Pilfer/drain Monk Audit

pilfer-drain-monk-audit Thread
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Shadow 2 weeks ago
My new Monk Deck

Let me know what you guys think. It seems to work well for me in VS battle.




MightyGorgon 2 weeks ago
My observations:

Low mana curve + so much drain + no card draw at all = not viable. You will run out of cards very quickly, since you will not get any cards from your runes either (they will not get broken easily with so much drain and healing).

So I suggest you to add more card draw (Eastmarch Crusader is an excellent choice for example) and get rid of some useless cards (ex. Healing Potion, especially after the nerf)!

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Shadow 2 weeks ago
Thanks! I’ve got about an 70% win ratio with this deck in VS but I do find myself running out of card with no runes broken. The extra draws will help a lot!

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