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TwoEagles 1 month ago
How does the adoring fan work? Is it completely random? I just played a game where my opponent and I each had one in play. His came back to life twice, but mine never did, over many turns. Confused and never lucky.


Faid 1 month ago
it is not random, you get it on your first run, I believe.

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MacDermot 1 month ago
I think the question was “how does the adoring fan work” and not “how do I get it”.

MacDermot 1 month ago
I googled it and found this on bethesdas own forum:

“Some random number of turns after dying it automatically summons itself to a random lane.”

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The card is designed to be annoying, mostly for the opponent but also for you since you never know ehen you get him back. Not worth to include in a deck I’d say.

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Snorlax 1 month ago
Just a troll card, I don’t think it is meant to be a meta-defining card xD

I really hope we can disenchant it!

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MacDermot 1 month ago
You can’t disenchant Adoring Fan

MacDermot wrote:
You can’t disenchant Adoring Fan

I know I mean in the future.

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