Feature request – Show the last update’s date when searching for decks

feature-request-show-the-last-updates-date-when-searching-for-decks Thread
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MightyGorgon 1 week ago
I was missing some information when searching for decks: I think it could be useful to see when each of the decks were last updated.

This info is visible when entering an individual deck, but not when scrolling the various lists of decks. This way I could see if a deck created many days (weeks, months) ago was still updated (and thus it is fresh) or does not longer reflect the current meta and current cards and nerfs.

The date of the last update of each decks could be shown with a day-month-year format, or either by referring to the latest big game patch (for example: monthly card released, or some major nerf, etc.). If applying the latter, a filter could be added to search only for the decks updated (or created) after the latest patch!


Ashmore 1 week ago
You are absolutely right, I will work something out.

Thank you!

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