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Marching Orders

Imperial Tactician

ClassWillpowerAgilityAgilityEndurance The Empire of Cyrodiil
ThemeCreatures in both lanes
Prophecies ProphecyNone
AttributesWillpower 28Agility 28Agility 15Endurance 12Dual Attribute 12Dual Attribute 13Triple Attribute 7
RarityCommon 18Rare 18Rare 33Epic 21Legendary 21Legendary 3


AttributesRarityMagicka Curve

Deck List
QuantityAttributesNameType (Subtype)MagickaPowerHealthRarityAbility
3AgilityBewildering SpeedAction12Rare RareMove a friendly creature in each lane and give them +1/+1.
3WillpowerMarked ManCreature (Imperial)1111Common CommonSummon: Put a 0/2 Makeshift Defenses with Guard into your hand.
3WillpowerScouting PatrolAction11Common CommonSummon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt in each lane.
3AgilityEnduranceEnduranceScout’s ReportAction12Rare RareLook at the top card of your deck. You may discard it.
Draw a card.
3AgilityShadow ShiftAction11Common CommonMove a friendly creature.
Draw a card.
3EnduranceImperial LackeyCreature (Imperial)2222Rare RareLast Gasp: If you have another creature on each lane, summon a 1/1 Recruit in each lane.
3WillpowerBruma ProfiteerCreature (Imperial)2322Rare RareWhen you summon another creature, you gain 1 health.
3WillpowerFifth Legion TrainerCreature (Imperial)2132Rare RareWhen you summon another creature, give it +1/+0.
3WillpowerAgilityAgilityEnduranceEmpire RecruiterCreature (Imperial)2232Rare RarePilfer: Summon a 1/1 Recruit in the other lane.
3AgilityCornerclub GamblerCreature (Wood Elf)3433Epic EpicSummon: You must discard a card.
At the start of your turn, draw two cards and Cornerclub Gambler loses this ability.
3AgilityDragonguard OutcastCreature (Imperial)3132Rare RareLethal
Summon: Dragonguard Outcast has Cover until she attacks.
3EnduranceHaunting SpiritCreature (Spirit)3332Rare RareLast Gasp: Give a random friendly creature +3/+3.
3WillpowerPenitus Oculatus AgentCreature (Imperial)3232Rare RareSummon: Steal a creature’s Keywords.
3WillpowerPit LionCreature (Beast)3553Epic EpicPit Lion can’t be played unless there’s a friendly creature in each lane.
3WillpowerEnduranceEnduranceSpellsword’s SummoningAction32Rare RareSummon a random 1-cost creature in each lane.
3WillpowerAgilityAgilityEnduranceTransitus ShrineSupport33Epic EpicOngoing

While you have a creature in each lane, your creatures and actions cost 1 less.

3WillpowerBruma OppressorCreature (Imperial)4332Rare RareSummon: If you have another creature in each lane, set a creature’s power to 1.
3WillpowerEnduranceEnduranceEdict of AzuraAction43Epic EpicDestroy an enemy creature or support.
3WillpowerEnduranceEnduranceEmperor’s BladeCreature (Imperial)4453Epic EpicGuard
Slay: You gain 3 health.
3EnduranceEmpire OathmanCreature (Imperial)4441Common CommonSummon: If you have a…
Agility card in play, give other friendly creatures +1/+0.
Willpower card in play, give other friendly creatures +1/+0.
Willpower card in play, give other friendly creatures +0/+1.
3AgilityHidden TrailSupport43Epic EpicOngoing

Summon: All Field Lanes become Shadow Lanes.
Friendly creatures have +1/+0.

1WillpowerLegate RikkeCreature (Nord, Imperial)4344Legendary LegendaryWhen you summon an Imperial, summon a 1/1 Imperial Grunt in the other lane.
3WillpowerLegion Zero TemplarCreature (Imperial)4251Common CommonGuard
Summon: If you have another creature in each lane, +0/+3.
3EnduranceStrategic DeploymentAction41Common CommonSummon two 1/1 Recruits in each lane.
3WillpowerDivine FervorSupport53Epic EpicOngoing

Friendly creatures have +1/+1.

1WillpowerAgilityAgilityEnduranceClivia TharnCreature (Imperial)6444Legendary LegendaryOther friendly creatures in this lane have Guard. At the end of your turn, summon a 1/1 Recruit in each lane.
1WillpowerEnduranceEnduranceGeneral TulliusCreature (Imperial)6224Legendary LegendarySummon: Summon a 2/2 Colovian Trooper with Guard in each lane.
When a friendly creature dies, General Tullius gains +1/+1.

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