Request: upload cards you have and substract matching cards’ cost from decks

request-upload-cards-you-have-and-substract-matching-cards-cost-from-decks Thread
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Dariush 4 days ago
So that it will be easier to determine how much you’ll actually have to spend to get a specific deck. Optionally show two prices – how much it will cost for you to craft the missing cards and in parentheses the total cost.


MacDermot 4 days ago
Great idea! There could also be a filter on the deck-creator so you can use only the cards you own.

I would upvote you but I can’t seem to do that on my phone.

Ashmore 3 days ago
That would be a great feature, but a lot of work is required for this. This is something I will probably add but not for now (maybe in a month or so) as I believe the site needs more important updates and features.

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