheadedEpicDefeat Sheogorath on Master difficulty.
The Ghost WhispererEpic☑YesDrive Zhanar Tabav insane.
The HereticEpicTransform 50 creatures into Daedra with the Heretic Conjurer.
The HungryEpicDraw 30 cards with the Fork of Horripilation.
The IronicEpic☑YesSacrified [sic] Syl, Duchess of Dementia using Lady Syl’s Cruelty.
The Prince Of OrderEpic☑YesAcquire the Sword of Jyggalag.
The SadistEpicActivate the Eager Torturer‘s ability 30 times.
The ScrupulousEpicComplete Master Trophy Room without destroying any Trophy Cases.
The ShiveringEpic☑YesFew return from The Shivering Isles. Fewer still return sane.Given to players who pre-ordered Isle of Madness.
The StrategistEpic☑YesTried to beat Sheogorath with an alternate win condition.
The TruthbringerEpic☑YesTell Tavyar and Rayvat the real story.Complete The Other Half by choosing to tell Tavyar and Rayvat that they are the same person.
The TransmogrifierEpicUse Transmogrify to summon 10 creatures that cost 12 or more.
TroublemakerEpicDeal 100 damage to yourself with the Trouble Seeker.

Alliance War[edit]

Aldmeri Dominion AmbassadorCommonWin 30 games with a Intelligence, Willpower, and Agility deck.
Archmage of the DominionRarePlay 200 actions with Empower.
Armsmaster of the CovenantCommonEquip Recruits with 200 items.
Daggerfall Covenant WarmageCommonWin 30 games with a Strength, Intelligence, and Endurance deck.
Ebonheart Pact GuerillaCommonWin 30 games with a Strength, Agility, and Endurance deck.
Empire BannermanCommonWin 30 games with a Willpower, Agility, and Endurance dec [sic].
Guildsworn CampaignerRareActivate Expertise effects 200 times.
Imperial Grand TacticianRareSummon a creature while you have another creature in each lane 200 times.
Nirn’s DoomEpic☑YesBanish Varen Aquilarious [sic] with Soulburst.
Steward of the GuildswornCommonWin 30 games with a Strength, Intelligence, and Willpower deck.
The Arcane ProdigyRareEmpower 10 times in a single turn.
The DrillmasterRareSummon 200 recruits.
The EmperorEpicCollect 100% of the Alliance War set.
The RecruitEpicSupporter of the Alliance War.Given to players who bought the Alliance War Starter Pack.
The TelekineticRareMoved 10 items with a single Telekinesis.
The UnconquerableRareHave a Fighters Guild Elite with 100 power.
Warleader of the PactRareAchieve Veteran status with 200 creatures.
WarmongerEpic☑YesEarly supported of the Alliance War.Given to players who bought the Alliance War Pre-Order.
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Moons of Elsweyr[edit]

Ambitious NecromancerRareConsume 200 Imbued creatures.The imbued creatures are Imbued Argonian, Imbued Bosmer, Imbued Breton, Imbued Khajiit, and Imbued Minotaur.
Bearer of the WrathstoneEpic☑YesEarly supporter of the Moons of Elsweyr.Given to players who bought the Moons of Elsweyr Pre-Order.
Follower of the LatticeEpicSummon 500 creatures Waned.
The Moon BishopEpicSummon 500 creatures Waxed.
Moon CatcherRareActivate the Moon Gates 100 times.
Moon ChaserCommonSummon 200 creatures Waxed or Waned.
The Dragon SeekerRareSummon 20 Dragons with the Halls of Colossus.
The FirestarterCommonDeal 30 damage with Flamespear Dragon‘s ability.
The LichEpicSummon 2000 Undead.
The Moon-BlessedEpicCollect 100% of the Moons of Elsweyr set.
The Pocket EmptierRarePilfer 5 times in a turn.
The Power HungryCommonConsume 100 Creatures.
The Quick-ClawedCommonPilfer with Khajiit 100 times.
The RebelEpicSupporter of the Moons of Elsweyr.Given to players who bought the Moons of Elsweyr Starter Pack.
The ShrivenEpic☑YesShowed that snivelling coward Cadwell the true face of evil.Reanimate Cadwell the Soul Shriven with Zumog Phoom‘s ability.
The UsurperEpic☑YesReenacted the Frostfall Coup.Steal Rimmen Siege Weapons with Euraxia Tharn‘s ability.

Jaws of Oblivion[edit]

Agent of the ThroneEpicSummon 2000 Imperials.
Chosen of AkatoshRareChanged Martin Septim into the Avatar of Akatosh.
Gate CloserRareDestroy 10 Oblivion Gates.
Gate OpenerEpicSupporter of the Jaws of OblivionGiven to players who buy the Jaws of Oblivion Starter Pack.
Hero of KvatchRareDestroy 100 Daedra.
Master of OblivionEpicCollect 100% of the Jaws of Oblivion set.
Mythic Dawn CultistCommonInvade 10 times.
Paradise’s ChosenEpicInvade 50 times using Mankar Camoran‘s ability.
PerfectEpicHave a creature with every Keyword.
Servant of DestructionRareSummon 100 Daedra while you have an Oblivion Gate.
The ArtistRarePlay the Painted World at 0 cost.
The BeastmasterCommonSummon 50 Animals.
The LearnedEpicPlay 50 learned spells with Hannibal Traven.
The War ChiefCommonSummon 50 Goblins.
Walker of OblivionCommonSummon 50 Daedra.
The HeraldEpic☑YesEarly supporter of the Jaws of Oblivion.Given to players who bought the Jaws of Oblivion Pre-Order.


CheesemongerEpicFestival of Madness☑YesA mortal favored by the Mad God himself.Given to players who bought the “Utter Madness Bundle” on day 41 of the Festival of Madness.
The Chamberlain of SheogorathCommonMadhouse Collection☑YesComplete 1 Chaos Arena event.
The Director of DespairCommonMadhouse CollectionSend 50 creatures to the Altar of Despair.
The Earth BoneRareSpecial☑YesEhlnofey, ancestor of Men and Mer.Given to players who participated in the closed or open beta.
The FeloniousEpicSpecialComplete all 20 of the Skooma Cat’s puzzles.
The FounderEpicSpecialEarly supporter of the game.Given to players who buy the Starter Pack.
The Genius GardenerCommonMadhouse CollectionCultivate 50 items with Gardener of Swords.
The Morning StarRareFestival of Madness☑YesThe herald of New Life and new beginnings.Given to players who bought the “New Year’s Resolution Bundle” on day 43 of the Festival of Madness.


  • Pete Hines stated during a livestream during the closed beta that devs would have the unique title “Ehlnofey”, but this was not implemented into the live game.

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